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  1. chico

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    I agree with you, BaleriOne. There doesn't seem to be a lot of emphasis on Westeros being aware of the dragons. It seems like information is traveling back & forth between the islands pretty freely -- why would the existence of dragons not be FREAKING PEOPLE OUT? Sansa -- come on girl! You had a free ticket with the Hound, but you stuck around? And now you're out of your obligation, but you tell Littlefinger you want to stay in King's Landing? What is wrong with that chick? Or maybe that little smile she gave as she started walking is the indicator and she's going to look for the Hound after all... hmm... A couple of theories I have now that both the seasons are over: Littlefinger & Varys -- they are definitely more in control of EVERYTHING than we realize. It's not just the information they have/get, it's how freely they are able to move around without much impediment. I am seeing Littlefinger & Margery as the King & Queen with Varys as the Hand of the King. Jon & Ygritte -- oh yeah, they're gonna get together. And I think Jon will become the Lord Commander of the Wall (at least) after the battle that appears to be imminent. I wonder if Jon might go back to Winterfell once Bran & Rickon find him; then they'll rebuild the city together. Robb, Catelyn -- I have a bad feeling about them. Somehow I don't expect them to ever see Winterfell (burned down or otherwise) again. And it makes me sad, because I (like almost everyone) totally love the Starks. Tyrion -- something's going to happen and he's going to either leave King's Landing or be cast out. I'd like to think Shae will go with him, but now that Tywin is in town, he's going to be pretty upset that Tyrion defied his order. Joffrey -- he's going to get it. Hard. Bad. And he totally deserves it. I'm hoping it'll be Stannis that does it, or maybe one of Stannis & Melisandre's black, juicy smoke demons. Daenerys -- as much as I'd love for her & Jorah to get together, she intends to be Queen and I can't see him as her King. He'll be her Captain of the King's Guard or whatever. She's going to do some damage with those dragons though. And it seems obvious that the dragons will be what repels the white walkers -- it is a song of ICE and FIRE, after all. But, she won't make it to the throne. Remember, I have Littlefinger & Margery in that spot...
  2. chico

