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  1. Oh, I see he is. He should lose his job in my view.
  2. Hopefully he is no longer a probationary officer, or an officer of any kind, in the police?
  3. Emmanuel Macron claimed the Oxford vaccine was 'quasi-ineffective' for the over-65 year olds just hours before the EU's own regulator approved its use for all age groups. He did not say there wasn't enough data from trials to be sure and so pending further research approval was being delayed, He said he had evidence the vaccine did not work as expected for certain ages. What he said was foolish and false.
  4. The article also says they mainly used the Oxford Jab on the over-80s where there was an 81% reduction (combined figure for both vaccines) in people being hospitalised.* This would very much suggest the Aztrazeneca vaccine is effective in older age groups and certain foolish people should probably eat their words, especially as they damaged public confidence. *However, they were not counting people who died in care homes who did not go to hospital before they passed away.
  5. Is there really one version of the Empire 'being told right now?' By and large people are not told, or taught, or very interested in, the Empire and to the extent they are, both narratives, to speak crudely, the pro and anti, are known. I doubt the people reacting to the conservative story have a particularly complex view either, but maybe that is me being unfair. I did history all throughout school and never once learned about the Empire, save for glancing references. We did do a module on the slave trade but with no political context (or much content of any kind, really). You could go through university as a history graduate and never touch the Empire (as a subject on its own anyway) and actually most people did just that. I am surprised when I hear that the conservative view of the Empire, namely that it was on balance a good thing, is somehow dominant. I would be interested if people could back this up by saying where it comes from, i.e. schools, universities, television, etc.
  6. My work zoom calls are nothing like that.
  7. Yeah, I have watched that too but the immortal exchange itself is in the 6 min video.
  8. Can I just ask how many other people have watched the 6 min video of Handforth parish council 8 times or more like I have? I just can't get enough of Jackie Weaver.
  9. Good piece from Stephen Bush on why the superior UK vaccine rollout (thus far anyway ...) was made possible by Brexit. But also the judgment, which I believe to be correct, that these successes will be worth far less overall than the costs of Brexit. "A difficult truth for us Remainers is that the United Kingdom would not have been able to roll out coronavirus vaccines at a greater speed than the European Union had we stayed in the bloc." The EU/UK vaccine supply row exposes the advantages of Brexit, but also its downsides
  10. The EU's vaccine woes are partly its own fault, says the trumpet of Remainia. The EU has fewer vaccines delivered in a timely fashion because that enlightened guardian of all good and true, the Commission, was determined to cut costs. The evil Torieees on the other hand, in between scheming how to sell homeless people into slavery, agreed to pay full whack to get enough vaccines for their people fast. The Guardian - The EU's vaccine bust-up with AstraZeneca is partly of its own making I can only imagine the howls of rage if those positions were reversed.
  11. May's had closer integration in terms of trade in goods. It proposed a customs union, where Johnson just wanted a tariff free trade deal. May deal would have had less red tape in UK and EU goods trade (for example, more agreement on rules of origin which would have reduced friction) but would have limited the UK's ability to make its own trade deals. Both signed up to some LPF provisions though. As May proposed a closer UK and EU trading relationship her deal may have minimised differences between GB and NI.
  12. The point isn't that you can't make an argument for Scottish separation but that the SNP have been making the case against their own arguments from 2014 during the whole course of the Brexit saga, namely that separation would be painless and unionist arguments were 'project fear.' If you want to say 'leaving the UK will be bad in the short to medium team and the disruption will be considerably worse than Brexit and will take a long time to sort out but in the long term the UK is basically the USSR and we will escape,' then I guess you could say that. That kind of thinking does appeal to part of the Nationalist hardcore I'm sure but probably isn't referendum-winning.
  13. That doesn't determine where the trade is . China is a market of 1.4 billion, for example, but it is obviously a less important market for Scotland than either the UK or the EU.
  14. Exactly, and the one the SNP now want to leave is one they do three times as much trade with as the other one, in addition to sharing a currency and an army. So if leaving the EU is a disaster warning about leaving the UK can't be bluff and bluster ... Really not rocket science this.
  15. Yes. In 2014 the SNP said warnings breaking up a union would have bad economic consequences were 'bluff and buster' and 'project fear.' They've now spent the last 4 years saying attempts to leave a union would risk 100,000s of Scottish jobs and other dire consequences.
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