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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    I gave the episode an 8. Thought it was great TV, decent ASOIAF storytelling. Most stuff has been discussed ad nauseum so I'm just going to comment on Robb. Robb is a POV lacking fringe character in the books. Despite truly knowing how he thinks or feels about anything, many of us readers are drawn to him (I'd argue) because of two things. 1. He personifies the legacy of Ned Stark (a character we became very close to in AGOT and want to see avenged). 2. We are influenced to root for him through how he's endeared by other characters (particularly Catelyn, Sansa, Arya, Jon). These 2 dynamics work together to make the RW one of the most shocking and devastating moments in the series. Robb has been changed in the television series, and though I don't necessarily agree with all of the changes; I would argue it's for the same effect. Non-book readers root for the Robb of the television series, the way us book readers rooted for him in the novels. I've talked to several people that are emotionally invested in his character because he's Ned son, and because they see him as a great warrior and a generally good guy. For a lot of them, the love story enhances Robb's character. He's human, and he finds peace and love in the midst of war and betrayal. He's under tremendous pressure and wants to do the right thing, but doesn't always know what that means. They have no clue what a blunder he's making. How could they? It will only serve to make the RW have as great an effect (if not a greater) on TV show fans, as it did on a lot of readers. Should DB and DW accomplish this, then I will consider their handling of Robb's story a success. As a book reader, I'm going to be excited enough to see the build up to and execution of the RW. Not really all that worried about subtle divergences or plot changes on the way, just getting there. (My wife is going to punch a hole in the wall) :drunk: Lastly, I don't think the Talisa identity issue is solved just yet. Otherwise, how are they going to resolve Robb's difficulty or inability to produce an heir?
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    DAMN the "Rains of Castamere"!!! :crying: :crying: :crying: Best Episode ... EVER!
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion Mk. II

    Regarding Tyrion and the Chain or lack thereof: I put a few context clues together from the Varys/Tyrion/Bronn banter and I believe they are scraping the chain entirely in favor of another method. I think Tyrion "the Highborn Plumber of Casterly Rock" will devise some scheme with flushing rather than flinging a majority of the wildfire into the waters of Blackwater Rush. The scene with Bronn shooting the fire arrow made it seem as though he could have been using it to set the contaminated river ablaze. I still think they will probably fling some wildfire, and use ships full of wildfire as battering rams, but I think the crux of the plan will be the river itself. Not necessarily as ingenious as the chain, but it serves the same purpose of "trapping" and eviscerating Stannis' fleet. It's probably a lot more budget conscious as well, and would still be creditable to Tyrion's ingenuity. Just a thought.