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  1. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Quaithe Farman?

    It is possible. She's the best choice among the usual suspects (Elissa, Sheira, Ashara, Dany from the future, Mel's astral projections). Her motivations are not complex. She wants to send the young hero on a journey of discovery. There's another world in the far east that need saving. The dragons will have time to mature and the hero will gather more followers to her cause.
  2. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    George hates hero worship

    There's grey and then there's grey. The finest examples of the true greys are Theon, Jaime, Varys, and Jorah. Martin loves to twist their plot. I don't know that I like them but Martin writes for himself.
  3. Doubtful. He was born an ass. He and Brandon Stark are quite similar.
  4. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    A New Fellowship

    True. The problem is, everything Rhaegar did is counterproductive to preparing the kingdom for war with the Others. If he knew what was coming and still did the things he did, gosh, that would make him the idiot of the century.
  5. I'm not sure what the problem is. There are many fans who say George is trying to stretch the story out and milking his cash cow. There are many youtubers and self-proclaimed pundits who make money off of the story. Maybe George feels obligated to these people. When the story ends their income from youtube reviews ends. George maybe wants to keep the story going for as long as possible to milk the cash cow.
  6. HBO's version is storytelling at its worse. It's quite awful.
  7. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Jon Snow's death

    I am sure Bowen Marsh would have preferred to use this method but Jon made a preemptive move to prevent this. Jon won the wildlings over to his side when he made his announcement to attack the Boltons. It would have been exceedingly difficult for Bowen Marsh to arrest his oath breaking commander because the wildlings outnumbered the brothers. Bowen Marsh can still send Jon's body to Winterfell to prove their neutrality.
  8. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Jon Snow's death

    The assassination was a hasty move from the men of the watch. Jon's behavior had become dangerous to the function of the watch. Bowen Marsh had to find a way to stop Jon from leading an attack on the Boltons. Jon violated his oaths and he would have made the situation worse if he had been allowed to continue with his crazy plan to attack the Boltons. Bowen Marsh did the only thing he could to stop Jon.
  9. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    ASOIAF Jokes

  10. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Who do you think will have the most POV chapters in WOW and why?

    I disagree with you. The important story arc is wherever Daenerys is at because she is the main character. This is about an exiled princess taking back her lands from Robert's allies. If you want to know which arc is expendable, it will have to be King's Landing and all things involving the Lannisters in that side of the world.
  11. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Who do you think will have the most POV chapters in WOW and why?

    I disagree. Daenerys' story arc has always been the most interesting to me. I could do without the Wall and the north though.
  12. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Winterfell burning a 3rd time

    I don't see the Starks as the saviors of the kingdom. They are actually the bad guys if they insist on this crap called northern independence. A united kingdom, which Jon is never going to be able to pull off because of his crimes at the wall and his deep-stead bias, would stand a better chance against the white walkers. Unfortunately, Jon is playing politics and fighting to support Stark interest instead of doing a proper job at the wall. If he wanted a united people he would have stayed out of Ramsay's business.
  13. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Questions about summerhall

    The Targaryens and their entourage. Many in that entourage will be highborn.
  14. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Who do you think will have the most POV chapters in WOW and why?

    I want more Daenerys chapters. Yeah, I hope she has the most chapters. The Battle of Fire is sure to be interesting. I am eager to find out what the Dothraki will do after they behold the magnificence of Daenerys and her Drogon. Barristan, Jorya, Greyworm, and Missandei. I really want to know how they make out in Winds.
  15. Skahaz mo Kandaq

    Would you classify Joffery as a pscopath or sociopath?

    Agree with the last two paragraphs.