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  1. they could have pulled off the burning so well. Imagine how incredible a cliffhanger it would have been if theon treated with ramsay, only to have ramsay knock him to the floor before screaming "burn it all!" the audience would have been left thinking 'wtf did roose's son just do' 'who the fuck is this crazy guy'

    however, that being said i can kind of understand why they didnt, as it would not only take away from the ending scene with the three horn blasts and the others, but also what with the amount of characters introduced they may have been scared to suddenly introduce a new one at the end of the season rather than give them a stronger introduction at the beginning of the next. Not to mention the added budget cost for another character when it would be better to put more of it towards the vfx (blackwater, fist of the first men, dragons)

  2. The way i see them ending this series is either going to be;

    1) ramsay sacking winterfell with Theon geting knocked to the ground/out "burn it all!"

    2) Jon killing halfhand to join the wildings OR jon arriving at mance's camp

    3) Dany entering the house of the undying OR burning it down.

    considering majority of the budget went into blackwater though, my bet would be on Ramsay showing up at winterfell

    also in regards to the chain, from what it looked like in the preview it seems like they've coated the water in wildfire and Bronn shoots a flaming arrow into it to ignite tje water and the ships. But thats just my assumption, could just be Bronn shooting someone :P