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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Im kinda hoping we get to see what happens when Osha and Rickon head into the wilderness (I wanna say they were going to white harbor or skagos, cant remember). Havent heard anything about them aftre they split up in the books as afar as I can recall, would be cool to see their wacky adventures. And it would give the show runners a chance to keep one of their favorite characters around.
  2. Grendel Khan

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Whoa, I hadn't really thought about that happening. Seems like it could be a real possibility though, the no-heat sword, a sorceress hoochie, reclaiming the night fort, I'll have to start looking for more clues as I re-read. Nice catch, this could be intruiging.
  3. Grendel Khan

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Ros is really starting to bug me. I've been trying not to be to close minded about her role on the show, but there was so much that needed to be covered with this ep, we really didnt need another 5 minutes of a minor character. Her only real role int he show seems to be the character develpment of more important people, and we have plenty of Varys already. They really could have gone more in depth with the important story lines (John and QH were sceaming for more exposition, HoTU too) and left Ros out. The writers are far too infatuated with their own creation, they really need to scale her role back, especially with all the characters being introduced in S3.
  4. Grendel Khan

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Just got done with the second watcnh of the finale, gotta say that overall, I really liked this ep. Like alot of people, I was initially let down by HOTU, but the more I think about it, the more I like what they did. The Iron throne room scene was very cool and awfully foreboding. The Drogo comeback was a nice touch, kind of cool to see the mental prison being built by the warlocks to trap Dany. Although, iwas kind of looking forward to seeing how they could pull off the floating heart and vampire-ghost-mummies on the screen. Seeing the dragons cut loose and torch Pyat and his clones was sweeeeeeet. Cant wait to see them little cuties toasting Astapor. Bring on the Unsullied! The John and Qhorin fight could have been set up better, at least they could have had Qhorin ordering him to do whatever was asked of him to set up the emotional conflict JOhn fights in SoS, but it was a good brawl between two good swordsmen, fun to watch if nothing else. REally liked the Luwin and Theon convo, really sad about Luwin getting shive, even though I was ready for it. How funny was Theons hate for the hornblower? A bronze statue, awesome. Wish they could have shown what happened with the bastard sacking Winterfell though, my gf who has not read the books was just confused as shit as to why Winterfell was torched after Dagmer and co sold out Theon. Jaqen Haqar is the man. That is all. Loved the ending. THe walkers and the wights coming out of the snow and marching on the fist was a hell of a way to end the season. Was a little weird for Sammy to get ignored by them all, but I guess the director wanted to be able to show a human point of view seeing the walkers stomping in. I thought it conveyed a great sense of impending doom, not just for the Watch, but for all of Westeros. With all the political shenanigans its easy to forget the real threat thats out there. the only thing Im really disappointed with is the no-show of Arstan the Bold and Strong Belwas. THought they might pop up after Dany locked up Daxos, but oh well. Ill just have to wait for next season. ...and what a long wait its going to be. Bloody Mummers, salve revolts, two epic weddings, Coldhands, Mag the mighty, it cant come fast enough.