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    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    Somebody mentioned in the discussion thread on the previous episode that the Twins are in the opening credits but they do not pop up - It is nice that the location is already included and the observant viewer will see that this will be a location yet to be visited in upcoming episodes as I just saw that 'the Twins' is written next to it on the map.
  2. I agree that the charm of the books is in the little details that are often overlooked by the strong emphasis the show places on the big events. The charm of the series is in Martin's numerous references to popular culture, his brilliant technique of intertwining storylines and character arcs in a subtle manner and the eloborate history he has created for the setting of the books - all these are very, very difficult to convey to the screen. I saw that another poster had mentioned that the show's season should be stretched over a year with a weekly episode; the more hours available on-screen to cover the books, the more justice it would have done to the world Martin has created. That said, I think the producers of the show are doing an excellent job in what they're aiming for: to keep the viewer hooked to an epic show that really kicks the adrenaline levels. Dracarys, angry spitfirin' Hound, Jamie and Brienne interactions - the show is excellent in terms of of character development (although this does not account to all characters *StanniscoughCatelyncough*), and build-up of suspense and plot twists.
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    After more than 30 posts it seems likely that I'll stick around, so it's about time to introduce myself :) Despite my nickname, I would not be considered a knight in real life; my real name shares a similar meaning to my nickname though, and it is a hommage to GRRM's brilliant writing on displaying the hypocrisy and struggle people face with knightly ideals such as honor and morality. Aight, back to me. I started reading the books after I watched S1 of A Game of Thrones, and reckoned that the books would be even better if the show proved to be this good. My expectations have not let me down, and re-reading the books has become even more brilliant thanks to the excellent re-read and analysis threads. Plus, it's a great way to procrastinate on my bachelor's thesis. Despite the forum being an escape from my academic obligations, I genuinely like the approach to the books, and the great insights the threads have offered me to the books. ETA: How rude, I haven't said 'hi' and welcome to the other new members!