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  1. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    UK Politics - From Russia with Love

    Could you post a link to any of these websites? I'd like to have a read.
  2. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    American Princess

    UMMM... ACTUALLY She's not a princess, she's a duchess.
  3. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    Unpopular opinions

    Battlefront 2 was great. It’s just aged terribly.
  4. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    Pop-up ads

    Hi, Using chrome on my iPhone (haven’t tried other platforms), I’m getting an absurd amount of pop-up ads today. Most of them get blocked, and a little banner pops up telling me so, but quite often a fake amazon gift card thing forces me into a new tab. It’s an absurd number - at one point the banner was telling me it was blocking 11 within a minute of opening a thread. Just so you know. ETA: I was just scrolling through the Help subforum for a couple of minutes and it blocked 23 ads.
  5. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    At what age did you move out of your parents house

    18 to go to uni, but I still go back in the summers. I’m renting a house with my girlfriend and another friend from August though after I graduate (aged 22) and I don’t see myself going back unless out of necessity. My older brother still lives with them (he’s nearly 24), but has a somewhat decent job now and will be moving out soon. My parents don’t mind having us home, but have said that they definitely want us to move out and be financially independent by the time we’re 25, which I think is perfectly fair.
  6. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    All things Star Wars

    “But it is now regarded with affection for its ingenuous enthusiasm, comedy and energy.” - referring to the Christmas special Seems very out of touch, given I don’t know anyone who regards it with affection. I’ve only watched clips of it and it makes me die inside. Has anyone here seen Solo yet? The response has been a resounding “meh” as far as I can tell. Edit: Sorry about the weird format
  7. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    Unpopular opinions

    The Prisoner of Azkaban is the best HP film. It was a much needed transition from the childishness of the first 2 while still keeping it fun and magical. I initially hated its change of tone when I first saw it (I was 8), but I’ve grown to love it. Cuarón’s direction is masterful. I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion, but the film deserves to be defended in this thread. The Goblet of Fire is also my favourite book and the film is also good that centres on the idea of a loss of innocence, definitely not the worst one (that’s the Halfblood Prince). It’s just not a particularly accurate adaptation.
  8. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    Prolonged Life.... Dragons

    I’ve heard yoga is the secret.
  9. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    This new forum is the bomb!

    Huh. I thought the board consensus was against the like button. I quite like the update though.
  10. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    Where is it said that Iron Man happened in 2010? I thought it happened in 2008.
  11. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    OK that sounds somewhat interesting. I'm gong to be buying a new laptop later this year, so hopefully I'll be able to run more games than I am currently.
  12. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Sorry I haven't paid attention to the new Total War game. Is it the next main game in the series? Its title suggests it's more of a spinoff.
  13. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    Ohhhhh... Yeah that makes more sense.
  14. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    I thought Strange made a loop that he refused to break unless Dormmamu left Earth alone. It wasn’t that we was scared so much as trapped for eternity. I don’t know why this wouldn’t have worked for Thanos. Maybe Thanos wouldn’t give up, but I don’t think Strange would either, given the stakes. I liked that the Red Skull showed up but I was disappointed that it’s not Hugo Weaving. I just thought “Mr Anderson!” as soon as he showed his face. I'm sure he had enough time while they were on the ship arguing about the best course of action. I agree with this. The heroes' sentimentality and emotions are clearly a weakness and it was nice to see it as a theme throughout the film. Glad it wasn't just us. I definitely didn't notice anything in previous films but it was pretty clear here.
  15. Stannis Eats No Peaches

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    Everyone else has talked about the dusting thing so I won't bother. As I predicted from the trailers, I was bothered that Thanos didn't just explode anyone who tried fighting him. He has the power to destroy planets and throw moons thanks to the gauntlet, but somehow Iron Man can withstand some of the purple laser by using a shield? Why could Captain America hold him back? Thanos himself looked surprised so maybe it's something to do with the gauntlet not working as well as it could for him because he's evil, which would be a bit lame tbh. I realise that there wouldn't be much of a film if he just exploded everyone immediately, but it bugged me. Maybe he was just toying with Iron Man. Speaking of which... Surprised/disappointed/relieved that that wasn't the end of Iron Man. It felt like a fake out that he was stabbed like that and then just zipped himself up again, but I want more of him in the next one. Really liked his action scenes in this one. His little breakdown when he realised he was stuck with Drax and Quill as allies was hilarious. There's other holes to pick, such as why Doctor Strange decided to wait until they were on Titan to have a look at the future, rather than looking when they were deciding to go back to Earth or not. Didn't buy Thanos loving Gamora really, but it was nicely handled in the moment. Why did Strange not use the time stone to trap Thanos like he did Dormamu (however you spell it)? Why did Thor, who spent the last film realising he didn't need his hammer to be powerful, decide that he now needed a new weapon? I've put these points together, because the Russos didn't make those decisions in the earlier films. We found it weird that Scarlet Witch and Vision struggled with the black order people, but the significantly less powerful Cap, Falcon and Black Widow trashed them immediately. Also the whole not trading lives thing sounds noble, but what about all those Wakandans dying so that there might be enough time for Vision to be separated from his stone? It did a good job of showing what the reality stone did, because I had no idea from Thor 2, but we weren't shown the purpose of the soul stone really, apart from it letting Thanos chat with Gamora. My girlfriend and I both noticed T'challa's bulge when his army was forming up, which was hilarious and a little distracting. I really liked the film. The Russos did a great job of managing what could have been an utter trainwreck. Drax is hilarious as ever and I loved Chris Hemsworth's performance. Some better use of the Avengers theme in the score here too.