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    How would you rate episode 209?

    10/10 So many great things about this episode: The freaking Hound!! Finally he had a big space in an ep., his scenes was great, especially the one he turned away from the battle. ("fk the king" yea) I was susprised when I saw Stannis leading the attack, that was unexpected. Melisandre must have put some weird Asshai magic to protect him :lol: (weird that she didn't appear). Didn't like the way he was dragged when it was lost though. Cersei was great this episode, I knew how that was going to end but I got really scared when she was about to poison Tommen. One moment she was about to poison her son and 10 second later she was so happy hugging him. Tyrion turned out to be a nice commender after all. HALFMAN HALFMAN HALFMAN. I didn't realise at first that it was his father he was looking at when he was fainting. And Podrick was so brutal he broke the spear :stunned: The only thing I really missed was already mentioned a few times, it was when Loras got to battle, they should be shouting "RENLY" or something like this, so it would look like Renly himself was leading the attack. Did anyone noticed the look on Cersei's face after Loras showed himself to her? She looked really scared, she didn't seem to know which side was he on.
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    Hey everyone :D I'm Caio Last year my friend suggested the book series "Hey Caio, you should read it <described some of the story> they made a TV series adaptations too, it's great." Well, the next time I was in a book store I decided to get GoT, I was a bit confused at first (reading in English, lots of characters), but I easily got amazed by the story and I read the other four books in a row :lol: I started visiting the forums after reading A Dance with Dragons and read many interesting stuff... theories (the most likely and the crackpot ones haha), things I've missed and details I didn't remember. Anyway, I'm from Brazil, 3rd year on engeneering uni (yeah I'm not crazy... yet :ack:) and a big football fan.