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  1. Turns out we thought Boris had been promising to raise living standards, but he’s actually been trying to raze them all along.
  2. I always use the handbrake while stopped, unless facing downhill. I’m very worried about rolling backwards, particularly if someone else has stopped too close behind me. The half second between the brake and the accelerator is too much for me most of the time. I do also ride the clutch, and wasn’t even aware that you could wear out the clutch that way. Good to know! I never use my phone, but have once or twice driven off with the wing mirrors folded in.
  3. I’ve since realised that the film isn’t out in America until this Friday, hence the quiet in the thread. Neither I nor my girlfriend noticed the length, actually, even though I’d known that was a criticism of it before I’d seen it. We found it tiring to watch, but that was because we were in the front row due to lack of seat availability and it was a really big screen, so you did have to move your head slightly to keep track of everything.
  4. I’m quite surprised this hasn’t made more headlines actually. It was yesterday evening, and I’ve only found it on the Guardian (though not front and centre) and the Independent. Seems to me to be in the same zone as “let the bodies pile high”, but this time there’s an actual recording of it.
  5. I just got back from the cinema and couldn’t find a thread in the most recent two pages, so here we go. Big spoilers follow. Brilliant, I really liked it. A bit too early to say if I liked it more than Casino Royale, but it was excellent. And they killed him! I was surprised, because I thought the reason why Danny Boyle quit was because he had wanted to kill him off but the studio wouldn’t let him. One gripe with it is that I don’t know what Safin’s plan was. Acquire weapon… then what? Kill people? OK. I didn’t get the motivation.
  6. IIRC that’s after his Brexit deal was voted down by parliament, in Autumn 2019.
  7. Well we agree on that, we just don’t agree on what paying people properly is, I think. I don’t live in London, but I’m paid just under £15 per hour and I do just fine for my circumstances. We’re talking about the national minimum wage, not a recommended wage for London. I’m just saying that without having seen any research into its effects, it seems like an unnecessarily heavy blow for businesses coming out of the pandemic, and I think most voters will see it that way. I absolutely favour an increase, but it needs to seem sensible.
  8. No, that’s the opposite of what I’m saying. Just because McDonald’s can, doesn’t mean that every business in the country can. Also we’re talking about pounds here, not dollars.
  9. $15 is £10.99, so it’s 36% higher than what they’re asking for in the US. I’m not dismissing £15 outright, but I’d want to see some research into the effects of such a hike. McDonalds is a huge corporation and not comparable to small businesses. I think most of the electorate would see this in the same light as Corbyn’s nationalisation of broadband idea, unless there’s some solid backing for it.
  10. Agreed, and that’s not going away with his departure either: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58713344
  11. And that was idiotic then, too. I would have hoped that the party had learned its lesson. I’d much prefer it if we gave the leader a chance at an election before trying to remove them. Neither side is helping the cause by trying to damage the leader’s credibility before they’ve even reached the election campaign. Corbyn lost two elections in a row, the second being far worse than the first. Time then for his supporters to have some humility and acknowledge that change is needed, not whinge from the sidelines and ask Bernie Sanders(!) how to make the party leader listen to them. Should Starmer have started the conference with a rule change? No, that was stupid, but let’s try and keep an eye on the big picture. As for the transphobia thing, it was just thoroughly depressing to see even Starmer’s very lukewarm criticism get a nasty response on Twitter, including from the health secretary.
  12. Labour’s left are more interested in getting rid of Starmer than Boris I think.
  13. Labour do need to come up with a concrete policy, because the lack thereof makes it sound like Boris has got a point.
  14. That’s the cynical reason for doing it, sure, but is there actually a justification? It’s so incredibly blatant I’m having a hard time believing what I’m reading.
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