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    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    It would have been WAY TOO EARLY for Lady Stoneheart. You have to let it fully sink in that Cat is dead. I was disappointed in the lack of a cliffhanger ending but I didn't find the ending to be "cheesy" Just because it's not super dark or intense and it's a happy scene that gives hope doesn't make it cheesy. Let's not be too disappointed in Season 3. There are about 5-6 HUGE EVENTS (thats what I consider them) near the end of Book 3 and we have only witnessed 1 of them so far so far I would rate all 3 seasons Season 1: 9.8/10 Season 2: 8.7/10 Season 3: 9.2/10
  2. UncertainPerson

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    i said they dont care....but i get the sense your being sarcastic, although i havent been on this forum long enough to find the "style" of how people post things people need to get over it about jaime killing alton. its not a complete game changer about his sudden "revival" into a "better" person later. the way some of you flip out over changes from the book....cant be good for your stress levels, relax and enjoy the sow The biggest problem ive had so far with the adaptation of the show unnecessary sex, yes, GRRM has a lot of sex in the books, but in the brothel it all seems a huge waste of screen time. i dont care about ros, i know Joff is evil, we get the point. stop wasting time with it last comment: we need to let the season finish before judging it completely. for example, jon snow right now is in an awkward position. as a reader of the books, i dont know whats going to happen, but im willing to give the writers a chance to explain what happens to him in the next 3 episodes, rather than complain about how different this is and what happens with the halfhand.......let it play out and THEN judge, same with Dany and her lost dragons
  3. UncertainPerson

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    lol the show only viewers could care less that Jaime is a "kinslayer". its never really been discussed hardcore in the show. people need to calm down and enjoy the show for what it is the ONLY PEOPLE who complain about the show are bookreaders. everyone i know who only watches the show CANNOT wait for the next week after each and every GoT episode. they have one complaint, and that is that the seasons are too short.
  4. UncertainPerson

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Yes, GRRM has confirmed that Season 3 of GoT will cover roughly half of A Storm of Swords I just wonder where they will end the season...Red Wedding is around 2/3rds into the book
  5. UncertainPerson

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Jaime killing Alton is NO problem with me. Don't you guys remember all the times Jaime talked about killing Brienne in his mind to escape? So why wouldn't he kill Alton to escape. Yes, the whole cousin who looked up to him made it more brutal than usual, but don't act like its a HUGE deviation from his character. Also, I'm sick of people complaining about the changes. If you wanted the exact same thing that was happening in your head as you read, then what's the point? Just enjoy the show for what it is. There are some amazing scenes in here, and the goal of the show is to be successful AS THE SHOW. Not to copy the books word for word. My only issue is what is going to happen with Jon Snow...but they still have 3 episodes to fix his situation.