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  1. Well, there's the "Inside the Episode", when D&D talk about some scenes, what they mean to them and what their intention was. They explain that they wanted to show how everyone was dealing with the last night before facing one enemy together, some would sit together, drink and sing songs, then they talk about the song: "We knew we wanted a song, we hadn't had an original for long, this moment felt like it and Daniel (Pod) felt like the singer. The song I believe is in George's books, um, at least the first verse is in the books and then we added some lyrics and then Ramin came up with the music for it." So it seems they didn't really care much about the song's background and history, just wanted to include something that sounded sad and give a nod to the readers..
  2. When you stop the video, you'll see Daenerys riding the dragon in the promo. So the NK is nowhere to be seen. Either he falls for the kinda obvious trap or maybe he'll get to KL to add a few people to his army, attacking from the south. But seeing how long it took them to move to the wall, to Last Hearth and to Winterfell, they might just arrive at the end of S8
  3. Moshroom

    The Crypt

    Acc. to ADWD, Ned carried Lyannas body/bones back to Winterfell and buried them in the crypt. Rhaegar's body was either never found or cremated, depending on the source.
  4. Moshroom

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    And there should be. None of the "normal" people have seen her doing anythinh helpful yet. She arrives with a Lannister as Hand, her dragons are probably eating whatever is left of the goats and sheep, she didn't only burn the Tarlys, but everyone who refuses to bend the knee, took away the North from the Northerners by sweettalking their King into bending the knee (from their perspective), etc. The "dare to compare" wasn't at all meant serious.
  5. Moshroom

    Those kids?

    The girl seemed more to be a callback on Shireen for Davos? Maybe the kids are just representing the innocent victims at this point, the future that won't happen, or they need to get the viewers to take care about the people inside the crypt, in case the WW get there? I guess some could be Qyburn's spies, but he already knows the WW came through the wall and they're probably all die anyway?
  6. Moshroom

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    5. She can waste 3 more before anyone dares to compare her to the Mad King
  7. Moshroom

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    I think he was speaking about the 3ER's before Bran. The NK tried many times to take out any of the 3ER before him.
  8. Moshroom

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    I think it was last season, cannot remember if Arya or Sanda. They reunited with Bran and he was saying "I'm the 3ER now", they asked him what it meant and all he replied was "That's too complicated". I mean, it's really not. But for some reason the writers either didn't think it was important or just don't kniw themselves what it even means.
  9. Moshroom

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Yes! That's exactly what I was thinking. Everyone else seems to take Bran's words for granted. And Daenerys doesn't know anything about that? Even though Bran's like "The Night King wants to kill me" and Sam saying it'd make sense, because Bran knows it all when they were "planning" the upcoming battle at that table
  10. At least we could have had a scene with Jon and Bran, where Arya and maybe Sansa are with him and they actuly talk about his parentage? Wouldn't he have to many questions about that? Wouldn't his ex-siblings wanna know? At least that would have made for some bounding that didn't feel rushed or pressured..
  11. Moshroom

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    I think what disappoints the most is that there are only 4 episodes left and they waste so much time on unnecessary scenes like the Grey Worm and Missandei one. I couldn't care less about them. And every scene with "important" people talking gets cut off before anything interesting happens. I liked Sam, Edd and Jon standing on the walls of Winterfell and them recalling Pyp and Grenn, but did Ghost just show up out of nowhere and Jon didn't even seem to care? Or did I miss their reunion at some point? Also, Gendry and Arya? She still seems like a little girl. And totally out of character that she'd like to know "the feeling" instead of spending time with e.g. Jon whom she hasn't seen in so many years? It seems they're just trying too hard to build up lovestories and relationships just to let half of the people die in the Battle of Winterfell and leave the audience devastated with the "unexpected" deaths. Also, was the Night King missing when they showed all the Walkers gathering in front of Winterfell? Maybe he'll ride the dragon to King's Landing, creating a huge army coming from the south?! Overall there were some nice scenes like Brienne being knightend or Sansa and Theon, but most of the episodes was wasted on meaningless relationship built-ups I for myself couldn't care less about. Let's hope the battle next episode meets the expectations.
  12. Moshroom

    How do i find or read sample chapters?

    at least there are very detailed summaries of the chapters one might not be able to acess on this forum. it's not the same as reading george's words, but you'll know what happens and well, just have to wait for twow to be published. it depends on how long it will take, but maybe those chapters will be published for everyone in time.
  13. Moshroom

    How do i find or read sample chapters?

    I wanted to install the app, but it says, it is incompatible with my phone? is there any other legal way to read the tyrion chapter?