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  1. Red Hermit

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    They are at least willfully ignorant of Trump's pandering to racism and misogyny. It is definitely corrupt.
  2. Red Hermit

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    Seems to me a significant reason Trump won was because his protectionist rhetoric helped him flip the midwest in his favor. There are plenty of democratic voters skeptical of free trade, and Clinton didn't really do much to persuade them. So I don't blame it all on racism, that's an oversimplification.
  3. There's dumb stuff posted, but the maturity level is still much higher here then most other forums I've seen, while still being entertaining.
  4. It's hard to find forums with similarly high quality discourse and wit.
  5. Red Hermit

    US Politics: Russian Roulette Republican Style

    It's not really unreasonable to think that a lot of people in positions of power have engaged in sexual harassment though.
  6. Red Hermit

    Board Issues 4

    I don't want to use an adblocker but right now I am getting annoying video ads at the top and bottom of the forum which not only can't be paused/muted but will constantly rubberband me back up/down to the video when I try to scroll away. Currently the adblocker message is slightly less annoying.
  7. I kinda like watching this show just for the locations. Don't notice a lot of shows that take place in south america.
  8. Red Hermit

    THE X-FILES returns, in HD and widescreen

    I definitely enjoyed the second episode more than the first. It wasn't great but it felt more like a typical creepy episode of X-Files. The first episode focused too much on plot and too little on atmosphere/horror. I always had low expectations for the main plot given how long it has gone on, but I have hope for the "monster of the week" episodes.
  9. Red Hermit

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    I thought it was pretty solid. For whatever reason they seemed to have moved up Stannis' death. I expect Shireen will burn and Stannis will be killed by Brienne in the books as well but at a later time. FTW hit me hard. Kinda disappointed will all the cliffhangers but I suppose that keeps it closer to the books.
  10. Red Hermit

    [Book Spoilers] EP502 Discussion

    My favorite part of the episode was Arya passing through the canals of Braavos at the start. I was worried they wouldn't do Braavos justice but it was perfect.