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  1. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    It's his coping mechanism maybe?
  2. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    Not really getting the 'not a real trailer' argument, it's not meant to be. this is just to keep it fresh in the mind and help bridge the gap between films. And by it's very nature this'll be a very easy to spoil film (what with much of the cast coming back, we all know it, but you can't show it.) I think there'll be a game changer in Captain Marvel, and they obviously can't show what it is yet.
  3. Logen almost certainly has a few bastards running around, but whether they know, or would want to claim his legacy is another matter. You'd eventually think Ferro would have to be dealt with, given that she's got demons in her head constantly trying to get her to summon them? (I forget exactly what they want.) And whilst she's tenacious enough to ignore them for now, no one can hold out forever.
  4. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    So Clint's Ronin? Realistically not much they can give away. Steve looking at his watch before travelling back in time?
  5. Logen was pretty darn old during Red Country, and this is 15 years later, living the type of life he lives... He should be dead. His riding off into the sunset was as good an ending as he could get, I hope we don't see him again.
  6. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    First full length trailer, there is usually a teaser and then two trailers. Although the teasers are getting longer and longer.
  7. The BlackBear

    MCU - X

    I thought the tone of the trailer was fine. Didn't we go over this? The first trailer is usually pretty light on the jokes, they're introducing the main themes of the character and plot, then the second one of more lighthearted.
  8. The BlackBear

    Pictionary 42 - LAST ROUND!!!

    Awesome! Thanks for running it Jez! Sorry some of us delayed things.
  9. The BlackBear

    Pictionary 42 - LAST ROUND!!!

    Ta Da!
  10. The BlackBear

    Pictionary 42 - LAST ROUND!!!

    I might have a go at this after work, so might be up by then, but I won't cheat. \promise!
  11. Best served Cold is chronologically the next in the list, and pretty vital with regards to Shivers (who appears in the Heroes.)
  12. Unless machining has come on extremely rapidly, any firearms around would probably still be relatively clunky. But even from the beginning, the Union had a very British Empire feel, and Red Country was just a Western, regardless of whether they had guns or not. I can't see this being too different. I do wonder where it'll be set primarily. We haven't looked into the Old Empire or Gurkhul (in great detail at least.)
  13. https://www.thebookseller.com/news/gollancz-snaps-abercrombies-trilogy-significant-deal-899606 Described by the publisher as “Les Miserables meets Game of Thrones”, it is billed as “a landmark trilogy from one of the best and brightest fantasy writers working today”. “A return to his bestselling First Law universe, the trilogy combines sharp new characters with familiar faces from the original trilogy, which has sold more than five million copies to date,” an Orion spokesperson said. “Written with flair and originality, this new series offers a gripping take on the industrial revolution, the power of money and the visceral dangers of politics when being stabbed in the back is a far from metaphorical experience.” Already sold in six territories, including to Orbit US and German publisher Heyne, the publication of the first novel in the series, A Little Hatred, in September 2019 “will be a sensation for readers of fantasy and historical novels alike”, Orion said though the series itself is believed to be currently untitled.
  14. The BlackBear

    Pictionary 42 - LAST ROUND!!!

    Yes Turkey's, I love... *checks hand* Twonksgiving. Sorry just had a bit of a messed up week.