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  1. This was a really bad episode, but the worst in the season was still the one where Margaery heaped praise on St Tyrion's many qualities.
  2. Y'know I was just coming in to say this. It's pretty established in the books that the slaves come from everywhere in the world (even Westeros) so they are of all kinds of races/ethnicities. Dany decides to fight for their freedom because she knows what it's like to be sold. In the show she just swoops in and decides all magnanimously to free the poor unwashed brown people (and they looked like a really uniform bunch, like you couldn't even say some were bedslaves or scribes or the people who did heavy lifting). It's pretty cringeworthy. Of course people are going to say her narrative is white-saviour-like.
  3. Me too! yeah you know the ramsay/reek shippers were howling through that scene
  4. And you know they are playing Shae COMPLETELY straight. Like she's not even a prostitute with a heart of gold anymore, she's practically a saint.
  5. IKR? I really thought it was going to be there. After that whole mhysa thing (which was beautiful in the books, but looked so WRONG on tv) I thought for sure we'd get it. Maybe even after the credits. WHY WOULD THEY NAME AN EPISODE 'MOTHER' AND NOT HAVE LS THEREEEE
  6. Oh my god. I bet that's what they were going for, too. Exactly. It's not a hint or a commentary, they just like to play it straight. Like Robb the young brave hero king who married for luuuurve.
  7. good on them for keeping the Rat Cook story. But Gilly's baby has a name?? Roose Bolton smiling and japing with Walder Frey? Sansa all carefree with Tyrion? idk. Kind of a hot mess. And Cersei would never say Joffrey was a cruel monster or whatever.
  8. Actual real-life tears streaming down my face Catelyn, you beautiful woman.
  9. I thought that was an Other trying to blend in or something, didn't realize it was a face in the tree.
  10. He's not making anything up, in fact Sansa's resemblance of Ned and Arya's resemblance of Cat has been extensively discussed in the general forum.
  11. Heh. Maybe Mel could have given him some naked nurses or something.
  12. Or, since leeches are therapeutic, she could have just made up some excuse about how he would benefit from a leeching. If fear taints the blood I feel like her tying him up and freaking the hell out of Gendry probably defeated the whole purpose.
  13. Snow White was not a serious role of Charlize's (nor Prometheus lbr). Have you never seen Monster? Charlize Theron can do anything. But she is definitely too expensive for HBO.
  14. No way, I doubt it's written in the script that Jon has to have his mouth hanging open the whole time and that gormless look on his face.
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