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  1. Red Hermit

    Board Issues 4

    I don't want to use an adblocker but right now I am getting annoying video ads at the top and bottom of the forum which not only can't be paused/muted but will constantly rubberband me back up/down to the video when I try to scroll away. Currently the adblocker message is slightly less annoying.
  2. I thought it was pretty solid. For whatever reason they seemed to have moved up Stannis' death. I expect Shireen will burn and Stannis will be killed by Brienne in the books as well but at a later time. FTW hit me hard. Kinda disappointed will all the cliffhangers but I suppose that keeps it closer to the books.
  3. My favorite part of the episode was Arya passing through the canals of Braavos at the start. I was worried they wouldn't do Braavos justice but it was perfect.
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