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    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    now there's a better Quentyn IMHO if you go by the physical description
  2. JonTargaryenW/Viserion4WIN

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    I see that I've attracted quite a bit of ire from other posters over the proposal of certain actors in certain roles. If I may address a few things 1) I'm not nor did I ever claim to be a professional casting director and my suggestions were merely fanboy musings (though apparenty seriously misguided ones). So... the actors may not be suitable at all, but they were stuck in my head for one reason or another and I decided to make an obscure post on a fan site that is dedicated to obscure fan postings. 2) I have read Quentyn's description and I do know who Andrew Garfield is (notice I posted a link to make sure you did). I know their physical descriptions don't add up but I was hoping that quentyn's optimistic and romanticized view of life would be forefront in the role and ultimately be more important than his looks. 3) this actor or that actor is ....... HBO is not tv (check their tagline) I'll make a list (that is more than one name long) of actors who have been in "blockbuster, a-list" movies and also HBO ( in that order) Dustin Hoffman Laura Linney Thomas Jane John Goodman Timothy Olyphant (without checking IMDB this is what I pulled from memory and I'm sure I could supplement this post in post with many more) In closing. I'm sorry if my ludicrous ideas have ruined your experience on this thread or site. P.S. I usually restrict my posts to the general ASOIAF section and find those posters to be consistently more accepting to fan theory/input. ETA: spelling & deleting a suggestion that people should take their negativity elsewhere... I shall relish in their spite
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    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    It may be a couple years away until Quentyn Martell's escapade in Meereen will be cast and filmed (possibly in Morocco) and I sincerely hope that GoT completes the entire series of novels but I do wonder about "Q, Drink and Arch"("QDA"). I think that trio of characters is going to play well on screen.... but for the build up and pay off of "mission: retrieval and betrothal of the dragon queen" to really send viewers to crazy town you need a great actor to play Quentyn. He is learned to the point of being nerdy. He's a hopeless romantic that aspires to be a cutthroat heroic champion of Westeros, but he is an awkward lumbering kidman(age em up). Maybe Andrew Garfield as Quentyn. Aged up considerably but Garfield still looks youthful. I mean he just played f'n high school Peter Parker. Also others have said that this person and that person are "too big" or concentrated on their "movie career." I think that those individuals severely underestimate the professional opinion and esteem that HBO productions carries. And a one season arc would be equivalent to filming a movie methinks. For Drink and Arch I think Chris Hemsworth for Drink (again another big name but consider the freakin possibility of plucking these guys out of the Marvel Universe and dropping them ASOIAF) and someone bigger for Arch, maybe Vinny Jones Tom Hiddleston's name has been thrown around a lot on this forum and I think he could play a spot on Ramsey I just think Q has to be considerably meeker but ultimately more determined than D&A. Again, wild hyperbole, but if I was D&D I'd get these guys agents on the phone now, and promise AG the chance at an Emmy bc they could turn the "Meereen Knot" into a fucking beautiful show IMHO
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion Mk. II

    Sorry for the off topic post above. Get caught up in the discussion. More to next week... Hoping for the Three Whores (trebuchets/catapults) to make an appearance slinging wildfire(sp?).
  5. JonTargaryenW/Viserion4WIN

    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion Mk. II

    Cersei was lying to Cat about the baby!!!! She would never have let Robert's child go full term without choking down some moon tea. It's clear from her recollection of their wedding night when he called her Lyana that she despised him from the start.. especially when she had been fucking Jaime earlier that day. She just told Cat that story to seem sympathetic to Bran's accident when she clearly wasn't.