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    ASOIAF series has me a bit obsessed. The show made me start reading and I'm so glad I found it. I work with cripples and broken things.....and a few bastards. I hit the beach or live music when I can (Interlocken rocked last year!) and spoil my dogs otherwise.

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  1. ^^Like! He saved the girl and the babe. Looked for Intel. Went for reinforcements(top of the Wall and Ghost) Inspired a kid. Had some great comic relief lines with both Jon and Pyp. Held and comforted a dying Brother. And killed an EFFIN Thenn! Jeez, when did he have time to whine this epi?
  2. Quotapalooza: "What our vows say about other activities is open to interpretation" Sam "I'm not a bleeding poet" Jon ("no, you're not" Sam) "I know you never fucked a bear" Ygritte "Old age is a wonderful source of irony, if nothing else" Maester Aemon "Nothing makes the past a sweeter place to visit than the prospect of imminent death" Maester Aemon "What are you fucking waiting for? LOOSE!" Aliser Thorne "Sam, I think we're gonna die" Pyp, "if you keep missing we will" Sam "Do you want to fill the belly of a Thenn tonight?" Alliser Thorne "When the sun rises I promise you, Castle Black will stand! The Night's Watch will stand!" AlliserThorne "Those are giants riding mammoths down there!" Jon "No such thing as giants... a a a story for the children" Janos Slynt "Hold the gate" Jon "Hold the fucking gate!" AlliserThorne "Might as well enjoy our last night, right boys? Light the fuckers up!" Dolorous Edd "We hold the gate!" Grenn (and then the Night's Watch Oath) "We need you boy" Sam "Do you remember that cave? We shoulda stayed in that cave." Ygritte "Drop the scythe boys!" Dolorous Edd "Don't cheer too loud, they still outnumber us a thousand to one" Dolorous Edd "I promised you, didn't i?" Sam "You're right, it's a bad plan. What's your plan?" Jon "Jon, come back." Sam
  3. Besides being friends and allies to Jon Snow....then getting shipped off and not near a POV.
  4. You are not wrong in that they gave our brave boys no love throughout the season in order to build to this. My opinion is they didn't need to "blow the Night's Watch wad" on the 9th episode with a Wall only episode. It made for sloppy whole season pacing. True that. I can still appreciate the effort they finally got around to. I am one of those that was thinking a shark was getting jumped until around episode 5 or so. Then they started to redeem themselves....in my eyes anyway. He held the gate.
  5. I can see that. Way easier than teaching/FX-ing talking birds. But that's next season I'm sure.
  6. I'm sorry but, no. That crap ^ plus Craster's deserters has been the absolute worst of the worst this season. I usually agree with you too, Ser! You even taught me to love Sansa! Rewatch it, I beg you! As an ode to the NW in the back of your mind. With no other expectations....I promise you, you will see some merits in it.
  7. This entirely! I was expecting Stannis myself, thinking they'd rush through the Wall story lines as they've butchered them all season. In the end I'm glad they're sticking to the books this time! They did not properly build to this all season, it's true, but this episode was a love story to the Night's Watch. And that alone. Stannis' story really builds after this(in the books). He UnderDog's his way in to save the day when the Watch has depleted themselves doing their jobs. Its where I began to like and root for Stannis when I read the books. Where he overcomes his previous defeats. I hope he gets his due from here on. I am worried considering his portrayal thus far but I'm not going to write off his looming heroism just because he didn't get an episode finale. I pray they start showing Stannis some love because I can empathize with the StanStans frustrations with his show portrayal. But really, this is a turning point for his character. Where he fights for his realm and not his entitlement. I do hope they don't blow that. I'd like to repeat: This episode was a love story to The Night's Watch. I am pleased. There were some great technical shots : The panoramic of the Castle Black side. The swinging Scythe taking out the climbers. Mammoths and Giants, oh my! Ghost vision And character development of, yes those guys, those Watchers on the Wall! (episode Title anyone?) Aemon sharing wisdom Jon and Sam showing the innocence of their youth before battle. Grenn filling in for Donal Noye and HOLDING THE EFFIN GATE AGAINST AN EFFIN GIANT Newfound respect for Aliser Thorne(what? Yeah!) Slynt's denial and cowardice. Jon's smile when he sees Ygritte aiming right at him! The kid's vengeance for his parents. Damnit Pyp, RIP Sam releasing Ghost Edd, the Wall is yours For the Strangers sake people, not a bad little love story to the true heroes of the damn realm. Here's hoping we're all happy with the finale next week. Not bloody likely. Yeah, alright, it went too fast and ended abruptly...I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
  8. My GF hated it but she's not into a wall to wall(pun intended) battle episodes. Best shot was the panoramic of the Castle Black fight!
  9. Noye might be cut from the show, but he's there in spirit!
  10. I'll tell you if I'm wrong...but he's been sent to hold the gate.
  11. Thorne can be inspirational when he wants to be...