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  1. Another brilliant effort by the Yankees today. I’m seriously hoping for a Mets sweep to force some sort of changes to happen. This team is shockingly boring and pretty much unwatchable at this point. I’d rather watch dumb soccer than them.
  2. I’m so happy I don’t have YES Network this year(it’s weirdly only on 1 streaming service). Did I just read right that they intentionally walked Santana with 2 outs to load the bases, and he unsurprisingly walked the next dude on 4 pitches to tie the game? Is Boone out of his fucking mind? ETA: Gary saved them. This team is so odd.
  3. I’m glad more people are playing and enjoying GoT. @Tywin et al.
  4. What a horrible performance by Uconn. That was seriously embarrassing at times. The amount of put backs and driving layups they missed was unreal. And Bouknight was bad, forcing it way too much. Ugly game. Ah well, at least they made it back I guess. I’m loving Hurley, but please bring in some fucking shooters.
  5. I was at Gatti-Ward I. My friends and I were expecting a brawl, and they fucking delivered. I just watched round 9 a few minutes ago and still get goosebumps. Fun night. Awesome. I still remember Graeme Lloyd and Nelson running down from the bullpen and igniting the madness. Strawberry did go off... fucking Benitez.
  6. Absolutely agree. The interface is definitely a step down. There’s just too much shit going on. I’m sure we’ll get used to it but I really miss the PS4 setup at this point. That and the fact that it’s too tall to stand up in my tv stand are my only complaints, and those are relatively small ones. Other than that it’s lived up to they hype. AC: Valhalla looks great. I see it’s getting the usual hate, but I loved Origins and Odyssey so I’m enjoying this one so far. I will say that the combat and some of the controls feel clunky though. Not exactly smooth like the previous two. I read that the combat clunkiness is by design because vikings are brutal but that just seems plain silly. Anyways, I’m hoping this will keep me busy until Cyberpunk.
  7. I didn’t wanna to go to sleep until this officially happened. Feel so much better about things now.
  8. Congrats, Doyer fans. I only saw highlights but that call by Cash to take Snell out was absurd. Talk about getting too cute with things. Was Snell arguing to stay in? Also happy for Kershaw. To get a ring and to have pitched great in both of his WS starts, and overall pretty good in the playoffs. Kinda reminds me of the Steve Young getting the monkey off his back moment.
  9. I forgot to pick the 1 o’clock games again. I’m a failure.
  10. Speaking of Ben Wheatley(in the old thread), I saw that he’s gonna direct the sequel to The Meg. What an odd decision. I’ve never seen the first one but I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that it was a pile of shit. Maybe he can get an R rating for the sequel and have some bloody fun with this one? I’ve been thinking about doing a rewatch of A Field in England. I don’t think I’ve seen it since it first came out. I randomly came upon the tent scene on youtube the other day. Such a wonderful and fucked up scene. Apparently the actor was told to come out of the tent looking stunned, but he improvised amazingly.
  11. I’ve tried twice to get into RDR2 and just can’t do it. Bored to tears both times. I went back to playing Ghost of Tsushima after the new update. It is fun, and I was hoping it would keep me busy until the PS5 but I don’t know. Multiplayer stuff like this gets old for me pretty quickly. Although it is great that Sucker Punch gave us this new content. What a weird concept to release a fully functional game then give the fans more content for free. I naively hope other companies take note.
  12. Wow! What a display. He got into full mount in a flash.
  13. Main event coming up. Whittaker looked great with his movement and jabs. Really impressive.
  14. Approximately 75 minutes? 3 fights before him now. ETA: I also just woke up and I’m watching it by myself.
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