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  1. [quote name='aspasia' post='1581341' date='Nov 7 2008, 19.01']And yet a third puzzle. In the pile of decrees Tommen seals distributing the prizes from defeating Stannis, there's a paper LEGITIMIZING Ramsay Snow to Ramsay Bolton??? Who would have requested THAT? Is Roose actually so dependent on or close to or cooperating with his bastard son that he's willing to make him his legitimate heir, and won't the Freys explode when they find out about it? It pre-emptively displaces any offspring Bolton gets from Fat Walda, and wasn't half the point of marriage alliances for the Freys that they want part-Frey descendants inheriting whatever their girls marry into? Not that Roose Bolton will be much discouraged by fear of anything the Freys can come up with. Weasels versus wolverines.[/quote] I always saw this as Roose doublecrosing the Frey's. He, like most of the other Houses, probably feels that the Frey's are lying, cowardly weasels and he don't want a part-Frey ruling after he's gone.
  2. Ye, I always read it that most of the Hornwood leaders as well the most seasoned warriors went south with Robb.
  3. [quote name='Maia' post='1328206' date='Apr 24 2008, 18.52']And Reek was Ramsey's childhood companion? Ugh... where did Bolton have him raised again? About Karstarks not liking Boltons and Arnulf throwing them for Stannis... I am not sure. Clearly, the things aren't so fairy-tale-ish anymore and it seems to me that while Arnulf may not go as far as kinslaying, he'd be pleased with anybody who clears his way to lordship(s). And Bolton has Harrion, who is the rightful Lord Karstark and if Arnulf throws in with Stannis, then Harrion could be played against him. OTOH, siding with the Boltons could result in quiet removal of Harrion. Winterfell is all very nice, but it is a burnt-out ruin and trying to claim the North will be difficult. A bird in hand and all that.[/quote] I seem to recall that Ramsay lived with his mum until Domeric died, then Roose brought him to the Dreadfort Didn't Jon make a big stink about the how Northmen prefer another Northmen as their leige to Stannis when he's trying to convince Stannis why Wildlings and southron Lords wont make Stannis popular. If so, Arnulf might prefer Bolton to Stannis. It really comes down to what kind of person Arnulf is and what info he has on Harrion's whereabouts. Is he merely trying to keep his House alive as the highest ranking Karstark around or is he making a grab for personal power?
  4. [quote name='grinachu' post='1327797' date='Apr 24 2008, 12.16']Thanks, those are all excellent points. I would point out that Roose Bolton killed Robb Stark himself when he decided to betray the Starks which is in keeping with the First Men's custom of doing your own killing. I don't know if this applies to a person like Ramsay Snow and whether there are exceptions for kinslaying, but I'm throwing it out there for what it's worth. Roose Bolton seems too cautious a man to be assassinated by his own son.[/quote] I seem to remember that while doing your own killing is a First Men custom, Kinslaying is the ultimate no-no. While Roose is a cautious man you might argue that he may lower the defences around his son, perhaps thinking himself "protected" by the Kinslayer curse, Edit: On a diffrent note, what's the diffrence between a starburst and a sunburst, appearancewise I mean?
  5. [quote name='grinachu' post='1327736' date='Apr 24 2008, 10.28']Thanks Bronn, and everyone else who posted chapter summaries on this website as well as the person who posted on Livejournal. I can't wait to read "Reek"'s next chapter. Would losing your toes make it harder to run, does anyone know?[/quote] I'd say it would. Your toes are a big part of getting the proper balance as you run. [quote name='grinachu' post='1327736' date='Apr 24 2008, 10.28']The unknown lord- I don't think we know him yet.. he doesn't sound like a Ryswell, Lord Ryswell was Roose Bolton's dead wife's father. I doubt he would wish to associate with the bastard replacement for his grandson Domeric.[/quote] The twisted old Lord seems to Arnolf Karstark, or at least a Karstark, seeing how he has a sunburst as a clasp of his cloak. [quote name='grinachu' post='1327736' date='Apr 24 2008, 10.28']I would love to see Ramsay fall out with his father, but I doubt it will happen. Ramsay has authority in the North only because Roose granted it to him. Besides Roose has a wife, and is the key to the Frey alliance through that. I doubt with the troubles in the North, the Boltons can afford to antagonise Walder Frey or indeed King's Landing which has named Roose Warden of the North. I think it more likely that Ramsay is heading towards Moat Cailin to secure the North in his father's name. As to the question whether he can be continue at archery, I think it depends which fingers he's lost...[/quote] Since Tommen legitamised Ramsay as a Bolton, Ramsay is first in line as Roose's heir, presumably to all Roose's titles. If anything, it was when Ramsay was a simple Snow he had to be obidient to Roose's wishes. Now that he's the appointed heir he's free to move against Roose. Reading about the terrible shape Theon/Reek is in I doubt he'll be going around assainate anyone, unless of course Ramsay somehow disables Roose and has Theon deliver the coup de grace to escape a kinslaying curse. EDIT: Regarding to the Karstarks playing Stannis, do we know the timeframe? I doubt it, but for all we know this chapter takes place before Stannis establish himself at the Wall and the Karstarks actually leaves Ramsay for the better offer made by Stannis.
