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  1. If he goes I’ll be shocked. Maybe he would have gone if this came out 3 months ago, but not now. While I agree it’s bullshit, the Ukraine excuse will probably save him. Sunak did make me laugh though. Twat.
  2. Should we start sending gas masks to Ukraine, like, yesterday, or are gas masks no good against modern chemical weapons?
  3. Uhhh he was so shocked at the surprise that he was stunned to the point of not being able to move?
  4. Presumably if it was a surprise, no one told him that it was a party. Pretty watertight defence I’d say.
  5. Dark was ultimately satisfying. It didn’t really make sense, but was well handled and cathartic. I’ve never finished BSG. The furthest I got was partway through season 4 and gave up because I just didn’t care anymore. I don’t really have anything to add about Whedon, apart from I guess this means they really aren’t going to make more Firefly.
  6. Close enough to miss the sign and cross the border if your eyesight is compromised, I imagine.
  7. Fucking hell it’s just comical at this point. Or it would be if people at the time weren’t prevented from saying goodbye to their dying relatives.
  8. Casino Royale, and I’m torn between keeping Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen. I can’t decide which would be a better twist on the torture scene.
  9. I resented the fact that the end scene here was just a trailer, but I don’t think there’s anything selfish about encouraging the audience to see the names of people who worked on the film. That said I bet the cleaning staff at the cinema absolutely hate them.
  10. In the UK at a normal screening, audible audience reactions apart from modest laughter are usually an imprisonable offence. However there were cheers when we first saw Garfield and Maguire, and I did really enjoy it even if I didn’t hear the accompanying dialogue. It was really nice to have that experience.
  11. I have a vague memory of him in Civil War saying something about May having a difficult year? But yes he clearly seemed to know who Uncle Ben was when the other Spider-Men talked about him. The initial memory spell and then the resolution spell don’t really make any sense at all, but I really don’t care. If it had been another film without the returning characters I might have been bothered more, but I think it was fine as an excuse for the rest of the film.
  12. I really enjoyed it! Loved both Maguire and Garfield, but also all the other returning characters. It was such a unique opportunity and I’m glad they took it. The best part of the film was the interplay between the characters old and new and the references to how silly some of the films have been. “Max was such a great guy until he fell into that vat of electric eels.” Funny and heartfelt, silly but with very serious moments. I only wish there were more. I’m so glad they showed Green Goblin’s helmet and then smashed it. Why cast someone with the face of a goblin if you’re going to cover it up?
  13. "In the last few weeks some things have been going very well, but what the people have been hearing is just a constant litany of stuff about politics and politicians and stuff that isn't about them - and isn't about the things we can do to make life better.” Boris blaming the defeat on the media reporting on the government’s naked corruption. Just forget about all the sleaze everyone. It’s none of your business!
  14. Can’t wait for the Downing Street party to be blamed on Doctor Who being a woman.
  15. That’s the funniest shit I’ve seen today. I was about to hijack a bus last week before I spotted that there was an advert for the new male-dominated Ghostbusters film on its side. Calmed me right down.
  16. Far more likely to be Raab or Sunak, but I don’t think Johnson is going anywhere yet.
  17. In terms of their responsibility and personal risk, you could make the argument that they are underpaid, but I agree with Mormont that they should be pretty far from the front of the queue in having this fixed. The idea that they need second jobs to support themselves is fucking laughable though.
  18. I appreciate the advice, and it’s most likely what I would tell someone else in my situation. I’ll consider and we’ll talk more.
  19. It’s been several months since I posted about my dilemma about future children, and it’s not looking good. I’ll admit that my interest in it has waned a little in this time, largely because I’ve not been very optimistic about the future of society and the world. However, I think it is still quite likely that I will want to start a family in 5 or so years time. She has said quite firmly that she does not want them, for a few reasons, but the main one seems to be monetary. She’s mainly concerned that while we’re both at the start of potentially very promising careers, we won’t have reached the point of stability within 5 years to make children viable while maintaining our standard of living and/or without wrecking her fledgling career. I agree that we certainly can’t do it now, but I think that we’ll likely be in a good enough place within 5 years. That argument then becomes about how much money you need to afford children, which is like asking how long is a piece of string. With enough research, and a realistic examination of our salary increase prospects, I think I could make a decent argument that we would be OK, but I fear this may be beside the point. I worry that she’s been focusing on the money/career aspect because it’s the easiest one to make logical arguments for and against, and that her other reasons (concern about the physical toll on her body, time and energy required, general lack of interest) are dealbreakers regardless of our financial situation. She has said that she’s not completely opposed and if we were in a position to comfortably afford it, then she would be more open to the idea, she just doesn’t think we’ll get there before she’s 30. I think 30 is a little young to be too old to have children, but she disagrees and points out that it’s her body, which is fair enough. It’s been difficult. Last night she said she thinks I should be with someone who wants children, which isn’t an unreasonable thing for her to say, but it was still pretty crushing to hear. We’ve been together for 4 years and she’s my best friend. I’m going to the pub this evening with a friend and might ask about this. I’ve not been able to actually talk to someone about it and get an outsider’s perspective. I can’t talk to my parents about it because they definitely want grandchildren and would be too biased. So right now she’s saying no, and I’ve been saying maybe, depending on our situation in a few years. Last night she said that that’s not good enough and she wants me to commit to a position, which I don’t think I can do. That was a long waffle, but I just need to vent I think.
  20. I’ve played Civ 5 and 6, but a lot more of 5. I’ve not got to the end of a Civ 6 game, even if I like a lot of the changes. I’m not sure why, I just feel that it starts to run out of steam. I also don’t like what they did with the world congress. Stardew Valley is a weird one in that people rave about it and my girlfriend loved it, but I just wasn’t fussed. It’s not my kind of game. Spiritfarer is better. Glad to see Undertale and Obra Dinn on there, although Obra Dinn is very high. It’s excellent, but is it better than every game except Outer Wilds? I’ve still not got far into Outer Wilds, I normally play games with my girlfriend and we both had trouble with the flight controls, to the extent that she was put off from playing further. Interesting that it’s ranked so high.
  21. If I were American, I’d be progressive left. I tried to answer the questions as though I were living in the US. I’m guessing this is because I was lukewarm on the Democrats, and being centre-left in the UK makes you radical in America.
  22. Paul gets a couple of new names and then Jessica drinks a potion. That’s literally all that happens between where they reached in the film and the end of the second part of the book. I thought it was odd that they showed the Muad’dib but then didn’t name it in this film, but I don’t think they would have an introductory scene just for the names and the potion and then skip ahead two years. If they want to do a funeral to convey the importance of water, it doesn’t have to be Jamis’ funeral. I think it’s much more likely that they will have jumped ahead two years and that will hopefully mean less exposition when it comes to all the Fremen stuff. Paul having more familiarity with the Fremen than the audience would be a slick way of conveying his growth during the time jump.
  23. I would be very surprised if they didn’t start part 2 after the time jump. I’m very pleased that part 2 is going ahead; part 1 cannot stand by itself.
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