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  1. David John is good at hitting baseballs.
  2. That was pure fucking insanity from start to finish. Jesus
  3. I’ve always thought he deserved way better, especially lately. He’s in 2 of my favorite movies ever- The Proposition and Animal Kingdom, and was great in both.
  4. Uconn football finally gaining fans after choosing not to play football. Seems about right.
  5. I don’t know how I’ve never heard of this until now as it comes out in a month. Obviously very similar to The Wicker Man, with a great cast and production, and on HBO. So I’m in.
  6. ^^^^^ One of the worst posts I’ve ever seen here. Veltigar brings the heat. I watched Yes, God, Yes with Natalia Dyer. It’s an ok coming-of-age story about a sexually repressed, religious teen. Nothing mind-blowing though.
  7. I’ve always heard Equilibrium was good. Will watch it one of these days. The third act of The Place Beyond the Pines was my biggest gripe. I just didn’t really care for it, and it dragged on. Overall I liked it, but was kinda disappointed also.
  8. I finally watched Minority Report. It was a fun little action movie. I had no idea Max Von Sydow was even in it, so that was a pleasant surprise. It also had a fairly predictable ending but no biggie. Showtime was playing a bunch of A24 films over the weekend so I caught Waves. It kinda reminded me of The Place Beyond the Pines. It follows a certain character up until a certain event, then switches POV’s and shows the aftermath basically. It was a little clichéd at times but definitely worth a watch. Great acting all around. @Tywin et al. You suck. Kung Fu Hustle is a truly great film!
  9. My Mets fan buddy had a mini-meltdown over the weekend. I can’t see the season going much longer(more Cardinals test positive, Votto showing symptoms), but I love how it’s already long enough for Mets to do their thing. This Cespedes thing is just the cherry on top. Tyler Alexander of the Tigers K’s 9 straight in a relief appearance to tie an AL record. ETA: I don’t mind the extra innings rule. I thought I would hate it but it actually makes things more exciting and saves a lot of innings for the relievers. The season is so damn long as it is. I wouldn’t want it in the playoffs though.
  10. I actually like the added pressure of basically not being able to mess up at all, or it means death, in stealth games. But the combat is fun as hell so it’s not that big of a deal here. Just started Act II. The boss at the end of Act I was pretty tough.
  11. I asked what’d you(or Manfred)expect would happen, not if it’s appropriate or not. For better or worse, baseball players have been policing themselves like this forever... including these Astros. Giancarlo with the hot bat still, and Judge saving us. Man, Sanchez is fucking lost up there. Still hitless.
  12. A kind of confusing stance? The Astros took the cheating it to a whole new level(you know this), won a title, got caught and none of the actual players were punished at all. That’s the entire point of the everyone’s frustration. What do you expect the aftermath would be? Who’s acting holier-than-thou?
  13. Jaws will always be my favorite Spielberg film, but Munich is definitely up there. I took a look at his movie list and realized I still haven’t seen Minority Report. I have to get on that.
  14. I attempted to watch Bad Boys For Life out of sheer boredom the other day. I got like halfway through before tapping out. What a dumb and unentertaining movie. I put on Munich last night. So good.
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