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  1. Her interior monologues in Book 5 reveal that she was extremely disturbed by what they were doing to her little brother, but I think she tried to push it out of her mind because (unlike in the show) there was very little she could do about it. Her responsibility was to her men and she had to hold Deepwood Motte.
  2. That will never, ever, ever happen. Fans love the Khaleesi and Emilia Clarke is one of the top billed actors and is entitled to a lot of screen time.
  3. Also how is the Mhysa scene on TV any different or less "corny" than it was on the books? Seemed pretty faithful to me, I think the only thing missing was her horse. I happened to think the way they stylized it was pretty cool.
  4. Why is everyone bitching about there being no Lady Stoneheart? In the books she isn't revealed until the very end of book 3 which would equate to the end of Season 4 onscreen. Also it's a better idea to have nonreaders think she's dead for a long time before shocking them with her return. Having her come back the very week after the red wedding would really soften the impact of her murder.
  5. I thought the same thing. But here's how I would explain it: both images are extremely distasteful, but one is more brutal/artistic like the Bible or Titus Andronicus while the other is just kind of naughty and mean, like South Park. While GoT the TV show did give us Mord--I'd say he is probably more "slow" than truly retarded--you will notice they didn't give us Patchface or Lollys, to say nothing of Jinglebell.
  6. I suppose it was a joke. But that was a pretty good episode.
  7. Um, if you don't like the series after 29 episodes, it's probably not going to "get better". What about the episode of Beverly Hills 90210 when David Silver's friend accidentally shoots himself while playing with a gun.
  8. Your user name is Scratch Face, so could it be that you also missed the moment where Catelyn clawed her face as she died? Just curious if that's what your name means. I thought that was a great detail in the book but il not sure it would have translated well to the screen. Speaking of Saw-style horror, I was kind of anticipating seeing a final, gruesome lingering shot of Grey Wind's head sewn on Robb's body. Think we'll see that in episide 10? If shot correctly, I think that could be a simultaneously beautiful and sickening image, much like the amazing shot of Ros's corpse earlier this season.
  9. That's a very rude thing to say to your hosts, who do not have unlimited resources nor tons of ad spam . Start your own wildly popular message board with unlimited bandwidth.
  10. No, he's supposed to look like a bizarre punk rocker gnome-smurf with a gold tooth. I can't say I'm sorry they made him look like Fabio instead.
  11. this statement seems a little strange to me. So basically, there are only 2 categories of things book readers could possibly like about the show. 1) the acting, which is "good" and the production values which are very good. but we have mentioned these things so they're not worth mentioning again. 2) the plot, because it's the plot we already know and love. and, based on a lot of comments i see here, we only appreciate the plot insofar as it replicates faithfully the plot from the books, which is good a plot. again, this is not worth mentioning because everyone knows we like the books. therefore: any specific comments about an episode must be negative. They way I look at it: Every episode is full of innumerable choices (or flourishes or quirks or their own personal "spin", etc.) that the actors and crew have made/added, when given the established framework of book. The choices are specific and they can and should be discussed. A lot of us happen to like many of these choices that the show made. As a result, we tend to like the show in general and take pleasure in discussing how these specific choices impressed us and why. Likewise, another group of people dislikes almost all of these specific choices and as a result don't seem to like the show much at all. They of course like the books on which it is based, they appreciate that someone attempted to bring them to life onscreen, and they believe the people behind the show (with the exception of David and Dan, who tend to do things wrong) are largely competent professionals from an objective standpoint, but they don't enjoy the overall product. Why not? Mostly--I seem to hear--because it's not like it was described in the books. So I don't think it's as simple as "everything good to say about the show has already been said" and does not bear repeating; it could be that you don't think it's a very good show (and certainly not a good adaptation) and just don't enjoy it that much EDIT: I should also state that the above was only responding to Ran's specific comment (and many similar comments by book readers) and not to Elio's show analysis in general, which is quite balanced and regularly goes into specifics regarding likes and dislikes. All the more reason I thought the statement was strange.
  12. How is that a 7 (and "enjoyable") and not a 1? Sounds like you didn't like anything.
  13. Looking forward to reading your full review and your weekly video. I'm sort of wondering why you gave it as high as an 8, because your comments sound like you didn't care for the episode very much. Or maybe you just didn't like that particular aspect (lack of dread, unpleasantness before the sudden betrayal)...
  14. He was probably in shock. The actor played the scene as if Robb were kind of "out of it" which was the right move. His body is in shock, his mind is in disbelief, he doesn't know how to react. He just stares like a zombie.
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