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  1. the nxt book dany doesnt even appear so the next series i probs wont even watch if she aint in it
  2. dany was useless in the book? lmfao then you might aswell say stanis and all the others are useless aswell dany is the only 1 who brings something intresting to this series
  3. god you people want so much i loved the episode didnt read the books but you can say i wont get it etc.. i know they leave stuff out but its hard to add 5/6 people into 1 episode so i think this episode was the best i watch the show because i like danys story and it didnt let me down
  4. didnt read the books loved this episode best yet so a 10
  5. Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey,Sophie Turner, and Michelle Fairley are all good but i hope Emilia wins
  6. i love this series didnt read the books but its amazing , i know people must be unhappy at some changes from series to books but some are good and some are probs bad for people who read the books but just enjoy the good moments and carry on watching this amazing well casted series
  7. am i the only 1 who liked QARTH?