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  1. The BlackBear

    Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Yeah, if anything ties in I suspect it will be explained. Mary really should be in it, but I guess we'll see.
  2. The BlackBear

    Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    As long as it ends up being intensely personal between them I'm fully on board. Him being a government mandated assassin would segue quite nicely into him being an assassin for hire, potential for Mary to come in here? (She's at the very least ex special forces.)
  3. The BlackBear

    Professional Wrestling: Smark I

    So crappy news: Kevin Owens was written off because he needs knee surgery, so he'll be gone for up to 8 months. And the Saudi Arabia show still appears to be going ahead. Mayor Kane's statement: Thoughts and Prayers, that'll sort it.
  4. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    I'm sorry.
  5. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    I've never apologized in my life...
  6. The BlackBear

    Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    I think Iron Fist was a bit of a test to see if ten works. But DD would have been nearly finished by the time it aired so no time to change plans for pacing. I hope they go with 10 going forward.
  7. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    That'd be lovely actually. Actually serious point: Olbas Oil. Stick a few drops in a cup of boiling water and keep it by your bed, when you sleep. It's like napalm for your sinus'.
  8. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    I've let you down, I've let the board down, but most of all I've let myself down. In my defense I have a cold, I'd just woken up, and it was a very... long post.
  9. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    Right. I need the to let me know.
  10. The BlackBear

    Aladdin Trailer Out

    I haven't seen any of the the live adaptations, and based on that teaser, that's not going to change. I'm excited for Mulan and that's about it. Also it turns out when you de-saturate, Agrabah and the Cave of Wonders, it looks an awful lot like Diablo 2's Second Act.
  11. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    Um, are you seriously of the opinion most of the deaths in Infinity War are permanent? Because they won't be. I suspect a couple of deaths sure (Cap or Iron Man,) but the vast majority are all being un-dusted. Or is this a case of me just having woken, up and missed the sarcasm?
  12. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    Well bringing this back to MCU stuff: Surprising absolutely no one: Ryan Coogler has been signed to write and direct Black Panther 2. He probably could have just named his price.
  13. The BlackBear

    Professional Wrestling: Smark I

    NXTUK starts on 17th October, so that should be fun.
  14. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    I find myself struggling to be too harsh to Suicide Squad, because whilst I very much didn't enjoy it, I can't help but think that wasn't the film they intended to make, in a way that BvS clearly was. Now I don't think there was a lost gem there, (again BvS, was crap) but maybe a slightly more coherent film was.
  15. The BlackBear


    Is this specifically men? Cos I would think that changes the question quite considerably. Even when I had haircuts (I'm balding now,) I don't think I've ever paid more than £15. I cut my hair at home, keeping it pretty short. There's no point paying for something that simple, though I do kind of miss the way barber shops smelled (is that weird?)