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  1. For all the things wrong with the end scene of Danny, I found the crowd surfing to be the most hilarious. It's hard to believe that during editing, or some time in the course of building the episode someone didn't say....Wow this is ridiculous. The episode starts with the awesome shot of RobbWind, then ends on a note you would expect from a Disney movie from 1952. Honestly, I chuckle whenever I think about that dazed look on her face as she is surfing around the crowd. Someone HAS to dress like her and do that at SXSW this year.
  2. I've been waiting to hear from the people who assured us the Purple Wedding would be this year :)
  3. In the books, why does Stannis decide to go the Wall? The answear will help you to answear your own question.
  4. Really let down. Lackluster is the only word that seems to fit.
  5. The Red Wedding fell totally flat from an emotional sense because there was no reason to care for the characters. We never really got to know Robb, his men, Grey Wind etc. The event itself is of course appaleing, but no where near as well done as in the books. In many ways the episode has taken away from the RW. "Mother," how dare them.
  6. Fairly poor, I gave it a two. The scenes with Ramsey were outstanding but the rest of the episode dragged on forever. Very boring.
  7. This episode was for the most part a dud. Theon being tortured was great, and Joff had the best moment of the night, beyond that it just dragged on forever.
  8. It's really simple.... The show focuses on big moments! RW, PW, The Old Bear's death, Jamie's hand etc. The problem is that by focusing so much on the big moments, they neglect the slow build that goes into them, therefore degrading the overall experience. From a mile away, you can see the potential for problems with the RW. The same as with the Old Bear's death, there wasn't the right kind of build up to raise the emotional level to that of the books. Most people I know could care less about Robb and find him annoying and a horrible leader. In fact, I've met more fans of Tywin than Robb. This is a real problem for the show and certainly a sign of how poorly they have handled creating appropriate amounts of character development.
  9. Thoughts… *Glad Mormont finally got killed off. I hated the character in the books and in the show. *Scenes with Joff were awesome as always. Loved seeing him wave triumphantly to the crowd. *The stuff with Theon is gettign a little tedious, let’s get to some real torture. *There will be no PW this season, enough. *Danny’s scene was great. *Tywin laying the ground work for the RW priceless.
  10. The Great, The scenes with Joff were the best as always. Awesome one liners, his turn on over the thought of his girl killing something, the cross bow and the sweet shot he made. Ned's voice, Brand, the Dire Wolves, and Roose Bolton. All perfect. Also, hate to say it but wow does the story flow without Danny. Makes a person wonder... The Awful, Mance. Sorry the casting is worlds apart where it needed to be here. This could be the worst casting of a major character in this series to date, Renly being the only one as bad. Huge mistake for such an important character.
  11. It's rather comical that people keep asserting, as fact no less, that GRRM has to sign off on everything that happens in the show or they can't film it. Absolutely hilarious. He has stated numerous times that they have complete control over the series and he has little to no input beyond writing one episode per season.
  12. Very good post. It makes one wonder just how many more "subtle changes" we will be seeing through the course of the show and if we will end up like True Blood where by the 5th season the source material has been left in the dust and the show writers have taken over. There is probably a little to much optimism around SoS being split into two seasons. I'm not so sure it's so we can get the complete story from the books. I would guess we are going to see a lot more "original ideas" coming in the next few seasons. Obviously Varys and Ros are going to have some contrived meaningless side plot that will only serve as a lazy way to shoe horn in more soft core sex at the whore house, what else? It's bizarre that with the changes made to Robb's character, you have several fans posting here talking about how much they are anticipating the Red Wedding and want to cheer Roose on as they hate TV Robb. If I were the writers I might take a hard look at what the direction of the show is. This has happened before. It's not unprecedented to see people doing an adaption try to dumb it down enough to please the general public. The result is usually the hard core source material fans eventually abandon it and then the public, being fickle, lose interest and walk soon too. You would think the core audience of these books and the long time fans would be at the forefront of the creative departments mind when adapting these works. Maybe it sounds crazy but some of us view this as not just entertaining but also very fine high level important literature, it deserves to be treated with respect and not cannibalized.
  13. There seems to be a lot of confusion about Varys and Ros, let me explain... With LF being involved in the Sansa business next season, he most likely won't be around the whore houses much, therefore denying HBO the ability to shoe horn awkward sex scenes into the show. Vary's establishing a relationship with her means they have justification to keep showing the soft core sex scenes from the whore house as they can construct a sub plot around them and use it as a back drop without being gregariously obvious.
  14. I have watched it a few more times since seeing it live and wow does it get worse with repeated viewings. Robb's wedding, the White Walker that gets funnier each time you watch, the sacking of WInterfell and the kids escaping from...their allies. Stannis being turned into a Disney villain is unforgivable. It appears he even has his own generic bad guy music now. I know, I know, we just need to be happy with what we get and accept it for what it is. What I wonder is just how far off the map we go as the series continues. Season1 was fairly close to book one, this season...well we know how that went. Hopefully next season will be more reasonable as they don't have as much ground to cover and don't have to put half the budget into one episode.
  15. It is kind of odd how the episode made Stannis appear to be the villain. It makes me wonder if they aren't trying to frame the show in a way so it's easier for people to root for certain characters as heroes. Stannis to me is the most heroic character in the series. The thing I find most attractive about Martin's work is the duality that is presented in each character. That duality however doesn't lend itself to the traditional construct of protagonist versus antagonist. I hope we don't see the show try to make him the uber bad guy. But, considering GRRMs involvement in writing the episode, maybe Stannis will transform into the villain. I hope not.
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