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  1. Yep - I really think you guys are on to major script changes on this theme - you emailed GRRM on this stuff yet? :)
  2. a solid 8 for me. Oberyn & Tyrion scenes were just superb. The Mountain scenes were just "yeah - we already know he's a brutal killer and...the point of the scenes were what exactly? Just re-introducing the character - OK, but a little more subtlety please - less is more :) Dany's scenes were just disconnected for me. I love the interaction between the Brienne & Pod actors - it is great! I rather like the complex interaction between Arya and the Hound, I think it brings out and establishes both Sandor's frailty and Arya's increasing ruthlessness. Jon/wall scenes were a clear set up for the big attack. Thought the Messilander scene a bit odd. Eyrie scene was great. Overall an episode that was not so tightly woven for me, but saved by some outstanding scenes/performances by Dinklage and Pascal
  3. the asha/ironborn stuff was poor, although Theon gave a very good performance. The Dany scenes were average, Davos and the Iron Bank was great. Tyrion and the whole trial was very, very good overall, But Tyrion's speech was just spine-tinglingly excellent - best part in the series for me so far.
  4. I may be reading too much into this, but I really liked the bit where Orell says "She won't like him when she finds out what he is" or words to that effect. Given that Orell is a warg and that GRRM wrote the episode, reckon there's a clue as to Jon's "warg Status" - don't want to throw a spoiler in here for those who have not read the books - but i found that fascinating Of course, could just be referring to him as a crow....but why from Orell?
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