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  1. If he goes I’ll be shocked. Maybe he would have gone if this came out 3 months ago, but not now. While I agree it’s bullshit, the Ukraine excuse will probably save him. Sunak did make me laugh though. Twat.
  2. Paul gets a couple of new names and then Jessica drinks a potion. That’s literally all that happens between where they reached in the film and the end of the second part of the book. I thought it was odd that they showed the Muad’dib but then didn’t name it in this film, but I don’t think they would have an introductory scene just for the names and the potion and then skip ahead two years. If they want to do a funeral to convey the importance of water, it doesn’t have to be Jamis’ funeral. I think it’s much more likely that they will have jumped ahead two years and that will hopefully mean less exposition when it comes to all the Fremen stuff. Paul having more familiarity with the Fremen than the audience would be a slick way of conveying his growth during the time jump.
  3. I would be very surprised if they didn’t start part 2 after the time jump. I’m very pleased that part 2 is going ahead; part 1 cannot stand by itself.
  4. In the sequence immediately before Kynes’ death, the Sardaukar fight Fremen guards before they reach Duncan.
  5. I read Dune for the first just before the film came out, so it’s very fresh in my memory. The film is very faithful, but feels a bit rushed. I didn’t feel that it had much time to breathe. I thought that the book ended pretty abruptly, and I think that it’s a good thing that they are planning on giving the last third a whole film. It does give this first film the sense of being a feature length pilot to be followed by a tv series, like Battlestar Galactica. Someone mentioned upthread about there being an hour spent on Caladan. I’m pretty sure I timed it at 30 minutes. I agree that it was more drab than the book described. I did not think the film felt too long, but I was sitting in a very comfy reclined seat at the cinema and had no problems with the sound. I do agree that it felt quite hollow, but I think this reflects the book, which is also quite cold. Jessica seemed like she didn’t have much to do, but this might be because we don’t see things from her POV in the same way as in the book. Having the banquet might have helped with this. The slow motion bombs and darts really bothered me. The whole reason they’re using swords is because the shields are impervious to projectiles. The Harkonnens use artillery in the book, but only to collapse caves. This does make me wonder what the big ships and thopters do to attack each other though.
  6. Un peu chaud = a bit hot Un petit chaud = a small hot
  7. It’s entirely possible! My memory of drunk posting is a little hazy... And thanks for the welcome!
  8. I’ve never posted in TTNE before (I don’t think so anyway, possibly while drunk), but the thread title caught my eye (4 months late, I know) and so I read a few posts for context. Just chiming in to say that I’d be very sad to see TTNE disappear. As I said, I’ve never participated, but I was quite active in Forum Games 6 or 7 years ago, and TTNE just seemed like a permanent part of the background. The idea that it could be mortal after all is a little upsetting. I don’t have the energy to post here regularly, and I’m not really chatty enough for it anyway, but this is my drop in the bucket to keep it going. It’s a very cosy corner of the internet, and it’s nice to see people just being nice to each other. I hope you’re all hanging in there.
  9. I’m honestly quite meh on this, though I do have the original on steam so I can get it somewhat cheaply. Having glanced at that YouTube video above, it looks pretty much the same, but I think the higher resolutions may only highlight how bare Rome looks compared to Medieval 2. I’d be interested in a Medieval 2 remaster, particularly if they improve the pathfinding, which I think was worse than in Rome. Maybe I’ll get it, but I have so many games and not a lot of time.
  10. I got some grapes for one of them, can’t remember the other. I never received either of them because we’re all working from home. The company is very generous, can’t explain why I’m leaving. Sorry for the double post.
  11. Different company, different (shinier) role, same city and a significant pay jump. I’ve been very lucky I think.
  12. I spoke too soon yesterday because I also got a job offer later on!
  13. Today I won a company-wide trivia quiz for the 3rd time. Maybe I should go on Millionaire. My prize this time was a broken key ring!
  14. An 8 overall (best so far this season) because I thought the kingsmoot sucked, but it was otherwise extremely good.
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