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  1. Yup to both. But he’s so explosive in open space. Shepard torn ACL. Unsurprising if you saw him go down.
  2. That makes sense. I’d want to keep Toney but this staff seems to dislike him also. He’s gonna be good with a competent QB.
  3. Giants LT Andrew Thomas has been solid. He was actually the highest rated OT after 2 games. Obviously a tiny sample but he made a huge jump last season also. Neal will be fine. Got schooled tonight but that’s expected. The interior line is banged up so guys that should all be backups or practice players are starting.
  4. The current staff really seems to dislike Golladay. I guess he’s lazy in practice, or something. But yeah, a drop off like his has been pretty odd. He legitimately contributes nothing. Not 1 td since he’s gotten here. He’ll be traded to a contender during the year methinks.
  5. O-line was laughably embarrassing the entire game. Jones running for his life on every single play. And Shepard carted off the field at the end. Back to reality.
  6. I couldn’t find a general advice thread in the first few pages so apologies if there is one already. Ok, I’ll try to keep this short. So one of my closest friends is going through marital issues. We’re both 42 and I have a condo with an extra room so he moved into here recently to separate from his wife. We have a core group of about 8 guys and most of us have known him since we were 12, just to paint a picture. So basically, he married a narcissist. They have 2 young kids under 6, and 2 dogs. She actually just made the decision to get a new puppy right after the separation. Classic control move. Anyways, I seek advice on to how to advance with what I say or how I act with my friend workout pushing him away more. The first few weeks I just listened mostly. His wife cut him off from his family totally, and us mostly, so I knew he had nobody. But I couldn’t bite my tongue after a few weeks and I eventually started telling him about how she is awful and trying to control his every action in their little bubble. I’m seeking advice into how I don’t turn myself into someone he’s trying to avoid, and to how to make him see he’s basically in a mini-cult. I’ve laid it out for him but his fear of losing his kids is so much that I don’t think he sees the reality of anything.
  7. Just watched game 5 of the ‘91 finals on NBA TV(Jordan’s 1st). The amount of travels called was astonishing. I’d say like 8 or 9 at least, and on guys like Jordan and Magic and at pivotal moments. It just makes me laugh because my dad used to say they got away with murder back when this was live. Literally every travel then wouldn’t have been called now. The little step before dribbling.
  8. In case anyone else is wondering, 11-10 final score has happened before. In 2008.
  9. FSU ranked for the first time in 4 years. I had pretty much zero expectations coming into the year but this team has me excited again. Great run game, athleticism all around, and weirdly an O-line that can actually block and give Travis some time. They have a tough stretch coming up with 3 ranked teams in a row(2 top 10), so time to see where these guys really are. It’d be nice to beat Clemson for once, but baby steps. It’s just nice to be relevant again.
  10. Miami got worked at home by Middle Tennessee St, and Florida lost. A very good Saturday.
  11. Um, yeah. Lebron has the most total points in NBA history counting the playoffs, about 500 more than Kareem. But Kareem’s the scoring leader right now because people don’t combine them and only count regular season. Google NBA all-time scoring leader and Kareem comes up on every list, which he shouldn’t apparently. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/pass_td_career.htmhttps://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/pass_td_career.htm Brady has 711 combined but 626 in regular season.
  12. It’s like that for every other major sport here in the states.
  13. That laser by Judge to throw Pham out…
  14. ^^^^ I have to agree that season 5 was meh from what I saw. I watched like 5 episodes and kinda just forgot about it. It certainly seemed to lose a lot of its magic that made it great, or something. I started watching Barry. Only 2 episodes in.
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