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  1. The bottom line, the eggs did not hatch for Egg and Rhaegar because they are not Azor Ahai. They hatched for Dany because she is Azor Ahai. I don't know if the other stuff even mattered.
  2. The strict adherence to duty is crucial for the NW to do its duty. Loving and having attachments which may compromise a man's dedication to the NW and its role are detrimental. Love between husband and wife can be a good thing for a monarch. Take Aerys and Rhaella. History would have been different if there was deep love in that marriage. You have to look at the nature of each duty before making an analysis whether love is good or bad. But what is really important is having the intelligence and the self-discipline to have the right priorities. For a ruling Queen, yes, Daenerys is correct. The Queen belongs to her people. The desires of the heart for romantic love must take a back seat to the needs of her people. Daenerys Targaryen is both more intelligent and shows better judgment compared to Robb Stark. The NW is a different animal altogether. They have a very focused goal: to stop the Others from destroying Westeros. The dedication to duty applies but the Brotherhood live within smaller boundaries. Aegon is impulsive. I too believe he will fall under the spell of Arianne Martell. But he is an impulsive boy. One look at Daenerys and he will fall in love a second time. I don't think she will return the love but she will agree to a marriage if it will further her objectives.
  3. It's the way of war. The Westermen get their bonus and take it back home. Tywin earns the loyalty of the men and the stolen goods make their way back to the Lannister villages.
  4. It depends on who you ask. The Nights King would look like a hero from the Other side. We only heard the human side. It is completely possible for the humans to be the ones at fault. They were taking land away from the native species of Westeros.
  5. The prophecy probably refers to Dany. The thing is, I don't believe Cersei will still be around when Dany comes to Westeros. War will happen between Aegon and Cersei. Only one comes out alive and it is going to be Aegon. I thought Cersei had the better chances but her reign is loosing funds. The Iron Bank is not going back to the table to renegotiate.
  6. This is my ninth year on this forum. I have seen this theory before. Here and on a show called game of thrones academy. I agree. Craster and the Stark are the same blood. They are kin. The Others are not going to be pleased if Mellissandre burns Craster's son.
  7. The Khal was quite a man. He wasn't Targaryen but he was as much a king as any of their monarchs. He didn't inherit his position. He earned it through strength and cunning. His life was worth a lot.
  8. He's grey. Just the sort preferred by the author. Jorah sold poachers to the slavers. I had no illusions about him being a nice guy. But I appreciate his transformation into a loyal protector to Dany. I can forgive Jorah for his past as long as he continues to protect Dany and her interests.
  9. Dany is Azor Ahai Yup. The gemstones are family symbols. Which land is said to have gemstones aplenty? Asshai.
  10. Who would you have voted to be Lord Commander? I would nominate and vote for Bowen Marsh.
  11. I am also of the opinion that Dany will be the one to build the new Empire of the Dawn. The old men in that hallway were her ancestors. They can be both Targaryen and Azor Ahai. The Targaryen name is comparatively recent. Maybe the people of the early era did not have surnames. They instead preferred to differentiate themselves according to the color of gemstones.
  12. Arya is one severely messed up girl. George read a preview chapter from the next book. It was an Arya point of view. It gets even darker and more disturbing. Arya has lost her mind.
  13. I want Dany to rule Westeros too. Balon and the Ironborn are strong though. Nobody could stop House Hoare until Visenya, Rhaenys, and Aegon came along. I say Renly would be easier picking. Supporting Renly would mean Stannis will continue his rebellion and thus make his rule weaker. Dany and her dragons can then come in and roast the hell out of the Baratheons and their Stark allies.
  14. I'll bring another angle to this idea. Syrio Forel was a smart man who understood politics. He would be useless as the Sealord's security man if he had no understanding of that. He knew who Viserys and Daenerys were. He knew this man, Eddard Stark, was one of the rebels who overthrew the Targaryens. So maybe he was not on friendly terms with Eddard Stark before taking on the job. But surely, if he was loyal to Eddard, he might have mentioned meeting the Targaryen children. At least the topic would come up and started an interesting conversation between the men. I also have an opinion on how Viserys and Daenerys survived on the streets for a long time. They had a shadow. I would guess a Faceless Man who kept track and protected them.
  15. Technology did not play a deciding factor. (Although the Zulus did not have to worry about running out of ammunition. The classic movie was good). The discipline and the superb training of The Unsullied won the day. They were thinking of executing their plan rather than each individual survival. The Others and their wights will be hard to fight for the same reason.
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