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  1. TBH, I'm really disappointed with Qarth and Dany this season. It just seems so lacking to me compared to the rest of the show, story lines and acting. I know Arya didn't really serve for Tywin in the book, but I just love the chemistry between these two. When Tywin lets Arya know that he's aware she's highborn it makes me wonder how much he does suspect. I will miss those two having scenes together. Ygritte and John were hilarious but felt really rushed as did Tyrion and Cersai. I realize they are doing the whole book in ten episodes, but this was the first episode where I felt like the flow of the story was lost a little to the need to stuff in so much information. Theon is just remarkable, they cast him so well. I'm trying desperately to catch up my reading to the episodes. I'm on a mad dash to do it before #10. LOL.
  2. See, that's what I think...and well that Syrio was grooming her. I have heard others say there is no reason for Jaqen to be in the caravan as well. Is this because he doesn't appear to be on an assignment?
  3. Nefa

    [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    I keep thinking I should stop watching the show until I get ahead of the timeline in CoK, but I seem to be an addict. I can't stop. lol.
  4. Nefa

    [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    Here I am, new as can be. I started with the shows recently and then jumped into the books. I'm just now in the early stages of CoK. I have a group of friends who are very much into GoT, some from the publishing of the first book. Anywho, I am a fiend for spoilers. Between picking the brains of my friends and doing my own research I think I may have a reasonable grip on the whole story so far. I wish I were further ahead in my reading so I could understand more... hence my finally joining this site. I have been searching for certain subjects which I would assume there would be theories and discussion of and not finding them and I don't want to make a bunch of unnecessary new threads or ask a lot of questions in the wrong threads, quickly becoming known as one of newbies. lol. I guess one thing I would like to know is where is it appropriate to ask questions about things that will happen in the future and to test my own speculations without hijacking others threads? (I am so ridiculously excited to be here btw. lol )
  5. This was such a great episode. Just so much stuff comes together in it and prepares you for the ride.