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  1. By the was things are going, Jon and Dany are heading towards a tragically romantic ending ie. Rhaegar/Lyanna and similar to Robb/Talisa in the show. Thematically, Martin seems to not favor the heroic/romantic fairy tale endings as in other stories. Too predictable and not accurate to what happens in real life. The Martin version of "love" in his story has literally caused thousands of people to die throughout Westeros, why? Because someone fell in love with someone who was forbidden to them. Robert/Lyanna/Rhaegar, Robb/Talisa, Littlefinger/Catelyn/Lysa, how many people had to die just because of these romances. Just saying that the ending with Lannisters ruling or even the Greyjoys ruling over what is left of Westeros would be a fitting end. If Tyrion ends up on the Iron Throne by way of him being a secret Targ or through an election, he can still honor his marriage to Sansa making her the "younger, beautiful queen" to succeed Cersei as well as the Valonqar prophecy of either Jaime or Tyrion ultimately destroying Cersei some how.
  2. Looking back on S7 again, it seemed to me once Drogon and Jon "hit it off" Dany was wooed from that point on. It just so happens to be the fact that Jon is part Targaryen is the main reason why Drogon was welcoming to Jon, unbeknownst to either Dany or Jon. It is the ultimate sign of approval if your kids like the new potential mate. Dario never had that relationship with any of the dragons. The only other "Targ" who was amicable with the Dragons was Tyrion, if you had to choose which relative to make babies with who would you rather have? In the end I think both Jon and Dany will indeed perish saving Westeros on their dragons and it will come to light that actually Tyrion is a Targaryen and then he has the rightful claim to the Iron Throne. It may appear as though the Lannisters win the Game of Thrones but it is actually the Targaryens. Bittersweet ending complete.
  3. This is pretty obvious that Arya in the show appears to have "lost it", but I am starting to think Bran saves the day at the last second and reconciles the sisters. I would hate it too, but what a way to cap of those shenanigans Arya getting stabbed in the stomach 3 times and go on living crap back in S6. A cheezy ending for a cheezy storyline. But there is still hope they redeem this plot at Winterfell. If this is true then Arya might as well be the Waif in the spirit of the Faceless Men. She is a Fake Arya lol. I doubt she will ever see Jon again to find out.
  4. It's either one of 2 things, both involve a plot twist in the cheesiest way possible. - Arya is not Arya but is actually the Waif and Arya really died back in Bravos. She seemed very creepy and sounded much like the Waif with her words. Perhaps the Waif or Jaquen Hqar made it to Winterfell before the real Arya and perhaps a nod to the book's Fake Arya. - Or (this actually makes the most sense) Arya is blackmailing Sansa into killing Littlefinger herself to prove her loyalty to her family again. Look at the way Arya gave Sansa the dagger that was used to try and kill Bran. This is mob speak by Arya to basically prove Sansa's loyalty to House Stark once again or else face the wrath that is Arya. Arya has her sister dead to rights and she finally wins versus Sansa. I think it is safe to say that even though the show portrays LF winning the spy game with Arya, it's all a roose Think about it, how the hell can LittleFinger out-spy a Faceless assassin that can morph into anyone they want? Arya has LittleFinger all figured out and how he works the game, she doesnt even need Bran to tell her.
  5. My thoughts on this horrible Sansa/Arya plotline is that... I think that this is something that probably isn't even in the books when they come out. I cannot imagine George writing something out of DeGrassi High drama. If I were Sansa, I'd be freaked the f%ck out if all of my brothers and sisters came back and one was dead and resurrected, one is crippled and is a mind zombie, and my little sister is the most sinister spy-master/assassin/murderer there is. Sansa has to be going nuts at this point. The only redemption for Sansa now is that she is actually slow playing her hand and being one step ahead of LF. I highly doubt spymaster Arya hasn't already figured out LF by this point, Arya is well-trained and he spying has been done off screen. I saw a face that looked like the new maester, so it is a safe bet that he has been her this whole season. Think about it, that was the Bolton's maester - he should be dead in Arya's mind. But she can also wear faces of people who are alive so Arya probably spied on LF wearing the face of that girl she saw spying for LF. The girls conspire this whole plan to wrestle the Vale army away from LF and Robin.
