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  1. Apologies, Ty. I bought into the hype and bet Minnesota. I’m now watching hockey.
  2. Has to be a troll account. In the NCAAB thread he called Donovan Clingan a defensive liability and predicted Uconn would be blown out like 3 straight games.
  3. I hadn’t realized Wagner was struggling that badly. 1-12. Yeesh
  4. Yeah, Cavs offense looking like complete shit.
  5. No shit. But before I owned a steam deck I only had a ps5. I don’t have a pc.
  6. Starfield bored the shit out of me, and I purchased a Xbox just for it(before I got my steam deck). Yup I’m a sucker, but what a fucking disappointment. Loved Dragon’s Dogma, but it was such an odd game. Intrigued by the second one and have it but just haven’t played it yet.
  7. I recently loaded up my steam deck with New Vegas. Although work has been busy as hell lately so I haven’t been able to play. Agree that 3 and NV are better story wise, but I’m a sucker for the settlement building. Loved leveling Spectacle Island and making my own kingdom.
  8. I’m playing Fallout 4 again on ps5 after watching the show. It just crashed like 3 times in 20 minutes. Good to be back.
  9. Phew! I wouldn’t have minded if they traded that pick down either. Giants receivers are obviously trash so sorely needed.
  10. I meant any other position too. I mean I’m not big on Penix either but what the fuck do I know? Perfect scenario for me would be trading up for Maye. ETA: Welp, there goes that.
  11. I’d be happy with basically anyone other than J.J. McCarthy for the Giants. He’s all yours @Mr. Chatywin et al. Please trade up.
  12. I mean yeah the plot stretched credulity, but it is a work of obvious fiction. What you quoted was more about Barry’s performance, which I thought was amazing. Or you just didn’t buy his performance?
  13. Surprised Embiid came back. Thought he was definitely done for at least this game.
  14. The house centipedes? I used to have them at my old place too. Never knew they existed before that. Weird ass little things with so many legs. So quick too. My older sister is so scared of spiders she can’t even watch videos of them or look at pics. It’s crazy.
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