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  1. First post and I'm going to get shot... oh well.

    HOTU - my non reader friend and I were equally perpelxed as to the point, apart from Jason Momoa of course...

    Apparently Jon and the Halfand did have some kind of 'understanding', however we both missed that too :( Clearly I'm a moron because I noticed things from previous episodes for the first time in the 'last episode' bit.

    friend: is that a white walker?

    me: I guess so, they just look different now...

    friend: horns?

    me: uggh remeber how how Lord Bolton sent his bastard to retake winterfell?


    the guy that I told you likes to flay people.

    Yeah cool

    they're the horn blowers who are here to save winterfell.

    Why is Winterfell burned?

    Yeaaah, I guess they skipped that part... basically Ramsay Snow's an asshole.

    Who the fuck is Ramsay Snow and why did he burn down Winterfell?


    Robb is a complete idiot and I hope he dies.

    Yeah the next season will be awesome. You should read the books...

    Fuck the books, there's TV!


    Sam: I'll just hide behind this rock.

    White walker: he's behind a rock. immortal force field engaged. ignore target.

    and before I get killed, My fave characters are Arya, Sandor and Jaime, in no particular order. I effin love show Arya and Jaime, just think Sandor has been utterly destroyed.