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  1. It was mentioned upthread, but thought I'd link Contrapoints video: 'Incels' As I a 'normie' found it pretty enlightening.
  2. Partner works in post grad support for Edinburgh Uni, and up until the most recent tightening up of restrictions was going into the office. They weren't having face to face meetings with students, and all of her work is email based, perfectly doable from home, but they wanted to get a number of staff in to justify the office upkeep.
  3. Aww, lovely. Great game guys, thanks for Hosting Jez! Sorry to Pebble who had to deal with all my drawings Arggh some of you are such good artists!
  4. Oh man... I didn't realise we were doing proverbs
  5. Sorry guys, been moving flat, and obviously haven't logged in since the round was sent out. It's with Jez now.
  6. That's the first thing I've seen that has made me consider Disney Plus
  7. Just saying hi to everyone. Sorry to all those in the States
  8. Hmmm, maybe I shall put my skepticism aside and give it a go
  9. I think it's worth mentioning we're not just firing cash into the atmosphere, the money is going towards development that will likely help all space exploration. If a probe is sent to Venus, this would only be a part of it's brief, they'd want to get as much info as possible on the planet.
  10. This apparently isn't even the first trans-phobic shit in this series: via Pink News
  11. How beloved is Pratchett in the States? I wonder if Americans are generally less fussed about him, and this Simon Allen thinks he can get away with it, being produced for BBC America. I know for instance I had no interest in the American Dirk Gently series, so maybe they're expecting the reverse.
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