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  1. Hey gang, shitty news this morning and thought I'd swing by and say hi. And I hope you're all safe and well.
  2. I take the view that I want both of them to be good, I watch AEW rn because I enjoy it. I don't watch wwe for the opposite reason, but I would like to be in a position to look forward to wwe ppv's again. I pretty much only watch the rumble now. Do you have a view on the 'new' NXT direction?
  3. It was a class show, every match was good if not great, including the big show squash (it was funny) if you find a way (legally or otherwise) the tag team match was amazing though. Really looking forward to tonights dynamite (which due to timezones I will watch tomorrow) Wrestling twitter are of course being incredibly weird losers about the company rivalry. I hate wrestling fans so much.
  4. Went for a run yesterday for the first time in a while (holiday and general laziness) then squats today, had to bail on rdl because my hamstrings were complaining. Working out at home I'm realising my bench is too low for my rack, going to try and get some timber to raise it up, maybe glue some rubber sheeting to it for grip.
  5. I think late September, presumably they have to work around the Paralympic games as well as the olympics.
  6. Just so depressing to see no one learn the lessons in real-time. We invaded and dragged out the conflict so poorly, why shouldn't we also leave in the most irresponsible way possible? Big cities in the heat are the worst.
  7. Apparently it's unclear if Shang Chi will pass Chinese censorship as to why from Variety in May: https://variety.com/2021/film/news/marvel-shang-chi-eternals-china-release-1234971166/ tldr: Eternals stuff Chloé Zhao the Eternals director said in an interview: and: Shang-Chi and most stupidly of all:
  8. Not in the comics, where he's just kind of a sentient planet. He does say he's a celestial in GotG2, but that doesn't really jive with all the other ones we see. Who are enormous armoured humanoids, like the one in this trailer, like the one seen using the power stone in GotG1 and like the one who's head is being mined out in both Guardians films. Also in the comics Thanos is a deviant, which by their rules here would allow the Eternals to fight him, so they've obviously changed that.
  9. I don't know what it is, but I'm very unsure about it. I feel like it's trying to thread a very fine needle, of weird space shit and playing it relatively straight faced.
  10. I would say that's a shore... Not too sure but coast for me implies the land is ringed by water, unlike a lake which water ringed by land. Hope you're keeping well, I've been feeling incredibly disheartened by all the Afghanistan shit. As the most recent cherry on top of all the disastrous conflicts, not to mention the worldwide disaster of climate change, I'm just really struggling to see any kind of future that isn't an inhumane hellscape.
  11. Head hair, I just don't understand it. I had awful hair, I looked like a hobbit half the time. I regret never growing a mullet because I could absolutely have done a Jaromir Jagr. There are plenty of professionals who will deal with that, they just aren't hairdressers.
  12. My one step trick to cheaper haircuts is male pattern baldness, your mileage may vary. But seriously hair is such a nebulous, peculiar and specific arena, I refuse to believe anyone can truly conquer it.
  13. I have heard it theorised that wwe don't really want stars to get too big anymore, because they're worried they'll do what the Rock and Cena have done, piss off to Hollywood. I can't imagine Sasha appearing in the Mandalorian helped that fear.
  14. Been watching AEW week to week and I gotta say, enjoying week to week wrestling again is great. It's not perfect but it's a breeze of a show that fits real well into my schedule. And in the interest in seeing if this thread has any life in it still thought I'd throw out some random thoughts on the last show:
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