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  1. The Jiri-Glover fight was shockingly one of the most entertaining fights I’ve ever seen in my entire life… MMA or boxing. So many ups and down! Glover had full mount numerous times. Jiri had him dead to rights a few times with his striking and shit would just flip 180 in a second. Once you thought one fighter had enough they would come back with a wild fury. I texted my buddy in like the 2nd round that Glover would be dead by the 4th; and by the time the 5th round comes around he is dominating the younger Jiri. Then with under a minute to go in a 5 rounder some wild scramble happens and Jiri taps Glover in a fight he would’ve definitely lost. Fucking wild
  2. I just watched the first episodes and my initial takes without reading the 5 or so pages of this thread: The dialogue/acting is as awful as the prequels, the action was silly, could not care less about seeing a younger Luke and Leia, The 3rd sister’s character is annoying and I’m pretty bored already. ugh
  3. So Tommy Pham slapped Joc on the field during pregame over a fantasy football beef. Weird shit. Joc basically just shrugged it off.
  4. Yeah, he really killed it as the scumbag cop type. Along with some already mentioned- The Place Beyond the Pines, Narc, hell even in Identity he stood out.
  5. Seriously. Now I’m incredibly intrigued by the weird pretentiousness that is Cannes. What the fuck are those rich weirdo’s doing?
  6. Yeah, that one stood out to me the most from that weird list. I mean I think it’s a pretty good movie but damn. I forgot The Paperboy existed. Is it worth a watch at all? I remember it getting hyped early then panned as time went on.
  7. I watched it a few years ago and don’t remember much besides it being very slow and dull. I also wasn’t expecting it to be on the level of something like The Witch, so it delivered in that aspect. I finished Outer Range a couple of days ago. Shit got weird towards the end. Overall I liked it. The cast was good and the mystery kept me interested. I have no idea where they’re gonna go if they have another season though.
  8. Gotta love those contract years.
  9. Eovaldi, the 3rd pitcher ever to give up 5 homers in 1 inning. Damn
  10. Wild sequences there at the end. Jrue getting big!
  11. Judge bomb walk-off! Chest high hanger. Whoops.
  12. I’m 4 episodes into it and liking everything thus far. I didn’t click on your spoiler but I have some theories on a few things.
  13. Ha, I just recommended The 13th Warrior to a youngin at work who saw and loved The Northman. Such a great movie. I wish I could learn an entire language from one drunken night of listening.
  14. I saw The Northman. I watched the first 2 episodes of Outer Range. I’m intrigued with the mystery and the cast is good. I’m in.
  15. I wanted Sauce, but happy with what Giants got.
  16. Ja completely took over after that boosh/comment. He did look labored a lot though. Knee clearly still bothering him.
  17. I watched a lot of the early part of that game. Angel was giving both pitchers everything, as you can tell from their stats. He’s the absolute worst.
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