    [No Spoilers] EP209 Discussion

    Definitely the best episode so far this season... Some things I'm looking forward to finding out: - Is Tyrion just stunned/knocked-out? I was SO fearful as I saw the scar show on his face that his head had just been sliced in half (especially given all the other body chopping we saw). - Was Stannis being pulled back by his own men or was he being captured? It seemed like he was just being pulled away because it was time to retreat. - Will Sansa go with the Hound? I know she's been crazy-dutiful so far, but here's her chance! That wildfire explosion is easily the 2nd best scene so far (behind Dany rising with her dragons from the fire). Wow.
  3. I think Cersei is just trying to find ANY way to gain some traction at this point. She is resorting to brute force, which means she's losing the knowledge/tactics game. She has no control over Joffrey; Tyrion knows this, which is why he went along with things when they brought Roz in. Tyrion is letting Cersei think she still has any cards left. Because Shae isn't in any danger. If Cersei was so confident that she got the right whore, no need to freak out and do something rash. Obviously Shae's quarters are still fairly safe. I couldn't agree more. Tyrion, Varys, AND Bronn though - oh my! :) I kind of figured we'd get something abrupt - either separate ways or Tywin finding out that it was Arya. There really weren't many other options there... Masterful. I also like the implication, at least IMO, that agreeing to un-name him possibly means she's still got one more name to use. After all, the guards were just in Jaqen's way to honoring this new agreement - Arya didn't name any of them. I don't think we've seen the last of Jaqen - at least, I hope not. Yeah, what is that all about. We get 1 scene with Dany & Jorah? Bah. That was a little weak... I don't agree here. We needed to see Robb make a decision for himself. "A King takes..." as many others have been wont to say. I don't think he ever intended on marrying the Frey girl anyway; it was merely a war tactic. He's been hell-bent on returning to Winterfell with the rest of his family intact. He has no need for a wife or an alliance with a bridge owner hundreds of miles away. I think it gives us a reason to continue to root for the Starks - just because Ned is gone and they are scattered to the wind, they are still good people just trying to find one another again. I didn't particularly like the way the scene with Jamie & Brienne was shot. She kept turning her back to him and it didn't look like he was tied up other than his hands. I'll have to re-watch the episode (of course), but surely he could have just grabbed her sword or dagger? I disagree here. I think Theon got a lot of validation from his sister. She was reaching out and telling him that she's always loved him and he's realizing that he's always loved her. So even if their father traded him away, his sister never forgot him. And she doesn't want to leave him behind now, but the choice is his. That's pretty validating in my book. :)
  4. Thanks again, Jennelyn. Good insights. :) I'll check out those maps you mentioned...
  5. Thanks for that. I must've missed the 5 days comment and I'm not familiar with any larger or more expansive maps (as I mentioned, I haven't read the books). I've been avoiding reading too much about the characters or the world so that things don't get spoiled for me. Ahh, ok. I guess the opening credits gave me the impression that Vaes Dothrak and Qarth were on opposite ends of an island that's a bit smaller than Westeros. I don't want to give up on her - she did survive a fire, after all. But the bratiness right now is a little overwhelming. I guess I also find it hard to believe that she's become so power-hungry. It makes her, at least at the moment, no different than her brother (or from the sound of it, any of the prior Targaryen kings). Maybe 'losing it' a little is just a trait of that family; if so, she's likely to fall from my radar as someone to root for over the long-term. I hear you here, but I still think that she isn't going to ignore that, for instance, all of her kids looked on Jon Snow very favorably. I don't believe she's just going to get lost in her emotions, especially rage or anger. Even in her arguments with Robb, the things she's saying are very balanced and pragmatic. It just seems out of character that Jamie could knock her off kilter with insults that's she been dealing with for so long. I guess I don't see the point of scattering the Small Council already. I know that Joffrey's reign is already fairly tenuous and unstable, but all through the first season, we were led to believe that Littlefinger and Varys were running things more than it seemed on the surface. Now in this season, they are almost afterthoughts. It's just creating a little imbalance for me. I like Roz. Her dialogue and the way she's able to hold her own with the powerful men she's around just gave the impression she was more than just the garden variety wench. Again, it's like the stuff we saw in season 1 has just been thrown out now regarding her character. Oh, I definitely get the scope. And I don't know that I expect to see every character in every episode - sometimes other characters simply talking about those absent is enough. But to not see or hear about some characters at all seems a little uneven.
  6. So, this is my first post. I have not read the books and have told my friends that have to keep their spoilers far away. :) So anything I put in here is pure speculation based on my own inferences from watching the show so far... :) My thoughts on Ep 7: Where the hell is Stannis? I've been under the impression that Renly's army was not too far from King's Landing. So now that Stannis has that army to add to his own, plus the ships he procured through his deal with the pirates... well, what's taking so long? (I know it's probably just an issue of the climax to the season and when to start showing us that battle, but I'm getting a little impatient.) Robb, Robb, Robb. Come on man. Yes, the nurse is hot and all, but you can't just let your guard down like that. Your bannermen are watching and I'm getting the sense they are growing a little discontented with your decisions. I hope this isn't a foreshadow of him suffering the same fate as every other honorable character thus far... Theon didn't kill the Stark boys. He might be conflicted, but those are his little brothers - at least emotionally. I think the giveaway was that he couldn't look at the crowd when the bodies were unveiled - he's been so proud & sure of himself and his decisions thus far, why would he look away now? My thinking is that it's the orphan boys that Bran & Luwin sent to the farm earlier this season (when Bran was listening to all the requests). My theory on the boys - Bran probably told Osha to take them to the Wall. As far as he knows, Jon Snow (who he considers a brother) and his Uncle Benjen are at the Wall, so that's the safest place for them to go. We haven't been given any indication that anyone south of the Wall knows that the Night's Watch has headed north. Oh Dany. Her pride, ego, and ambition are totally betraying her. I had thought much more highly of her before now. It seems obvious that her only play, at this point, is to marry Xaro. She has nothing to negotiate with anymore. I suspect that Xaro's "higher ambitions" are to eventually take over the whole island, not just Qarth, and with Dany, he can also take over Westeros. That would be quite a kingdom to rule over... and he's made sure to let us know that he came from nothing and is a completely made-man. I'm STILL smarting over those undead guys being way more magical than we previously thought - parlor tricks, my a$$! I'm loving the exchanges between Tywin & Arya. I could watch them banter all day. :) I still don't think Tywin knows who she is, but he's teasing little bits of info out of her every time they talk - he at least knows she's nobility of some type now. Sooner or later her secret will be revealed though - if he finds out soon enough, he'll at least throw her in the brig. I think she'll escape though - probably with Jaqen. I don't think she'd use her 3rd name on Tywin - he hasn't really done anything to her and, really, he did save her - and if she hasn't used her 3rd name, then she can probably convince Jaqen to help her escape. Catelyn. She can't kill Jamie - she needs him as much now as she ever did if she wants her daughters back. And I seriously doubt that him ragging on Ned's infidelity will do any more to her than it ever has in the past (plus, even though she won't admit it, she doesn't completely hate Jon Snow - he always acted like a big brother to her own children, so she can't just ignore that). I think she's going to cut off either a hand or a foot - maybe take his sword hand or take a foot so he can't try to escape so easily again. That might also convince the bannermen to leave Jamie alone for a bit. I'm not sure I understand what's going on with Sansa/Shae or Sansa/Cersei. First, why would Shae risk herself by making a threat? That other maiden was going to tell Cersei, regardless. So why risk being put in a cell or killed? Tyrion told her to lie low. It's just another moment where I wonder if she's really royalty from another island and we just don't know it yet - she might think she can buy her way out of anything. (Unless I missed it - has she said anything since we met her in Tyrion's tent and she wouldn't play his game of Truth or Dare?) I also don't understand Sansa's reaction to bleeding. Was she under the impression that Joffrey wouldn't want her if she'd EVER bled before? Surely these people recognize puberty? Any why does Cersei continue to let Sansa think she'll marry Joffrey? There is no way that's going to happen. I know there's a lot of characters to deal with this season, but I feel a little like some absences are too long. Where's Varys? Why has Littlefinger been so scarce? What ever happened to Roz? Have Margery & Loras made it home yet? Why do we continue to not see Joffrey in some episodes? He is the current King, after all.