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  1. Stargaryen

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Here are some of my thoughts on the episode, in no particular order :cool4: I pictured the Others as a lot more elegant, but the sword it was holding was fantastic. I am really glad it was white because all of the other times they have shown "others" they seem black, hairy and ape-like, so I'm very happy that it was the ghostly book style. But why does it SEE Sam and not care? That seemed wrong. LOVED Sansa's reaction! Especially because we can't read her thoughts like in the books. Tyrion could have been uglier, but tv Tyrion has always been the prettied up version of book Tyrion anyways lol. House of the Undying was way different, but cool I guess. Liked "vision" of destroyed Red Keep. I really liked putting Doreah in bed with (unspellable-name-without-my-book) and putting them in the empty safe. Bad a$$ moment for Dany. I felt like Luwin's death was kinda anti-climactic (side note: did he want to be killed without milk of the poppy in front of the Heart Tree so that he could be a blood sacrifice to the old Gods...? Thoughts?) but I still got a little choked up :frown5: Theon scene was hilarious...'nough said... Still don't like the way they portrayed both Jon/Qhorin and Robb :bang: But as an episode, 10/10 all the way!!!
  2. Stargaryen

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Sansa: I'll pray for your safety Tyrion: You will? Sansa: Just as I do for Joffrey... OUCH! Loved the episode, obviously some small deviations but very well done. Having watched the Sandor Sansa scene, I don't get why she would choose not to go with a him when he is not drunk, scary, and offers to take her home... But that's minor I guess. I really want to hear all of the Rains of Castamere at one time now!