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  1. I still have the same questions as 5 years ago. Where are all the Storm of Swords lol
  2. Was wondering how much would people here pay for a set including all the Subpress editions minus ASOS. Rights included.
  3. Sorry I mean Subpress books that are NOT GRRM.
  4. Anyone know where I can find/sell other Subpress books (not GRRM)? I'm talking about forums, and not Facebook. THanks!
  5. Would you be interested in one missing ASOS?
  6. http://subterraneanpress.com/ Wolves of Winter eh... Spoil? :cool4:
  7. All of them? I'm gonna need a link because that sounds pretty cheap
  8. He posted it on the facebook group page also.
  9. How much is a set of AGOT, ACOK, AFFC and ADWD, all subpress, worth? (including future rights)
  10. I was on the fence... I have 0.5% of hope that I can find #303
  11. It's time we recruit some people out of other forums I think. It seems 90% of us are looking for Storm of Swords lol.
  12. I've pretty much given up on finding the matching ASOS. If they haven't showed up to this forum yet, they probably won't ever.
  13. So how much do you guys think is the value of Subpress AFFC, ADWD, AGOT and ACOK? + Future rights.
  14. That's too high, I bought a numbered one for $800 just 2 years ago.