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  1. NO UNCAT WHAT? I don't like her like her, but I feel like she serves as necessary function in the book. And I think if you're going to have her, it had to be at the end of this episode... bringing her back next season doesn't work for me in terms of pacing. There's a reason she was at the very end of the third book, and even though I know that is technically the end of next season, I think the point was that you needed her at the end of the "unit" dealing with the RW, which is season 3 in show world. Also, she seems so important to Jaime/Brienne's storyline to me. Speaking of which, I am following along online til I can watch the episode - did they come back to KL this ep or what?
  2. PLEASE GOD CUT EURON AND VICTARION I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE THEM. Also, I truly and in all sincerity believe that Theon will be alive at the end of the last book. He's suffered to much for the merciful release of sweet sweet death. That's not how George rolls.
  3. This season seems to have gone so quickly.
  4. They may have made Joffrey responsible for the Tyrion assassination attempt in lieu of bringing back the Bran assassination storyline, which is WAY longer ago in show time at this point.
  5. I wish they were going to try to retake Winterfell, that had so much more emotional resonance for me than some campaign against Casterly Rock. It just made more sense. At some level, they had to know the war was lost, and they were really going for an attainable and meaningful goal. I don't see why it would have been any more difficult to set that up than to explain why they are going to fight the Lannisters now at their homebase at the absolute height of their power when their forces are not divided in any way.
  6. I wish they would, but it isn't very consistent with the spoilers about filming. But if they pulled it off in secret, congratulations to them... I think that RW/PW happening in such quick succession really was important and I would love it if it actually happens.
  7. I can't even watch the episode yet but just reading those words (Jaime screamed) makes me feel slightly sick. Even knowing it's coming, acted out with a 3-D person has made me full of dread all day (honestly, longer than that, really)... which is all to say I can't believe how deep of a connection I feel to this totally made-up character. It's like it's truly "real" once it's acted out physically. Weird, I know.
  8. It is a travesty that Rushdie and Kundera haven't won yet. I don't care how annoying they are (and yes, both of them can be pretty pompous and annoying).
  9. The best part is that at the beginning of his next POV, he mentions sending Red Ronnet away on some task so he won't even have to look at him anymore.
  10. The whole Lightbringer/Nyssa Nyssa thing is just a story, in my opinion. It is not going to happen in a literal sense. Something allegorically similar may happen, but I think what will be more significant when it comes to Jaime/Brienne is the existence of matching swords made from Ice, just as they had matching swords, lit with flame, in Jaime's weirwood stump dream. At some point, we will see them fighting side by side with Oathkeeper and a hopefully re-named Widow's Wail (does it get any tackier than Widow's Wail? Lord, Joffrey).
  11. This guy: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1368748/ is the perfect Strong Belwas. I swear to you on all that I hold dear.
  12. On the one hand, it's hard for me to imagine the other brotherhood without banners being super interested in rescuing Jaime and Brienne... why should they care, especially about Jaime? On the other hand, if they aren't going to do something, why make such a point of identifying the split clearly, and who belongs to which group, in the appendix? And with time running short, if they are going to do something, it probably has to come with this storyline. So you may have a point.
  13. I think Davos lives at Cape Wrath. It seems like Aegon's forces captured Griffin's Roost and a couple other castles (the Estermont's?) in the Stormlands, then moved on Storm's End. I have seen some really wildly varying estimates on this thread of how much of the Stormlands Aegon's forces now command, as of this chapter, which mostly seem like guesses. It's interesting that this POV was moved from ADWD (I think) because chronologically it seems to come after the ADWD epilogue, in which Kevan, Mace Tyrell, and the Small Council had heard of Aegon and the Golden Company had landed in the Stormlands, but it didn't seem that they had taken Storm's End yet.
  14. I am curious about which castles this refers to... the epilogue to ADWD mentioned that the Golden Company had landed at Tarth, among others. I wonder if we will finally meet Brienne's father. I am really curious about him.
  15. Maybe she means long ago in terms of Bran... to Bran, it is almost 1/4 of his life that his uncle has been missing and everything has changed for him since it happened - he was crippled, his family disintegrated, his father and brother are dead. That seems like 'long ago' to me. It probably seems like long ago to Coldhands too, if he is Benjen.
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