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  1. Denvek

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    The whole point of the backstop from the EU side is that it's what happens only if there is no workable alternative - if the EU put a time limit on it and then the UK government run down the clock on that limit because they continue to be unable to agree on anything, what happens? From my understanding, the backstop or at least the NI-only version of it, is the minimum required, in the EU's opinion, to abide by the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. Any time-limited thing would always have a question of what happens next if the time-limit runs out, and since the backstop is supposedly the answer to that question, it can't be time-limited itself.
  2. Denvek

    Babylon 5

    Just finished my own Season 5 rewatch - say what you like about Byron and the telepath plot, but once that was out of the way the story significantly improves, and they absolutely nailed the endings.
  3. Denvek

    Pokémon Go: It’s a Shiny World Out There!

    I was hoping I could get some Lake Trio trades done at Dublin.
  4. Is there a Grenadine code for the Worldcon programme?
  5. In the original short story they do - they're the ones who found her after the attack and set her up that way.
  6. Not sure what his role will be in season 4, but with no Pa in season 3, I imagine Ashford is where that strand of books 5 and 6 will land.
  7. Someone in the old thread mentioned Norse myths about Thor turning into a woman. If it's the one I'm thinking of, he only dresses up as one - the frost giants have stolen his hammer and will only give it back if Freya marries their king, so Loki persuades Thor to disguise himself as Freya so that they can go and steal it back. The disguise is apparently really convincing, despite Thor's refusal to shave off his beard.
  8. Jared O'Mara, the guy who beat Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam in 2017, but was then suspended from the Labour party for sexism and homophobia, probably hasn't realised that his PR guy has resigned yet.
  9. Given the tech and the organisation behind him, Beck being dead isn't that much of an obstacle to bringing back Gyllenhaal as Mysterio if they want to.
  10. Denvek

    UK Politics: The End of May

    Nominations are closed, there are 10 candidates Michael Gove Matt Hancock Mark Harper Jeremy Hunt Sajid Javid Boris Johnson Andrea Leadsom Esther McVey Dominic Raab Rory Stewart
  11. Denvek

    Babylon 5

    That’s actually covered earlier - rewatch the Babylon 4 two parter from Season 3. The future scene in that is where you see Londo arrange his death with G’Kar, and Vir takes the crown.
  12. Denvek

    UK Politics: The End of May

    That ‘kid’ is 35 years old - I was at school with him, and the only surprising thing about his career path since then is that he’s on the political journalism side of things rather than the actual politician side.
  13. The end of Season 3 is a good place to end it. They had a couple of plot hooks for Season 4, but most of the characters had enough closure. Except for Fred
  14. Denvek

    UK Politics: Awaiting MV3

    I did the same in the South West for the same reasons
  15. Denvek

    UK Politics: The Edge of Destruction

    Conversely, they will also need some of the Remainer votes that their current intentional vagueness policy is pushing away.