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  1. Well if you're sure. Personally I think it could work quite well on screen without much more CG work than was required for the Wall, Harenhall or Qarth. I guess we all have our own limits of belief and we either see something as credible in a work of fiction or we don't. To me the chain was quite believable, and was one of Tyrion's finest moments, but i'm willing to accept that other people might disagree.
  2. All that is covered in the book. Davos notes that a tower has been constructed on the south side of the river, but that it's been built on a islet and is virtually unassailable from the south bank. The chain is large i'll grant you, but the principle is sound and there's historical precedent for it. When Tyrion first mentioned the chain in the books i could see what his plan was, and the payoff was very satisfying.
  3. Did anyone else think for a while that they might have been setting up Alton to fill in the roles of Cleos and Pod. He seemed to combine both characters quite nicely. Killing him off the way they did was a missed opportunity.
  4. Yeah. I'm not exactly a San/San shipper, but really enjoy the interactions between the two in the books. I think their relationship is a rather complex one, and it's been mostly glossed over in the show. The hound is one of my favourite characters and it's a shame he's not had more screen time.
  5. Good point. I hadn't made that connection. There's definitely more to Tywin's grandpa act than he's letting on.
  6. So he should have beaten him senseless then. Having Jaime set out to kill him was for added shock value, nothing more.
  7. I think they'll have to bring them in at some point. Lady Stoneheart needs followers. Actually, without Dondarion there can't be a Lady Stoneheart at all can there?
  8. What is it about the chain that doesn't make any sense? Chains have been used to block ships from rivers for pretty much all of history. It's not something GRRM just made up. Here's one example from the Revolutionary war: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hudson_River_Chain and another from the American Civil war http://www.saveastory.com/travel/20080502_chain_across_the_mississippi_river.htm There's countless others if you look for them.
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