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  1. He'd know, as one of the more likely contenders to start said conflict.
  2. Not the lawyers, but the civil servants. Because he's using government lawyers and not his own, the lawyers' client isn't actually him, but the civil service. So the lawyers are allowed to show everything they found to the civil service, and the civil service are then professionally obligated to report evidence of potential crimes to the police. But because this makes Johnson look bad, he claims that the civil servants did this not because they're required to, but because they don't like him and this is a witch-hunt. Sunak has literally nothing to do with this, according to both the government and the civil service, but he's the Prime Minister and Johnson doesn't like him, so obviously it's all his fault.
  3. Extreme wing. I recognise Anderson and Gullis, but none of the others.
  4. Picard S3 referenced the NX-01 as being a "warp 5 engine", so I guess the answer is "it doesn't matter, stop thinking about it too much"
  5. And even if Erdogan does lose the presidency, his alliance could still end up with more seats in parliament than the opposition.
  6. But there was a woman distributing swords.
  7. If it doesn't make sense, blame it on Q.
  8. I didn't have a problem with the Borg weakness either - the implication to me was that this was the remnant that had survived their defeat at the end of Voyager.
  9. Holodecks do exist in TOS era. The Animated Series has an episode where the Enterprise computer goes weird and traps Bones, Uhura and Sulu in the holodeck.
  10. I believe that's technically correct, they're part of the Federation's intelligence apparatus whereas Starfleet's the military.
  11. You can resolve that by assuming the activation signal was local to Sector 001 rather than quadrant/galaxy-wide. There are reasons why they waited until the fleet was all in one place on Frontier Day to do this, and this could easily be one of them. Now, we know that Tuvok will be in the finale next week (Tim Russ' Twitter said he was in two episodes), so what's the betting that Admiral Janeway also shows up? She's already been mentioned as being involved in the Frontier Day preparations so should we be expecting her to be on the Spacedock while the fleet's attacking it?
  12. Correct, but use Wookieepedia rather than IMDB to see how he looks in the show. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Gilad_Pellaeon
  13. Great casting for Pellaeon, he looks exactly like I expected him to.
  14. Are droids people? Is it morally right to own them? You know Star Wars is never going to fully engage with that question and each individual Star Wars product is going to position itself in a new place on the sliding scale of droid sentience, but this one was weird. The actions of the super-battle-droid running from the Mandos because it doesn't want to die, and the existence of a droid bar slides it right up towards the "droids are real people with true sentience" end of the scale, but all the humans (and even the droids in the bar) seemed to just accept that droids aren't people and don't have the same rights as organics. Slightly immersion breaking for me. The ending was obvious from the choices of what they showed in the "previously on" segment, but it was still a fun and enjoyable journey to the obvious destination.
  15. I don't think so - I think many of the people who survive Stormlight 5 are expected to still be around in Stormlight 6. But there's also going to be a time gap in terms of release - the gap between those two books is going to be larger than for previous releases in the series and he's going to take some time to write books elsewhere in the cosmere, which are rumoured to be sequels for Elantris and possibly Warbreaker.
  16. Wait until Sweden joins. Erdogan's still holding that one up.
  17. And remember that the Qunari use the term "Qunari" to mean "anyone who follows the Qun", not just members of the race everyone else calls Qunari. So it's entirely consistent with the setting for Sten to just be a big human who follows the Qun.
  18. Adding to this, I feel like a trilogy where the main protagonists literally never meet the main antagonist wouldn't work well on film.
  19. Is there a list somewhere of what all the artifacts inside Daystrom were?
  20. Absolutely a trolley problem - we can all see why Joel had no hesitation in making the choices he made and why he believes they were the right ones, but we aren't Joel and so we might have different opinions about what the right choice is and if there even is a "right" choice in that situation.
  21. After Season 2 of the show finishes, given the timing of Part 1's release.
  22. Jermaine Jenas is out as well now. At this rate they’ll just be showing pure highlights and interviews with zero analysis.
  23. Given that this is the Star Wars universe where everyone knows each other, I'm assuming that Mando's new R5 unit is the same one that broke after Luke tried to buy it from the Jawas in New Hope.
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