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  1. So Tommy Pham slapped Joc on the field during pregame over a fantasy football beef. Weird shit. Joc basically just shrugged it off.
  2. Yeah, he really killed it as the scumbag cop type. Along with some already mentioned- The Place Beyond the Pines, Narc, hell even in Identity he stood out.
  3. Seriously. Now I’m incredibly intrigued by the weird pretentiousness that is Cannes. What the fuck are those rich weirdo’s doing?
  4. Yeah, that one stood out to me the most from that weird list. I mean I think it’s a pretty good movie but damn. I forgot The Paperboy existed. Is it worth a watch at all? I remember it getting hyped early then panned as time went on.
  5. I watched it a few years ago and don’t remember much besides it being very slow and dull. I also wasn’t expecting it to be on the level of something like The Witch, so it delivered in that aspect. I finished Outer Range a couple of days ago. Shit got weird towards the end. Overall I liked it. The cast was good and the mystery kept me interested. I have no idea where they’re gonna go if they have another season though.
  6. Gotta love those contract years.
  7. Eovaldi, the 3rd pitcher ever to give up 5 homers in 1 inning. Damn
  8. Wild sequences there at the end. Jrue getting big!
  9. Judge bomb walk-off! Chest high hanger. Whoops.
  10. I’m 4 episodes into it and liking everything thus far. I didn’t click on your spoiler but I have some theories on a few things.
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