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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Maybe Robb already knows she is Jeyne Westerling and still marries her. That would be a real twist and really piss off his bannermen. I can't get over the "Talissa is Jeyne" theory. It seems like too good of a story to pass up and why mention the Crag and that the Westerlings live there?(info on HBO.com) They could have made up a castle or said the golden tooth or something.
  2. WeLightTheWay

    How would you rate episode 210?

    7. Was really bored half way through the episode. The changes to the story don't bother me. Jon and Dany's whole story this season was..meh. Seeing how it ended, I thought they could have cut out some of Jon wandering through Iceland and Dany "I am stormborn...fire and blood". Loved the Winterfell stuff...Theon is now one of my faves, and I hated him in the books. Looking forward to seeing Alfie Allen next year. Loved! Loved! Kings Landing definately my favorite location due to the amazing acting and dialogue. Brianne you kick ass! Loved Jaime's reaction. I also like how they showed that the "Stark" soldiers are just as bad. The WW reminded me too much of "Thriller". Sounded really cool, looked ridiculous. I am in the less is more camp. And thank god they got a wagon for Bran! Hodors back never would have made it. Robb/Talissa, no suprise there. "I don't want to marry a Frey"- too bad Robb, you're an hier, your marriage was always going to be politically motivated, not for love. Liked Catelyn's talk about love.
  3. WeLightTheWay

    How would you rate episode 208?

    First time poster, long time lurker. I gave it an 8. Iceland, Croatia, and N. Ireland are beautiful!! So glad they did location shooting. Everything I like has already been stated, so I'll just add a few things: Roose Bolton- love they way the actor stares at Robb, wish we could have thought bubbles in those scenes! Tyrion & Bronn plus Varys.....enough said.( For some reason Tyrion and Varys "friendship" reminds me of Jerry and Newman. Very wierd I know) Yara- really wasn't a fan of Gemma Whalen (sp.) but she won me over this episode. I wish they would have shown a scene with Catelyn, Jamie and Brienne. My non-book reading roommates, understood why she let him go, but they were upset with how it went down. Plus Michelle, NCW, and Gwendoline would have been amazing. "The King w/o a castle"/Dr. Without Borders (Robb/Talisa)- I don't mind the changes. And love makes you do stupid and crazy things. Everytime they mentioned "the bridge", I yelled "and men" frey gave you a bridge and men. Off to summer math class...wish Tywin was my teacher!