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  1. The audience might have gotten confused though, they may have thought Littlefinger was saying he only loved cats.
  2. Even though this episode was mostly a faithful adaptation almost everything about it felt wrong. They have decided to completely abandon subtlety or any form of controlled storytelling. The little nuances matter. Dany and Daario made no sense here, it was this silly male stripper moment of a guy who lets face it is not actually Daario. He is just some good looking dude. The Sansa Littlefinger moment was completely botched, why does everything have to be so stripped of emotion? The only parts that I truly enjoyed were Tyrion and Arya scenes which actually did involve emotion and real interactions between characters.
  3. A lot of people are saying this is the best episode. That is a bit much, it has the best moment with Tyrion's speech but other parts I was kind of lukewarm about. Stannis has really been diminished and I am not sure why. I am not in love with the character but I think he has value in the story.
  4. I am not saying that women can't have power in Westeros, there are numerous examples of powerful women. However I am saying the power they wield and the roles they play are clearly within the framework and cultural norms of patriarchy.
  5. Is this a prediction or fan fiction? This is not a matriarchal society, not by any stretch of the imagination. Women are more often than not second class citizens in the world of Westeros despite some at the top being able to rule. Daenerys will still have to live within certain cultural norms, I don't care how powerful she is.
  6. Caitlin Stasey is Australian but has a light accent. She could definitely do a more "pure" or proper british accent if needed. It would probably be easier for her than it was for Peter Dinklage. I think with casting Meera Reed they should just go for whoever is best.
  7. Do David and Dan still read this forum? I have some good ideas, some that others thought of first but some that are my own. Toby Regbo as Jojen Reed: Young Dumbledore, all that needs to be said. Caitlin Stasey as Meera Reed: This is not my idea originally, I've seen this name a few times now when surfing the web. I enjoyed "Tomorrow When The War Began" which was the film she was in. She can get dirty and act tough but still gives off a kindness and has an earthly beauty. I can't believe I didn't think of it first. Liam Neeson as Mance Rayder: Not very good odds of getting him but I had to put it out there. Tell me what you think guys.
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