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  1. Agreed, and a straightforward response to Boris saying that racism has no place in this country would surely be to ask him where he’s planning on going.
  2. 63 deaths per day is around 23,000 per year, roughly in line with a bad year for flu, and 15% higher than that very early estimate of the number of deaths we could consider to have been a job well done. Trouble is of course that it’s the middle of summer, and we can expect the death rate to increase significantly in the winter. You’ve said multiple times that we need to learn to live COVID, like we live with flu, but in its current state COVID is significantly worse than flu and that’s with (very lax) social distancing, masks, working from home and no nightclubs. I don’t know how much worse things will get after next week, but I expect it to be noticeable. I also don’t know what the answer to keep businesses running is. I do know however that “63 deaths is not high” is an unnecessarily callous thing to say. I’d be embarrassed to have written that.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-57807264 Sneering shitbag. Others will have said worse I’m sure. People still vote for them.
  4. Un peu chaud = a bit hot Un petit chaud = a small hot
  5. I’ve made like 2 posts in the dating thread and have occasionally had a look over the years, and even I know that Econ Guy is no good.
  6. I loved Hollow Knight! It’s Dark Souls in 2D with platforming, while being more accessible.
  7. Isn’t it supposed to go the other way round? We’re supposed to complain about Russian aggressive tactics while they insist they are doing routine exercises?
  8. The axe has more base attack but the sword scales better with dex?
  9. Ah, well I played the game offline. Not through fear of being invaded as much as being really irritated by the shadows of other players running around.
  10. Well, duh, but sometimes you need to pause immediately. There are plenty of places without nearby enemies where you can safely walk away from the game, but I’ve definitely pissed my girlfriend off when she’s tried talking to me during a boss fight.
  11. I finished DS last night, really really loved it, but a little anticlimactic at the end. No cut scene or much context for the last boss fight I thought. Cool location though. However, I am aware that there is a significant DLC quest line that I missed entirely because it isn’t signposted at all, which I’m rather annoyed about. I’ve started NG+ just to do it, which is actually quite fun, but it’s a bit ridiculous you can just completely miss this stuff. The game has an accessibility issue. I don’t mean it’s too hard, I just mean it does not explain itself well at all.
  12. I am most of the way (I think) through Dark Souls for the first time. I was expecting to bounce off it for being too hard, but I’ve discovered that it’s an engrossing (but flawed) masterpiece. Good lord I love it. I have also just bought a PS5 (haven’t really used it though, still playing DS on PC) and Bloodborne is included with PSPlus, so I’m really looking forward to that next. So now I am hyped for Elden Ring too! My understanding of Demons Souls is that it’s like Dark Souls but not as good? Just as a result of Dark Souls actually being a good sequel and building on what came before. I have also heard that DS2 and DS3 are more of the same, with less imagination?
  13. Finished Subnautica Below Zero. It’s alright, it’s got some cool creature designs and I did actually like the voiced protagonist, but it is notable shallower than the previous game, both figuratively and literally. Still fun, and worth playing if you liked the first game.
  14. Depends, is it just me who doesn’t have arms in this scenario or is the goose barred from using its wings too? I could out-kick a goose, but not if it flies at my head.
  15. I’ve started playing Below Zero, which is fun so far, but the beginning of the game doesn’t feel as organic. The first game says “right, your ship crashed, try to survive” and it unfolds organically with the exploration. I imagine Below Zero will unfold like that too, but one of the first things I had to do was read a few data logs to figure out why I was on the planet. Pokemon Snap has been great! Fuming that there is no Gyrados in the game though. I’ll put Mass Effect on my wish list, but I have so many games to play I’m not in a hurry.
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