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  1. No, the yellow dot is Bath, which is already LD. JRM is NE Somerset, which is the big red one encircling it.
  2. Less than 100 - yes. Over 500 - not quite
  3. I just moved this year with a 5 year fixed and the BoE base rate's already gone higher than what I'm on.
  4. To be fair to the writers, both Isildur and Pharazon's son have explicitly been written as being stupid people.
  5. She was - there was a segment on an in-show TV in one of the later episodes where the news was saying she'd just been released.
  6. And look how successful that's been since 2016.
  7. Not any more. We saw his ears this week and they were human ears. Also, the random old guy who used to own the blade has clearly used it and he’s clearly not part-elf. I saw a theory somewhere that he could be Halbrand’s son instead, which is really the only other important person who it could be, especially if the name Theo is meant to suggest that he might be an ancestor of King Theoden of Rohan.
  8. Tell Me Where Is Gandalf, For I Much Desire To Speak With Him.
  9. Erdogan has an election next year and needs to take credit for something that isn’t the massive inflation Turkey’s currently experiencing.
  10. What happens if the parties in whichever bloc comes out larger can’t agree on a PM? Does the other bloc get a chance to try and form a government?
  11. The people of Edinburgh greet the proclamation of their new king
  12. Less than a week into the job and she’s already U-turned twice
  13. Yes. It was always the plan that he’d do this to receive condolences from each of the devolved governments, and it seems that they’ve decided given the circumstances that the new PM should come along as well.
  14. How many people visit Versailles every year? Hasn’t been any royalty there for a while.
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