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  1. The little Easter Eggs in Valhalla are both very varied, and never egregious. Today I've had both "exit pursued by a bear" and "the cake is a lie".
  2. A quick Google image search suggests Sabine is paler than Sircar, but in my opinion it's a small enough difference that could be ignored if Disney wanted to cast her.
  3. Your regular reminder that the UKIP candidate for Mayor of London is genuinely named Gammons
  4. Mine back in October was about 36 hours (test Monday early afternoon, results overnight Tuesday/Wednesday)
  5. Pretty sure. This company does theoretically have experience in the relevant area.
  6. Even if he is alive, he's still in the Mirror Universe. And if they didn't bring Prime Lorca into the Mirror Universe two-parter this season they're not going to do it in a spin-off.
  7. If the effect of vaccinating the priority groups reduces hospital bed occupancy down to the levels you're expecting then sure, we can lift a lot of the restrictions. But we don't know yet if it will have that level of impact, and if it doesn't then we'll have to open up more gradually. We know this government is going to want to open up as much as possible as soon as possible, but it needs to be balanced with keeping R down. What we don't want is lifting too many restrictions too soon and then having to put some back again, and how that works will depend on numbers that we don't know yet. We can make educated guesses about what those numbers will be, and yours is more optimistic than others, but right now we simply do not know how quickly the restrictions can be safely lifted.
  8. The Sunday figures reported on Monday are always lower than other days. That's still ~25% higher (+103) than last week.
  9. You mean NHS Track and Trace actually called you? They're real?
  10. My barbers were but since Covid they've started taking cards.
  11. Finally someone calls Michael out on her bullshit
  12. Given that the series is ending after Season 6, do you think
  13. I think as well as being a good game, Hades taps in to the zeitgeist by being a game where you can channel your 2020 frustrations into beating up all the monsters who won't let you go outside!
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