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  1. Just anecdotal sure: but I've not had any problem with police, and I'm out and about delivering all day. Seems pretty regional. Seen plenty around, but they mostly just seem to be keeping an eye.
  2. I had planned to go for a run yesterday, but called it off after feeling unbelievably sore, it had been leg day the day before, but I'm usually ok until the second day. The only difference was I didn't have a protein shake in the morning after my work out as usual, so I'm putting it down to that. But fuck it really hit me.
  3. Is there a possiblity to make makeshift weights with a bucket of concrete and a rope? Wait until it dries and tada got a weight
  4. WWE are massively cutting their staff. Names include: Mike Chioda, Lance Storm, Heath Slater, Drake Maverick, Anderson and Gallows, EC3, Lio Rush, Kurt Angle! Fit Finlay. And they just keep going. What a fucking disgusting time to do it at, every time I think Vince has hit his moral rock bottom, he just keeps digging.
  5. Yeah, apparently the Goodies was big over there? I knew him mostly from ISIHaC, he'll be missed.
  6. I'm not discounting your point, I do see where you're coming from. I guess I'm just seeing it as the perfect example of how Vice sees his roster. He can't see what he's got because he's too focused on what he once had. And got a bit worked up about it. Also maybe it's just me, but I feel like I would have liked to see what Styles could have done to make Taker look good. He's past his prime, but AJ was objectively one of the best in the world during his peak. YMMV Tangentially related: The XFL is bankrupt. Also was hoping to go to a NJPW event in London during October, that was the planned slot, unofficially of course. Whether it goes ahead now is of course anyone's guess, but I'm hoping like hell it will.
  7. At the end of the BBC's Newscast podcast, one of the hosts thanks you for Suscribing.
  8. Then he should retire. And more than that, how does this help things going forward? Literally burying AJ, to put over an old man.
  9. I watched night one, it was mostly fine, up until the Boneyard 'Match,' which seemed to go down well online, but I hated it.
  10. The BBC's Brexitcast/Newscast/Electioncast/Coronavirus-Newscast podcast (they keep renaming it) has been stressing the need to get bloodtests certified, which can tell you if you have antibodies (meaning you've had it and are immune.) One Heck of a Target is the episode, it is now a week old of course. Fergus Walsh took an, as of yet uncertified test, which came back positive. If this is true it's got both good and bad ramifications. On the good side more people may be developing immunity than we realise. On the other these people could be unknowingly infecting people while they're carrying the virus. No one really seems to know what proportion of people are Asymptomatic, as with who requires hospitalisiation, it just seems like a total roll of the dice.
  11. My partner's sister appears to have it, she's relatively healthy but does have asthma. It's pretty worrying. Do we know what % of the population are expected to get it?
  12. I don't understand Chris Hemsworth, he says how he's bored of Thor and wants to do something more interesting then... releases this?
  13. For ordering chains I used to copy a Sudoku, and change the numbers for names
  14. Urgh, sunny and windy. I looked like a fucking beetroot when I got in. Give me a light drizzle any day. Also pretty sure I ate a bit too much too close to the run, felt far too full.
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