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  1. Also...it does piss me off that D&D have been avoiding the whole warging situation in the past seasons and then changing a few tiny little bits of the main story....at least they actually mentioned warging in this episode. We just need to see Jon warg and Rob now. And with Nymeria, I think they don't have to show her until Catelyn ends up dying and shes lying in the river. Everyone will be like, whos wolf is that and then remember season 1. But its going to be a bit tricky to make the wolf stick out compared to the others. Possibly make her seem larger?
  2. My god...can this world have enough complainers? First off...since season 1 started and season 2, people would complain that they were moving to fast or weren't adding a lot of memorable scenes. Now Season 3 starts and its movely slightly slow because its the first couple episodes, and new characters and all, and BLOODY HELL....THE THIRD BOOK IS SPLIT INTO TWO SEASONS!!! I just don't understand people. They always ask for something, get it, then they complain even more. I loved this episode. Though I could understand why most people thought Catelyn's scene was horrible, you have to admit it brought some more emotions to her character that she's blaming herself.
  3. This episode was awesome. The only thing i really hated was tyrions bj...like seriously come on...how can D&D think of such an idea to add? Oh lets have tyrion get a BJ, that would be awesome and get us more viewers! No...
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