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  1. chimere

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Why are there no Positive/Negative nitpicking threads?
  2. chimere

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Wow I was not expecting people to think it sucked so bad. Seriously, I DIED at the council meeting, it was the most beautiful thing ever. My baby Arya seeing GreyRobb broke my heart, and I am not hating Tyrion and Sansa. Almost the cutest thing ever, I... I think I ship them now (only in the show). And Arya finally doing the coin trick, although I don't know why she didn't tell the Hound that she killed the stableboy. The Ygritte scene was SO dumb though, they could have cut it out and just had her turn against him in the first place like they did in the books. It was super out of place. I liked the Rat Cook story. Yeah the ending was pretty ridiculous and I'm sad about UnCat too, but I wasn't hating this finale. I wonder if Gendry is going to end back up in the Riverlands instead of KL and no idea where they are going with the Yara plot.
  3. chimere

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but Tyrion wasn't cruel to Sansa before their wedding, he even told her she could marry Lancel if she wanted and she said no. It was just a total surprise for her, she didn't want to kneel because she felt she didn't have to since it was her wedding. Also in the books, when Tyrion says they don't have to have sex until she wants to she says "what if I never want to?" in a mean way right? I think it would have been better for the viewers if she didn't kneel and later Tyrion asks why and she says "It was my wedding I shouldn't have to kneel if I don't want to," it might have made the audience feel bad for her. But I understand why they did what they did.