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  1. I loved his response to that. Something along the lines of "I should have killed you then" Sandor Clegane is certainly a badass, and truly one of the grayest characters created, in my pov.
  2. First time i've given any episode of season three a ten! Really all the episodes so far have been a 7 and beyond to me, but tonight's episode was thoroughly enjoyable and left me craving for so much more. Sunday couldn't get here soon enough. The good- I wasn't counting, but it seemed like we saw many different characters tonight, but the episode as a whole flowed well and didn't feel disjointed or rushed. They've had a problem with that in the past, in my pov. Not tonight. It was one satisfying ride. I like Cersei, i know i shouldn't, she's been a horrible and cruel person but i find her struggle to maintain control over her life to be very fascinating and I really sympathize with her character. Marg was great with Joff, but i'm patiently waiting for the purple wedding and not getting too caught up in any of their scenes together. Her moment with Sansa was excellent. Sophie Turner is brilliant. Her reaction to the friendship line and a marriage/way out of KL was so so so sad to watch. Poor child. Jamie is quickly becoming one of my top favorite characters. When he reached for his sword with his stump i physically flinched. Very well done, very realistic. I can't wait to see more. The Hound/Arya/BWB moment was also great. I've always loved the Hound from the books, and I am curious to see how much of the canon hound we will (finally :rolleyes: ) get to see. I'm impressed with the actor the more I see of him. Not a huge moment for Arya, a small speech about Micah, nothing to memorable for me personally. I'm surprised to say this,but I really did enjoy Dany in the last clip. To me, her acting has been pretty rotten since season one, but I found her delivery and performance quite chilling and believable. More of that Dany please! Theon was awesome. It was very well done how the "Boy" tricked him back into his cell. I love Alfie Allen, excellent actor. He's made me sympathize for Theon more than i ever did in the books. The not so good Nights watch fight could have been built up more. Someone else pointed out that Theon should have been limping, cradling his finger, or at least expressing some pain from having his fingernail removed. I have to agree, he seemed fine to me in tonight's clip. Enough of Tyrion, lets give him a break. It's starting to feel desperate to include him in every episode. I hate the notion of a "lead" character in such a massive, diverse plot as this. Let another character/actor shine through, especially when Tyrion's presence isn't even needed.
  3. all these opinions about Ros.... myself, i find her to be a rather empty character. A good vessel to present a story or a theme, but not much for individual characteristics or personal conflict. I don't mind her at all if her scenes are working towards a plot I enjoy, But using her to rehash that damn waste of space pod joke was irritating was all hell. I enjoy her far more than Talisa, i have to admit.
  4. I gave it a 7. Not nearly as enjoyable as the second episode, but better than the first. Enjoyed the musical chair moment, Cersei taking space near her father, and clarifying to the room at large she's still the boss(besides her dad...) Absolutely loved every minute of Riverrun. Blackfish is amazing and I can't wait to see more of his character brought to the screen. Robb's moment was very well acted and strongly portrayed. I have been lukewarm to his character but he was great in his little scene. Even Talisa who I usually can't stand was good, felt more natural for once. I'm really loving poor Theon's story. Something I can't predict! Love the actor too. He's perfect in almost every scene, in my pov. Happy to hear the bear and the maiden fair song finally! Really DID NOT like it's modern punk rock version at the end. They did a great job with the rains of castamere, why couldn't they have also created a more appropriate sounding version of the bear one too? Jamie and Brienne were great. Jamie losing his hand, while i prefer the book situation more, was a horrific and very very sad thing to watch. That actor is brilliant. Dany feels better this season so far. I don't know exactly if it's different makeup or wardrobe department, or if her acting's gotten better, but at least i can tolerate her scenes more. Her new slave handmaiden I do not care for at all. The actress seems wooden and very boring to me. Arya's time felt far too rushed. The hound bumping his head was an odd, almost comical moment for such a depressing intense character. And her brief exchange with him about remembering the place was bizarre. I suspect that most viewers have forgotten who the butcher boy was..hell even i forgot his name. Hot Pie had hardly any screen time, so his leaving really left no impression to me. Arya's reaction helped to explain that they had a stronger bond than what was shown, but it would have been nice to see more development there before they separated. The scene with Stannis also felt out of place and could have done without. I love the character-more in the tv show than the books actually, but his physical, demanding nature towards Mel seemed really out of character. What was that a hug? Only complaint besides some of the more rushed scenes, was the absolutely pointless and ridiculous brothel scene with Pod, then afterwards Tyrion and Bronn dragging chairs over to hear all about it? What the hell am i watching here? teenage boys gossiping about a good lay? :rolleyes: This story has so many amazing plots and characters that haven't had their fair share of screen time, i hate to imagine what we could have been given instead of the elongated pod orgy-gossip scene.
  5. Goodness, me too! I watched the first two seasons before picking up the books. While I enjoyed the few sansa/hound scenes I was totally shocked for what was in the books. It has made me re-think my original opinion about S2. Less littlefinger brothel moments and trash that ridiculous joff sadism scene for some actual character development.
  6. I enjoyed this more than the first one. Love the Sansa/QOT scene. Really loved all of the direwolf moments. Arya came across as an argumentative, irrational brat...but she seemed that way to me in the books, so i guess I can't complain. When she pulled the sword on Thoros in such a public place-simply because he questioned her fighting abilities? yeah...dumb girl moment. Glad he made a joke out of her. I loved the Jojen introduction. Bran's dream of his family was sad. Reminded me that we may never see the starks together again :crying: I may be reading into things, but when Marg was with Joff, and he said he wanted to execute all gays( very bad paraphrasing here) I thought she pulled off a good subtle look of disgust at him. Probably thinking of her brother at that moment. I'm really enjoying watching Marg manipulate him so much. Their pairing really brings out his youth and inexperience. I know they have a bit of an age difference, but she makes him look like he's a little boy. Shae and Tyrion could have been done much better. What was Shae's purpose here? To show that she's disgusted at Tyrion's lack of interest in Sansa's welfare and apparent attraction towards her? Or to simply be the token jealous girlfriend over anyone he's slept with in the past? I'm not a fan of her acting style. Glad we have the Hound back!
  7. I was wondering how many viewers, especially non-book viewers were shocked at his hostility towards her-and will continue to be shocked by his treatment if they stay true to the books. He was so tame in the first two seasons, especially towards Sansa that his behavior may come across as inconsistent to some people. He does call Arya all types of unflattering names, so i can't really call that line idiotic.
  8. Juliads

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    Its hard to point to the best parts of the last episode, there were so many. The acting was great, the dialogue, etc. Is this the last of the Hound? He was one of my favorite characters. The scene with Sansa was a bit of a let down. The series seemed to be hinting at something between them, i'm not sure in what form exactly, but for her to decline his offer to escort her home was disappointing. I haven't read the books, i don't know what is in store for Sensa, but I assume she would like to get the hell out of Kings Landing and head back home finally, that might have been her only chance to.