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  1. Callum_S

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    holy cow what an ending i thought they couldn't top last weeks but wow is all ive got to say wrapped up yet started the next journey for next year its got me wanting to read all the books and i was lost for a second when the third horn blew i was like what so scary about a snow storm wait holy cow no way and wow what will happen?
  2. Callum_S

    [No Spoilers] EP207 Discussion

    yes i do remeber that but i thought danys has just leaving but glad you reader are as lost hahaha and thanks
  3. Callum_S

    [No Spoilers] EP207 Discussion

    i was a little confussed with the 13 meeting when captain creepy face (or the undying guy sorry rubbish with names) stealing the dragon And the other guy talking about being king. did we know about that? sorry if this is all be explained but my mind wonders a lot and i do pay attenion but things do slip my mind are i just plain miss it
  4. Callum_S


    Hello im callum never know what to put on this cause my spelling is not that strong so im scared ill look like an idiot but o'well that s just me. I'm nearly at the end of book one and im watching the show its my new thing (i was a twihard but since that ends this year i needed a new book) so yeah cant wait to talk to you all about all sorts of things. Peace
  5. Another great episode loved yet another slap by tyrion to joff and what an ending wow cant wait to see what happens next week