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  1. It's going alright. But I always forget just how much work being single is. You have to cook AND do the washing up. Hang the washing AND put it away. Do ALL the shopping. Do ALL the cleaning. And apparently I'm meant to do all this whilst working and getting some exercise in. Much easier when all the housework is shared.
  2. I know that problem well. Luckily the discworld books are all pretty short and you can breeze through them pretty quick. Just finished the second season of Wheel of Time, thought it was pretty good, some episodes I might go as far as to say we're excellent. I haven't read the series though so don't know how they compare.
  3. Sounds like past Buckwheat thought that was future Buckwheats problem. Sounds like a grand old time! I have just got back from a long weekend in Prague. Which is a beautiful city. Though I drank too much and slept too little so I was exhausted when we got back. My partner has just gone away for a week, so I shall be descending into slovenly bachelorism. In book news I am slowly but surely creeping through my completionist discworld reread (catching the ones I'd missed.) It caused a half forgotten memory to surface, that I think Angua was my first crush
  4. What latitude are you all at? 55 north here, already kinda depressingly early in the evening. Need to get up earlier and enjoy the mornings more, but the bed! It's so comfy and warm!
  5. My main struggle rn, is getting up early enough to go for a run and feeling like crap, or going in the evening and feeling like you're wasting your evening. I never feel fatter and unhealthier than when I'm running
  6. Sorry FB, I can't use this fucking site on mobile. I don't think odd implies numbers above or below either. In comparison to (in my opinion): Few: 3 Several: 7 But I also dozen as an approximation, I'll say two dozen and could mean anywhere between 20 and 30.
  7. This sounds healthy and good. As I've grown older I've learned to be more cognisant of how much social interaction I need/want. The balance is the trick, easy to overdo it I feel. But generally people are chill if you just say you need some space. Turns out backs are pretty important. I thought so too, instead all we have is that weird tech millionaire turning himself into a vampire.
  8. As an Edinburgh resident, August is punctuated with jets flying over for the tattoo (Which I saw for the first time this year.) Just from a simple noise perspective they're impressive, the skill of the pilots even more so. High 30s? Eeek! I struggle if it goes past 25.
  9. Cool. What's happening in your world? This here bear has been dealing with a bad back, because I'm an old man Went to see the wrestling at Wembley last week which was class though!
  10. Oh no! I certainly don't enjoy the aches and strains that seem to pop out of nowhere. If I'm going to be in pain I'd at least like to know how I did it. The UK currently says you can go to work if you feel able to, even if you test positive. It's lunacy. Getting my 4th jab on Thursday, so hopefully that won't mess me up too much.
  11. Nice to see you too chief! I think there's a problem with long term TV, where the principal cast are all inherently 'good,' and super long lived elves, that just seems extremely hard to write. I find it hard to invest when the antagonists and protagonists almost never interact. In GoT/Dragons world, interpersonal conflict is easy, just make half/most of the cast bastards.
  12. The new variants are all meant to be super contagious but with vaccination it shouldn't become serious disease.
  13. Nooo! Rest up, drink lots of water all that stuff! (this is a socially distanced virtual hug) I finally got Covid a few months back, was very glad I was vaccinated. Knocked me out for a couple of days, and then a few when I felt fine but was still testing positive.
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