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  1. What would Jon think about that ?
  2. Erkan12

    Is Cersei a Bad Ruler? (Or Who Would be the Best Ruler?)

    Cersei is the Mad Queen.
  3. Jon doesn't have any right to the IT. Robert claimed the IT by the right of conquest. As others said, there is really no need to tell him now, he is already declared as KitN. If he wants to be the King, he is already. Everyone knew why Robert become the king, not because his grandmother, because of his warhammer. Renly Baratheon : "Tell me, what right did my brother Robert ever have to the Iron Throne? Oh, there was talk of the blood ties between Baratheon and Targaryen, of weddings a hundred years past, of second sons and elder daughters. No one but the maesters care about any of it. Robert won the throne with his warhammer." --- A Clash of the Kings, Chapter 22 As for Cersei, yeah, it's completely idiotic to choose her as Queen when she didn't conquer it and she has no bloodlines with any kings.
  4. Erkan12

    Blue Flame of Viserion.

    It's just blue flames. It burns since there is a smoke.
  5. Assume that Jon Arryn never poisoned due to LF and Lysa, and thus Rober never came to Winterfell and Lannister-Stark conflict never happened. Robert is still alive, with Ned and Jon are helping him. Theon is still with Ned Stark, Stannis and Renly are still loyal to their big brother, Tywin and the Lannisters are still with them. Even Dorne or Greyjoys could help them in the coming war. Would they be a better situation then the current one ? They will have a much greater army , like 250.000 strong at least or even more, considering the Westerlands, Reach, Dorne, Riverlands, Westerlands, Vale and the North or even the Iron Islands will join the war, Tyrells would have 70.000 at least, Lannisters would've 40.000, Vale would have 30.000, North 30.000 , Dorne 20.000, Riverlands 30.000 , Stormlands 30.000. Plus Melissandre can help them with her magic. Though not sure how Robert would think about her. Or having 2 Dragons is simply better than this great army ? But then, they are struggling with each other, and Cersei is still plotting against the Targaryen-Stark alliance right now. What do you think ?
  6. Euron isn't trustable I agree, but I don't think he will do that since he needs a queen and since Dany will not be that queen for him, Cersei is the only option for him.
  7. Erkan12

    Confused about Viserion and the White Walkers

    Yea, I think NK sacrificed a couple of wights to chain the Dragon under the water, they can't swim but they can still move under the water.
  8. Erkan12

    Lannister Army will fight for...??

    I am not sure about what Jaime will do now... He left there like he is leaving alone, he had no escort and he hid his golden hand, but what can he do alone ? What help he could offer as a cripple warrior ? In his prime, a talented swordsman like him could help them, but he is even less than a proper knight right now. So it would be stupid for him to ride north alone and join their ranks, it wouldn't change anything but pledging loyalty to the alliance but then he needs to explain why the Lannister army isn't with him, so I don't think he will expose Cersei's real plans either. Northmen, knights of the vale wouldn't respect him, nor dothraki, so he couldn't even be useful as a politician or a commander in the war. Only logical thing for him to do is gathering the loyal Lannister bannermen in Westerlands who will only follow him not Cersei, I think he can gather at least 1.000 men and sellswords, and that's better than nothing. Or he can free Edmure and gather the river lords together by using him, join the war with them. But I don't think that's going to happen. And I don't think he will expose Cersei's real plans to the Dany and Jon, he doesn't want to see Cersei dying either, so I am not sure what he will do. I feel like an entirely different thing will happen.
  9. The Rebellion didn't start on a lie. The main reason was Aerys' madness, and Rhaegar's incompetence on overthrowing his mad father in time before the things gets worse, he waited too long for his father's stupidity and ignored his crimes for too long, and then they had a rebellion in their hands. Being with Lyanna was the end point, but then Lyanna was promised to the House Baratheon, not House Targaryen. Lyanna should obey his father Rickard Stark and she knew that they wrong and which is why they escaped from all of these. Not only that Rhaegar was already married, and with another great house. It's really idiotic to expect nothing after all of these, and Rhaegar did nothing to prevent the Rebellion, he just made it worse. He didn't explain anything to anyone else, instead he just took Lyanna to ToJ even when he knew that his father wasn't in any condition where he can keep the peace in the realm, he knew his father better than anyone, yet he choosed to ignore Aerys's madness and let him to deal with the consqeuences. Rhaegar was selfish, Lyanna was ungrateful to her own House. Ned knew all of these, he knew that Lyanna was stupid and wrong, yet she was still his sister, and he did a last favor to her by taking his bastard as his son. That's all. He had no regret on it, because Rhaegar, Lyanna, and especially Aerys were wrong and the Rebellion was right.
  10. Cersei simply lost her mind, you can't make deal with the zombies, but you can always make deal with other houses, yet instead of joining forces with them, she is still trying to deceive them and try to keep her own throne. I still don't know what kind of idiots would follow this mad woman, they don't owe any loyalty to her because she is the widow of Robert, she has no Targaryen kinship and she didn't win the throne by the right of conquest, she has no right to the Iron throne, Dorne, Reach, Stormlands shouldn't help her, and now the Freys are dead, she lost the Riverlands too. All she has Euron Greyjoy who is also mad, even madder than Balon. At this point, I see no difference between Aerys and Cersei... She is the Mad Queen now.
  11. Now people should understand why did I say Cersei and NK at the same time. The finale was all about Cersei's betrayal (again) and NK's assault.
  12. Joffrey also ordered Ned's execution but we also know that who encouraged him in the first place. It's highly possible that LF gave the blade to Joffrey and encouraged him again.
  13. Yup, LF just wanted to play with Cat and he succeeded.