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  1. aeu

    NBA 2018 - Soup's on!

    Seems about right. Feels weird to pick against Lebron in the East, but Cleveland just does not seem to have personnel. The first round was surprisingly compelling. All series other than Houston and GSW had drama / close games and / or compelling teams like Philly and New Orleans that were exciting to watch. I ended up watching way more than I intended. Unfortunately, none of the second round matchups appear to be close. I wouldn't be surprised all if these are over in 4-5 games.
  2. aeu

    NBA 2018 - Soup's on!

    He did, and the previous one on George was probably a shooting foul as well (they called it on the floor). That being said, I kinda don't mind it since Utah deserved it. It would have been such a shame for them to lose this game. (Though they will probably get swept by Houston now).
  3. aeu

    U.S Politics; The Price of Steele

    To be fair, that's his job, no? I doubt that he does not understand the impact in other industries and for end customers. Or at the very least that there would be adverse impacts. But why should he be worried about that, at the expense of the people he is representing? It's the administration's job to weigh those concerns when making policy. True, this president / administration is totally incapable doing that, but surely that's not the fault of the steelworkers.
  4. aeu

    U.S. Politics: Girthers Vs. Anti-Girthers

    There is broad public support for dreamers but not for shutting down the government over dreamers. And this was before the actual, negative impact of a shutdown on peoples' lives.
  5. aeu

    U.S. Politics: Girthers Vs. Anti-Girthers

    Agreed with this. I don't think they trust McConnell, they are just looking for a way out. At the very least, enough of them are. I also have to disagree that Democrats were winning the message war. Republicans' basic message of "Dems are shutting down the government over protection for illegal immigrants" is compelling and also, basically correct (save a potential disagreement about whether Dreamers should be considered illegal immigrants). Democrats did get rolled, because they tried to support an impossible position. To me, it was very clear from the beginning that they would not have achieved anything substantial, especially considering they are dealing with comic-book level villains who are literally willing to kill children to score a few political points. I utterly despise the Republican leadership, and support the Democrats out of principle. And I do think they have the moral high ground on many (if not all) of the hot-botton issues. But ultimately many of these things are subjective. How you prioritize them, and what you are willing to give up to achieve them are even more subjective. More and more, Democratic party seems to support fight for positions out of principle, even when those issues are not necessarily priorities for the electorate at large (or even for most of the Democratic voters). There is something to be said for standing on principle (and honestly, I personally applaud the Democrats). But then, you cannot complain when you find yourself in the minority, with limited to no ability to basically achieve anything.
  6. aeu

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    Ancalagon, you are a beast. Please keep posting these threads, you put so many shows on my radar. Just yesterday, I was watching Godless (and loving it ) and thinking that I probably would not have found it if not you had posted about it like six months ago . Much thanks!
  7. aeu

    U.S. Politics: We're Saying Merry Christmas, Again

    The Kelly praise was always misguided, or at the very least was a product of wishful thinking. It should have stopped when he went out of his way to support Trump's ridiculous claim that Obama wiretapped him: http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/06/politics/wiretapping-john-kelly-james-comey-donald-trump/index.html Noone expects him to lay into Trump or say he is wrong, but if he was half the man he was being portrayed as, he could just have stopped at "I don't know anything about it." This is from the memory, but I'm pretty sure many other people in / around the administration and the congress did precisely that. But no, Kelly had to continue, voluntarily. "I don't pretend to even guess as to what the motivation may have been for the previous administration to do something like that." !!! Such a disgusting sycophant.
  8. aeu

    Fargo 3: not until 2017

    I did not like it either. I didn't like most of what happened since episode 3 and almost nothing that happened in the last 3 episodes. At some point in the middle of the season I was thinking "This is not as good as the previous seasons, but it's still good." But now I'm thinking that was mostly due to goodwill carried from the previous seasons coloring my view. And it did evolve to something different than Fargo in the last few episodes, which would have been fine if it was well executed, but it just wasn't. Top to bottom, this season arguably had the best cast of all seasons on paper, but most of the performances either fell flat or failed to leave an impression as the writing / plot didn't really give them much to work with. Whereas in previous seasons, so many actors (even those who were unknown) gave memorable performances, even in limited screen time. It required an incredible amount of suspension of disbelief. And maybe suspension of disbelief is not even the right word. Seemed like they were intentionally playing up the improbability of those events and I guess this is somehow connected to the overall theme of "This is a [true] story" (together with a bunch of unexplained / improbable / fantastical things that happened in the second half of the season), but to me, it's all disjointed and haphazard. I feel that the creator is trying to make a point, but I have no idea what that is and honestly, the show did not capture my interest enough to think too deeply about it.
  9. aeu

    Bosch... Amazon Original

    He rehabilitated his image with a competent stint on Homeland. He is cool now.
  10. aeu

    Ripper Street- a Spook and a Sellsword

    I just watched the final season and felt I had to resurrect this thread from the dead to comment on how great it was. I felt that the fourth season was somewhat of a step back after the third, but everything they set up then paid off big time in the final season. Uncle Benjen really knocked one out of the park. The guy who used to be Robin Hood was excellent as well. (The episode that focused on him was incredible I thought, even though it barely included the people we know). So was his brother. And all the rest of the actors were excellent as usual. The last half hour of the final episode did not really work for me (I honestly have no idea what they were trying to accomplish there) but other than that, a really awesome ending. I thought this series was a bit pretentious when it first started, even a bit hard to watch, but it really evolved in to something else over time. So much genuine emotion, and they were able to convey it so brilliantly. The ability to slowly build all these feelings to devastating effect at the end...No other show really did that for me recently.
  11. aeu

    Ripper Street- a Spook and a Sellsword

    I should not be in this thread, as I am watching it on BBC America and they only showed 2 episodes, but damn...The last 15-20 mins of that Episode 2...I don't know what to say. This show does so many subtle things so well. "Reid..Do not do this, brother. Do not do this!" Damn!
  12. It seemed like Aaron Sorkin wrote this episode. Back to the basics, please...
  13. Yeah, Kalinda will die, sacrificing herself for Cary.
  14. Not feeling the last two episodes. I never thought I would say this but apparently there is such a thing as "too much Elsbeth..." :leaving: I do like that they are not taking the easy way out with Alicia though. She is becoming more and more unlikable tough it is much more realistic than her staying a saint. Thinking back to the first season and how Alicia and Carey were then, it is quite amazing how they changed (in opposite ways).