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  1. I actually liked the Ezri murder mystery episode, and how it uses the relationship with Joran to highlight how Ezri is different from Jadzia.
  2. I've started watching Enterprise recently and it's a lot more fun than I remember, even when one of the earliest episodes is exactly the same plot as one of the final Voyager episodes (Terra Nova/Friendship One). and the talk of the baseball DS9 episode reminds me that this episode and The Andorian Incident prove that while a single Vulcan is often helpful, a group of Vulcans are almost always massive dicks.
  3. I agree with Tiamat being the Goths, and it was their wrath that removed everything in ring space and damaged Duarte.
  4. He's back in the UK now, but one of his bodyguards left their gun on the plane. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54216511
  5. Edgar wouldn't have picket Stormfront if he didn't have insurance - he'll know that she was Liberty, and anyone else she might have been before that, and he'll know what she's think about people like him being in charge of Vought. I imagine that's part of her motivation to do the anti-Vought social media work she's done - it's not just for her image but also has an underlying long-term goal of undermining and removing Edgar.
  6. We don't get new threads as often as USPol, so is someone able to change this thread's title in very specific and limited ways?
  7. One of the articles I read about this implied the Trill character doesn't have a symbiote (yet) so this should be a new story and not a Curzon/Jadzia retread.
  8. His article about Wiley was published with a picture of Kano, so he's spent the day explaining that he doesn't get to choose the pictures that go with his articles.
  9. Chris Grayling finally fails to fail upwards and fails to win the election for chairman of the Intelligence Select Committee.
  10. In the case of Colston, they did ask - the campaign to remove it has been around for years. But the elected council ignored them/considered the matter not important enough. And so when a movement like BLM comes along in the way that it did, dovetailing with the historical reasons for considering Colston a person who should not be honoured, it shouldn't be too surprising that something like this happens.
  11. And all food is organic, regardless of how the plant/animal is treated before it ends up in your shops.
  12. I went to the 2014 Worldcon, but I'll never be an old poster when my brother's been here for at least a decade more than that.
  13. Nigel Farage on-brand as ever - tweeting about being out at the pub as soon as they open when he should still be in a 2-week quarantine after going to address the "overflow crowd" at Trump's Tulsa event. But rules aren't for far-right "men-of-the-people" like Nige, are they?
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