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  1. Adama is unstoppable right now. Fucking love it. Glad to be back.
  2. I bet Duke big and don’t regret it at all. Well done Tennessee. They made it ugly and physical.
  3. Yup. Pretty insane. It goes to places nobody would ever expect.
  4. Wow! Crazier that they’re the smallest team in the nation too. Great gameplan against Edey in the limited amount I watched.
  5. Shaky 1st half, but Sanogo goes wild in the 2nd half. Uconn’s first tourney win since 2016. I’ll take it.
  6. @Rhom I haven’t really looked at the bracket as a whole until now. I see they put Bryce Hopkins against your boys to open it up. That’s pretty intriguing. He was a beast this year. Providence really struggled down the stretch though.
  7. I have a friend that hates the WBC, and he’s a diehard Mets fan. Seeing Edwin Diaz carried off the field after injuring his right knee while celebrating will just strengthen that stance I assume. That didn’t look good.
  8. Yup. I stood there staring at the surgeon not wanting to shoot at all, but you obviously have to.
  9. Team USA playing tonight at 9. Apparently some people in Great Britain actually play baseball. USA’s lineup is absolutely stacked and is a 8.5 run favorite tonight. Pitching is kinda iffy though, especially with Kershaw and Nestor having to bail out. We’ll see how it goes. Baseball is back, kind of!
  10. Great Uconn-Marquette game. I felt like Hurley should’ve called a timeout there, especially with how the previous possessions went, but oh well. Onto the real tourney now! I’m hoping for a 3 seed but most likely a 4 for Uconn.
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