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  1. The BlackBear

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    It isn't ideal, as you know the whole chain, which might limit it's capacity to mutate, but at this stage I shouldn't worry about it.
  2. The BlackBear

    Who is the 3EC?

    Ethan Carter III obviously
  3. His mindset for me is crucial, in his past he was happy to be seen as this monster, and in Red Country he's glad to be able to go on the warpath against the Dragon People. In the Trilogy he's actively suppressing it, so when he loses it it's totally extreme. That being said, I still think it's a little jarring the difference. Maybe it will be cleared up a bit, Logen's affinity for spirits might have something to do with it, but it's not really clear right now. Does anyone think what happened to Shivers after his eye was burned out is similar to the B9, or he was just crazed out of his mind by pain?
  4. B9 is also different from POV to being seen/talked about. In the Logen POV chapters, when he becomes the B9 he's a different person, he just wants to kill everyone, he's 100% a murderer all the time. But when he looks back on it, that can't be the case, no matter how dangerous he was, he wasn't fighting everything in sight all the time. We see that in the prequel short story too, he's psychopathic but capable of chatting with Bethod and having sex. And for most of Red Country that isn't what we see either, he kind of goes halfway. It's only a couple of times when we see him in full kill-everything mode: against Golden (I think he kills a bystander), in the shack against Jubair (he warns Savian not to come into the same room as him, and his laughter is heard), and in the temple against Waerdinur (he tries to kill Ro.)
  5. Urgh got confused and forgot about the re-read. At the beginning of the books he's very much running away from his old life, even if he likes his 'friends' which apart from a few of them I don't think he really does, they're reminders of his old self. Quai doesn't know him, so for Logen it's a chance for him to play the hero.
  6. The BlackBear

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    Full disclosure: mine was sub-par
  7. The BlackBear

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    It might be handy to stick the deadline in the OP, that makes it easier to find.
  8. The BlackBear

    R,I.P. Thread

    Comedian Jeremy Hardy has died at 57 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-47056671 I would think not too well known outside of the UK, and even then probably not very well known off of Radio 4. But he never failed to make me laugh.
  9. The BlackBear

    Star Trek Discovery #3

    Really liked this episode, I like Pike a lot. Tilly seems to have been dialled up a bit from last season which I think was a bad move. Hopefully they keep this up and keep fleshing out the rest of the crew. I've decided to do a watch of TNG in order, as I've only seen a handful of episodes out of order on tv. Only got to episode 2, and Tasha Yar has already mentioned 'Rape Gangs'. Yikes. Also I don't recognise her, so I'm going to assume she isn't long for this world galaxy. Didn't realise Q was there from the start, and Picard starts off way more furious than I expected. Riker get on growing that beard, your face is creeping me out.
  10. The BlackBear

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    Grab a big ol pinch of salt guys: Dean Ambrose rumoured to have handed in his notice. https://www.pwtorch.com/site/2019/01/29/dean-ambrose-leaving-wwe-shortly-after-wrestlemania-when-his-contract-expires-in-april/ IIRC it was Austin himself who demanded Austin 3:16 become a shirt. And given Trips was originally planned to win that KotR (before the Curtain Call,) one could say WWF/E stumbled on to Austin as well.
  11. The BlackBear

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    Huh, it was fairly by the numbers but all things considered I had a good time watching that. In the UK so was up until 5 and massively surprising to me I didn't feel it dragged. I liked both Rumbles and felt they had enough interplay between the individual storylines, sure there were oddities: Hornswaggle, Nia. But yes they were lacking a few big surprise entrants. I even liked Brock and Rondas matches, which I wasn't expecting to, you can really tell when Brock gives a shit about his opponent. Bryan and Styles were in a damn difficult position, and sadly they couldn't make it work, but I am kind of intrigued by him having allies. Maybe something like the Cruiserweight fourway should have gone here to just amp everyone up again. I mean... was it ever not going to? But speaking of which Halftime Heat looks good, also WWE shooting hard on Maroon 5 12/14 for the weekend, (I thought Rusev would retain and picked McIntyre to win the MRR, didn't get the weird tag match because I didn't know that was happening.)
  12. The BlackBear

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    I'll be in, give me a chance to have a think.
  13. The BlackBear

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    Pretty good show, didn't really feel Ohno / Riddle, and I'm still not sold on Belair. Got all my predictions right too, so that's fun. I'd actually have rated the Ciampa match over the Gargano one, the latter was certainly flashier, but I preferred the story telling between Ciampa and Black. I think we're heading towards a split in Undisputed Era. And just a minor peeve, but Dream should have had man on one arm and a woman on the other, two women? Yawn. Looking forward to the Rumble tonight, hopefully the NXT graduates will do well.
  14. The BlackBear

    Star Trek Discovery #3

    The ChrysReviews ... review is up. http://chrysreviews.com/index.php/2019/01/25/star-trek-discovery-season-2-episode-1-oh-brother-where-art-thou/ The GoT recaps I tend to enjoy as much as the show.
  15. The BlackBear

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    I don't say trust him, but taking in to account the extremely changeable mind of Vince, outside of the writers room he usually seems to have a relatively good idea what the plans are. You just need to remember he's a journalist, and sensationalist news sells. Having said that: Ronda apparently is looking to have a family, so may be done with WWE after Wrestlemania, which would be pretty crazy, she's only been around a year. I wouldn't hate it if true, I'm not a fan of these big dominant champions coming in and just never losing.