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  1. Well I went ahead and re-ordered Game Of Thrones. I already have the lettered edition from MM. So now I have two lettered editions of the first two books. Great money grub, guys. You can force me to buy these but you can't force me to like it.

    I don't think anyone forced you to buy it lol. I know you guys are pissed off but on the other side there are people like me who are happy that they could get a complete set because honestly I've tried to look for the MM numbered editions of my set for more than 2 years now without success.

  2. It's not incorrect, there are no exclusive plates in the lettered editions. That's a screwup whether or not they are omitted from the lettered editions or incorrectly included in the limited. Either way it's wrong.

    And the Subpress editions don't match in any way. The slipcase for SoS, for example, is completely blank. That's not really an excusable thing to include in editions of this price. There is no consistency in the slipcases, no consistency in the dust jackets, nothing.

    I'm not saying they aren't good editions - hell I have a complete lettered set! I'm saying that the idea that Sub Press had to redo the MM editions to maintain some sort of consistency is ludicrous and doesn't pass a laugh test. They're not doing it for any such reason. They're doing it because they can make money doing it. Yes, there are some justifications which can be made. But bottom line they are jacking some of us for $800 in order to help other people get a complete set. And that's not acceptable.

    Why do you feel the need to buy the Subpress editions of the first 2 books? It's not like you are losing the rights if you don't.

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