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  1. I think expecting the translation of a huge literary work to TV (or movie) to be completely faithful to the book is unrealistic. I think if one keeps that in mind and appreciates the work for 'what it is' rather than for 'what it should be' viewing is much more enjoyable overall. I find that many of the critics of the show are probably bitter because it seems they are doing a constant 'compare and contrast' in their heads, rather than just enjoying the show for its' entertainment factor. I give the episode a 9.
  2. I have to agree with most of the posters. I thought the episode was excellent- easily one of the best in the series. I thought the battle scenes were very well produced, and I find that Leena Hadley is really making me hate Cersei a lot less than I did when I read the books. Her scene with Tommen on the Iron Throne was great. I am sad that the season is almost over and it will be months before we get to start again.
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