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  1. Finished reading all 5 published books, waiting for TWOW! Come on GRRM!

  2. Free Man

    [ADWD SPOILERS] Guide to the POVs So You Know Where To Post

    hmmm... seems my book has over 1100 pages... it is not hardcover, though... no list on that one yet?
  3. Finished with "A Feast for Crows" this week, can`t wait to get me "A Dance of Dragons".

  4. I would have granted a very high note, but the changes reduced my 10 to a 7
  5. Gone too far from the original story with the episode in my opinion (as I have been reading the book parallel, I have to say I am becoming disapointed with the TV series) Lord Karstarks boy killed on guard duty... Would a powerful lords son be assigned guard duty? I think not. He should have died on the battlefield like in the book. Add to that Jaime killing his own cousin, instead of Tyrion trying to free him with covert ops... In the book, Jaime is not portrayed as a complete douchebag, like he is in the series. He had his reasons for everything he did, and while I do not say what he did was ok, it was fuelled by a desire to protect someone, he is not evil. Jon chasing Egryd for 2 episodes instead of releasing her immediately and scouting ahead with the watch while warging - a strange choice right there. Excluding the Reeds (which seem to me as a major part of the storyline) - also a poor idea. Danaerys - ok... again quite new version of events.. her dragons have never been stolen, and her people have never been slaughetered. That blue lipped guy never killed the 13, and the rich guy never attempted to be king... Tywin-Arya connection - its nowhere in the book, she hardly has any contact with him, and yet, the series makes you think they are almost becoming best griends. You fail to see her misery in Harrenhal, as you failed to see the way she really got there. Rob - and that healer woman - again, the series make some new events, while excluding events from the book which are really interesting. Verry little Stannis, or Kings landing. Spoiler - - - the bodies in the last scene should have had their heads cut off and on top of a spear, to prevent everyone knowing if it really was Bran and Rickon. Theon is a douchebag, but I doubt he would have harmed Robbs brothers.