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  1. So late to the party as per usual, but what a let down of a film. I massively disliked Last Jedi, but you can't just pretend it didn't happen. Most egregiously to get rid of the best thing it did with Rey not coming from some magical bloodline? Urgh. And completely sidelining Rose (thanks for endorsing all the bigots Disney) Last Jedi tried to be a good film, and for many succeeded, Rise had no such ambitions. I keep flashing back to how I felt after The Force Awakens came out, so full of hope and optimism for the series. God damn it. And I will die on the Finn and Poe should have got together hill
  2. The BlackBear

    TTTNE 476 - the ghost of series past

    Hey kittens! Happy Christmas if that is your jam, if not enjoy yourself regardless! This forum and thread have been such a big part of my decade, which has been turbulent at times, but also full of some pretty fucking great shit. So I just want to give a quick thank you, and I love you all. X X
  3. The BlackBear

    UK Politics: Who Pays the Andyman?

    The 'Grand Cry' will come as a reaction to this, Scotland has proved by the greatest margin (citation needed ) yet, to be fundamentally at odds with England and Wales.
  4. The BlackBear

    UK Politics: Who Pays the Andyman?

    Amen. I'm joining the SNP tomorrow.
  5. I don't think any of these people are interesting enough to touch hard drugs. To buy drugs you actually have to leave your house, and that might lead to a dangerous sense of perspective.
  6. Looks pretty good. Apparently that's Taskmaster, I didn't realise at all the first time around. So that's pretty lame. He just needs a skull mask and a hood, is that so hard?
  7. The BlackBear

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    I'd like to see where all these Foundlings they keep mentioning are. Were they just offscreen before, or at some other holdout?
  8. A choice between beating children and not beating children is no choice at all. You have to be realistic about these things.
  9. The BlackBear

    TTTNE 476 - the ghost of series past

    Hello Spamsters! Plug: I am doing Movember this year, and have been really bad at actually giving anyone a link, so here goes. Over the course of November I will not shave any of my pitiful upper lip follicles in the hope of raising money for Prostate and Testicular cancer research and awareness. I will also be running 60km over the course of the month for the 60 men lost worldwide per hour to suicide. 'What can I do?' I hear you ask? Well if you're in possession of a pair of testicles the first thing you can do is check yourself for lumps. Here's how you do it. If you are in possession of a prostate, those over 50 should talk to their doctor about PSA testing. If you wanted to help me out by donating I'd enormously appreciate it, and it all helps, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that somewhere in the world I am there looking like a tit. https://mobro.co/14044614?mc=1 Plug over!
  10. *Savine's dresses (unless we got different versions) Got around to reading a Little Hatred quite late, so have only just finished it. Loved it, even if some parts are heartrendingly tragic. But I guess that's the point, like picking at a scab. Excited to see where we go from here, so many places I'd love to see a bit more of, particularly the South. I want to see what state Ferro has sunk to, even someone that stubborn's sanity cant go thirty years of Demons whispering and not go off a cliff. Appreciate the notable uptick in female characters of note, we've come a long way from Queen Terez walking-plot-device. Just for a laugh figured I'd rank the POV's Not really spoilers, but just in case.
  11. The BlackBear

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    You think? Personally I'd fancy England's chances more against South Africa. The last competitive game, and warm up games were both won by Wales. And Warren Gatland is a whole lot more familiar with England's frailties simply due to playing them more regularly.
  12. The BlackBear

    TTTNE 476 - the ghost of series past

    Hi hello. Just swinging by. Sorry for vanishing without explanation. I'm fine, if anyone was worried, I had some stuff to sort out but I'm getting on top of it now. @rocksniffer thanks for your email bro, it meant a lot.
  13. The BlackBear

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    Glad Owens has gone Face again. It doesn't really makes sense, given how he turned on the New Day, but that was dumb anyway so... Folk love him, and his skills on the mic are off the charts, he's got everything a Tweener champ needs. Imagine, if you will, him taking on AJ, but this time with the roles reversed.
  14. The BlackBear

    Spiderman: Far From Home, Near to Spoilers

    I just got back from it, pretty damn great. Nailed Mysterio for me, I don't think they could have done him much better, and good that they added how much it shook Peter. The Aussie Skrulls are back! Not a fan of Peter Parker's identity being widely known, hopefully they know where they're going with this. Nice to see JK Simmons. We accidentally booked this weird viewing experience, where some scenes were extended onto the walls of the cinema. It was bloody awful, it kept drawing your attention from the focus of the frame.
  15. The BlackBear

    Cricket 35: Bat first, bat often

    Unfortunate decision, but shouldn't have used up the review.