  6. To me it seems to be an easy explanation on Sansa's part, she figuratively had a knife to her throat while writing it. Geez, even Cat and Robb knew that the instant they got the note. Now Arya's not that stupid and would and should comprehend Sansa's scenario at the time.
  7. I felt that Jon did exactly that, put her in her place. He pretty much proved to her that there are good people still in Westeros and he is one of the very very few. He so happens to be King in the North but he gave her the North without any hesitation. The writers were probably over dramatizing her "bratty" attitude to make it obvious to the audience. Although I hated that look she gave to LF, I am hoping it's the look of "I'm coming for you next a-hole!".
  8. A sea battle with over 2000 ships combined and Euron so happens to "sneak up" right onto Yara's ship with no warning. They have not seen any episode of Black Sails lately. This was the most unbelievable sequence for time and money's sake. Just shell out the extra cash and make a few more episodes so that the "time travel/teleporting" needs to stop, please.
  9. Yes, indeed. It's like they never thought to speak of this before Varys teleported onto her ship at the end of last season. Not only that but the topic of Myrcella and the Dornish. You;d think Tyrion would have beef for them killing his niece.
  10. Clegane shouldve burned the farmer and little girl. They will be raised as wights to kill him before its over lol
  11. Clegane shouldve burned the farmer and little girl. They will be raised as wights to kill him before its over lol
  12. Was I the only one who thought Ed Sheeran was a dead man. That would have been gold!
  13. Two topics that should be discussed in regard to the ToJ scene: The camera is pointing clues and it focused on #1 Dawn the Sword of the Morning and #2 the nurse. Not Howland "Stab Dayne in the Back" Reed, a nurse. I think the sword and that nurse have more story to tell if Bran follows them.
  14. Lyanna looked a lot like Dany with dark hair. Anyone else thinking the same thing?
  15. A good mix of Saving Private Ryan and Braveheart is what I thought of the battle scenes. How is it possible for Ned or anyone to come out of that a sane person? As stupid as Jon was for not listening to Sansa, it is miraculous that he survives making the PtwP theories Mel has about him even more substantial. I liked the scene between Davos and Tormund, it portrays the different perspectives of the meaning of "demon". Davos intended it to be a symbol or metaphor whereas Tormund treated the word as fact. That subtle writing is pretty creative at the least.
  16. This seemed as more of a redemption show to Dany than an episode solely about Jon. Dany is learning how to rule AND win battles. Jon got trampled on and saved because of his "old ways". Sansa wins. I predict her and LF plan to put Jon as King only to plot his downfall or play puppet master. Dragons > Wolves, 'nuff said.
  17. A harp. Certain theories are coming to fruition.
  18. I personally liked all of the Fight Club, Arya=Jaquen/Lady Crane, theories much better than what it actually turned out to be: Arya = Arya! I think D&D are reading these forums and then last second editing/remastering at the last minute to thwart any theories/spoilers. That has to be the cause of this "writing".
  19. tmug

    [Spoilers] EP608

    It appears they have no time nor budget to include these complicated action sequences. "Dying off screen" saves them the time and the budget for more important aspects to the show apparently. Such as tonight's episode: sticking your finger in someone's ass and then smelling it. More important to the story obviously. The theater troupe is mocking this show as well as us, the viewers. The farting, the boobs, the "shit crowd", the writing/ideas, it's a commentary regarding everyone involved in this series.
  20. tmug

    [Spoilers] EP608

    Blackfish seemed like a "Blackfish exit stage right" sort of scene
  21. tmug

    [Spoilers] EP608

    Blackfish didn't want to be seen swordfighting, lol. Kudos to the Blackfish that old guys sword fighting on screen is no fun to film or watch.
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