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  1. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    Wolf's blood is ice. It means brave but it also means foolish and reckless. Emotional. They are betrayers and traitors, though they like to think of themselves as having honor. Let's take a closer look. It is possible Rickard Stark was betraying his king and plotting treason. Lyanna Stark breaks her vows and betrays Robert. Robb Stark betrays Lord Walder over love. Catelyn betrays Robb and released Jaime Lanniste Jon Snow betrays the Nights Watch for his sister. It's not a positive picture, neve rmind the longface and such.
  2. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    What if Ned Died During the Rebellion

  3. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Daenerys Targaryen's Power Plays

    I am thinking Dany doesn't get back to Meereen until after the battle of fire is over. Victory in this battle only saves Meereen but it doesn't stop the trading of slaves. She has to take control of the Dothraki khalasars to stop the slave trade. She could even take a side trip to Volantis before getting back to Meereen.
  4. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    Robb lacked discipline. He lacked honor.
  5. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

  6. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    Because Drogon deserves it. Drogon took the place of the son that she lost. Drogon is the most devoted of the dragons to his mother. Drogon is the Momma's Boy of the dragon world. He loves his momma.
  7. If Robb was truly honorable, he would've wed and bed Roslin at the Twins before his campaign. IF Robb was honorable, but we know Robb is not an honorable fellow. Walder Frey assumed Robb was honorable and didn't ask for payment ahead of services. I guess the old man didn't think anybody would swear an oath and then break it.
  8. How would Ser Davos react to Stannis giving Shireen to the flames? Despair. He would lose faith in Stannis. You know, Stannis hasn't done anything to deserve the faith that Davos gives him. He takes off the man's fingers to punish him for crimes but raises him up for saving his ass during the war. And Davos thinks that's awesome. Davos is simple indeed. There was nothing wise about Stannis then and today.
  9. Agreed. That is how a born master would think.
  10. I agree with you. They were not aware that you had to bond with a dragon in order to ride one. And the goods and the Dothraki were small change to the masters. Drogon was the prize.
  11. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    How far will Arya go to kill her enemies?

    She was willing to join a cult of death crazies to learn the ways of killing. Then she broke away from that cult because their rules may hamper her mission to kill the people on her death list. Arya will do whatever it will take to bump off the people who wronged the Starks.
  12. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    Remember that the problems in the Bay are due to the masters trying to hold on to slavery. All they need do is give up the practice for good, not try to bring it back and everything will greatly improve.
  13. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    And you have males who have a bit of the sexists in them. Don't forget those. Here we have a lovely young girl in Dany who grew up under a foster parent, lived on the mean streets of the Free Cities, burdened by Viserys, and married off to an alien culture. Despite all of that, the young girl became khaleesi and rescued millions of people from slavery. That is a hero for you. You win wars by killing your opponents. The masters were the enemies who nailed innocent children in a lame attempt at psychological warfare. This is a war crime and those masters deserved execution.
  14. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Least favourite POV character per book

    I suppose Tyrion is solid grey. He's true to the George Martin character type, neither white nor black. He has some solid skills but have equal amount of faults.
  15. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Could Eddard judge the Boltons for their crimes.

    Were those girls Bolton smallfolk? Ramsay is sick but is it against the king's laws to do what that sicko did to his girls? Ramsay can be judged immoral but we have to question whether he broke any laws.