  6. Do we get any cool descriptions of the Dreadfort, or do we only see the dungeons?
  7. [quote name='Besselfunction' post='1321706' date='Apr 20 2008, 20.08']I dont remember the exact details from the Asha-chapter, but didnt people in the end agree that there was only one faction (Stannis') attacking Deepwood Motte?[/quote] True, it's Stannis that's attacking Asha at Deepwood Motte. However, before the attack we learn that the Ironborn has lost Moat Caillin and at the moment only holds Deepwood Motte and Torren's Square.
  8. [quote name='Turinqui Calima' post='1321627' date='Apr 20 2008, 18.17']Oh, just wanted to add that the full phrase Ramsey says about the trip is "I ride to war, Reek. And you will be comming with me, to help me fetch home my virgin bride". Sounds like a lot of things can go wrong during such a trip. I kind of reacted to the "I ride to war".[/quote] Sounds like just the thing Theon needs to escape. It also sounds like this chapter is happening before the "The Wayward Bride" spoiler chapter, seeing how in that chapter the Ironborn has lost quite a bit to the Boltons.
  9. [quote name='Besselfunction' post='1321442' date='Apr 20 2008, 14.17']Well, that was creepy. I feel really bad for Theon, I always kind of sympathized with him (victim of circumstances etc.). I guess GRRM needs someone to show us the meeting between Ramsay and Roose Bolton. Does anyone else think that Ramsay might try to kill his Daddy when they meet?[/quote] I never felt bad for Theon before (I might after this chapter though) because he, in my opinion, was [u]never [/u]a victim of circumstance. He brought it upon himself through his stupidity and arrogance. Theon's incapable to take responsibilty for his own actions. It's always someone else's fault, be it Asha, Reek/Ramsay or anybody else. Theon is similar to Jorah Mormont in this case, who blames Ned for his misfortune. Nevermind that Jorah is up to eyeballs in debt and sells his people into slavery, according to him it's Ned who's a dirty, rotten bastard for upholding the law. Ramsay might try to do in dear old dad if he gets the chance. Before reading the spoiler chapters, especially the Asha chapter, I had the idea that Ramsay would take out Roose at Moat Caillin, either by luring Roose to attack the fortified Ironborn without any support from Ramsay or take Moat Caillin only to rain death upon Roose as he tries to pass.
  10. Maybe the old twisted Lord is Ondrew Locke. He never shows up at Winterfell in ACOK, supposedly due to his age but maybe he's in cahoots with Ramsay. Also, do we get any indication as to when this chapter takes place, timelinewise?
  11. [quote name='The Fat Man' post='1321265' date='Apr 20 2008, 07.50'][url="http://community.livejournal.com/fanmoot/131473.html"]This post offers a summary as well[/url]. It's mostly interesting for providing descriptions of the two lords: "One was gaunt, with flinty eyes, a long white bear and a face as hard as winter frost." [...] "The second lord was thin as well, but twisted where the first was straight. One of his shoulders was much higher than the other, and he stooped over his trencher like a vulture over carrion. His eyes were grey and greed, his teeth yellow, his forked bear a tangle of snow and silver." I assume 'bear' should be 'beard'.[/quote] Does it actually say somewhere that one of the lords is a Karstark? The descriptions don't say much really, since we don't know what the Lords of the North look like and it's rather vague as to who actually openly supports the Boltons. on to the speculation :rolleyes: I suppose either one of the Lords could be Arnolf Karstark. Didn't Richard Karstark and his sons come off as thin and gaunt with great beards? I doubt either was an Umber since they, at least in my mind, where big, solid men and of course Mors Umber have only one eye.
  12. [quote name='Ran' post='1317826' date='Apr 17 2008, 09.52']Killing everyone would mean no more fresh babies, so I'd guess they prefer having fresh babies to having a few more dead people/wights.[/quote] Why not simply wander around the Haunted Forest stealing babies from the other wildlings? Also, why is it acceptable to substiute male babies for sheep? Can't the Others tell the diffrence?
  13. Does anybody have an idea as to how Craster managed to make his deal with the Others? How does he communicate with them? What's stopping the Others from simply swoop in and kill everybody at Craster's, sacrifice or no?
  14. Any explanation as to why Jon chose Giant to command a castle? The reasons for Jon chosing Slynt we know, getting him away from Thorne/Castle Black etc but do we see any motives for Giant being chosen?
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