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  1. Can't wait to watch Sophie as Jean Grey!
  2. That's true, oh gods. Well, at least Maester Aemon will be with them.
  3. Relax guys, we don't have to separate ourselves into Stannis vs AntiStannis. :rolleyes: I too wanted him to be in the ending, and I agree that it would make him more likeable and heroic, but it would take from the NW. I can still admire him in the next episode, along with all the rest of the amazing scenes there.
  4. I gave it a 9, it was the "fastest" hour I have ever watched o_o Pretty cool and creative scenes. -1 because I think Stannis should have been in the end of this episode and not the next, but I'm not too bothered.
  5. I give an 8, I loved some scenes; the Tyrion-Oberyn scene was amazing, for example. I didn't really like the Melisandre one and I expected the last scene to be a liiiiitle more dramatic than it was. :)
  6. 10 :D One of the best episodes this season, and I know there are more to come. Loved the intense moments.
  7. So, this was probably discussed before (couldn't possibly follow all 3 parts of this thing) but has anyone noticed the dagger part? I smell an FM mission here, or...?
  8. So, apparently, I have gone and made random posts all over the site and then discovered the introduction topic :P Another blown away fan (Greek, FYI, so if there are any fellow Greeks around here come forth, my brethren, and let's nag about everything that's been happening in our country to the foreigners- but nah, let's not, really :P) of the books, the show and Martin's amazing talent at creating such a story with incredible characters. Also, ridiculously jealous that I'm never gonna be able to write anything like that in my life. Bah! :'( Well... cheers! :D
  9. To give us a nice little talk between them in the season to come :D Also, Pod was in the room with him. He was tearing up as well, just remembering about it. And here I was thinking that him being a eunuch was all just a big lie... :/ Oh well! Maybe it was an act and I can still hope :D
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