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  1. @Rhom Your boys need to learn how to catch! So many missed opportunities.
  2. Classic Freddie swing. Stud That pearl necklace that Joc is rocking is something else!
  3. That was an exhausting and frustrating Yankees season. As much as I obviously wanted them to beat the Sawx, I’m seriously glad to not have to watch Rays own them some more. Interesting to see who’s gone for next year. I just saw that Stanton hit one in the 9th too. At least one of them showed up.
  4. The highlight of the Giants season so far is the OT coin toss by Jabrill.
  5. Devers just broke the Blue Jay’s hearts. Looking like Cole vs Eovaldi at Fenway.
  6. And Toronto is gonna win. So Yankees would have to play at Toronto before going to Boston if they lose.
  7. Yankees have 1 hit through 7. Good times
  8. Before doing a Madden draft, my friends and I would all pick one dude who was untouchable by everyone. Ed was always my pick for years. ETA: Giants won a game!!!
  9. I legitimately could’ve named only like 3 of the players in Seattle’s lineup before looking at it. I have no idea how they’re decent? Either way, that was a fun game to watch.
  10. It’s gonna be a wild Sunday. I’m gonna assume M’s pull off the win tonight. Pitching matchups for the big games tomorrow: Sale vs Adon Taillon vs Wacha Ryu vs Zimmerman Anderson vs Detmers I’m not too confident in Yankees chances(of avoiding a Monday game). Here’s the tie breakdowns: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mlb.com/amp/news/american-league-wild-card-tiebreakers-explained.html
  11. Stupid annoying Rays. They’re little bullies and I’m sick of it!
  12. I read somewhere that EA is aiming for July/2023. I can’t wait to take San Jose St. back to the promised land!
  13. I’m gonna guess that the scene was in episode 4. Just watched it.
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