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  1. LIKES - Bran scenes and Sam scenes - Jon and Ygritte scene was alright, Jon getting back to Castle Black was great - I enjoyed the Walder/Bolton scene - Small council scene was great! - Davos/Gendry scene in dungeon - REEK! - Hound and Arya are always fun - Asha/Balon was ok. I have no clue when they are going to decide to kill Balon though. Also 50 men to storm the Dreadfort? Sounds like a bad plan. DISLIKES - Dany scene, not too great, and I was expecting LS so that made it more disappointing. - Stannis/Davos/Mel scene. I haven't minded the show Stannis portrayal until this scene. - No Coldhands or magical gate NOT SURE - Varys and Shae. I liked the scene itself but I am not sure how it will end up affecting future events.
  2. This was my least favorite episode this season.
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