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  1. That probably depended on the magic of the children of the forest, so bran presumably won’t be any more long lived than a normal human. Bloodraven couldn’t survive without the tree, I think they mentioned
  2. Totally agreed. I’ve always thought that Jon and Dany are meant to be foils of each other. Jon raised as nothing but within a (relatively) loving and stable family, taught that honor is the most important aspect of his life. He spends most of his time surrounded by people who cultivate their own kinds of honor, however inconsequential for the story Dany, abused her whole life and taught that she’s part of a line of superheroes meant to rule by divine right and completely secure in her right to reign. Surrounded by people who worship and idolize her and praise her every move, for literally years.
  3. The normans also ruined the existing class system and made it much more rigid, introduced forest law and barbarous punishments for breaking it, and murdered thousands of innocent northerners when a few nobles decided to change their minds about supporting William the Conqueror. Like dany and others, very gray.
  4. We’re supposed to like Dany, because she’s a young girl who was abused and now we all want to see her succeed in liberating all the people of Planetos. Then she doesn’t, because she’s not equipped to do that and this isn’t a fairytale. Worth mentioning too that her most devoted follower, Jorah, is an UNREPENTANT slaver himself.
  5. Dany believed she knew how things must be, too. The show has done an absolute shit job of explaining the situation with Bran and his powers. The whole point of electing someone was so it never again came down to one person saying they knew best.
  6. I think Tyrion simply wants to keep him close at hand so he can watch him closely and monitor his behavior. Friends close, enemies closer kind of thing.
  7. Agreed. His only qualification to take power in Westeros was an obscure, poorly-understood magical absolute that he won’t explain or define to anyone, and he’s being championed by Tyrion “bad decisions are my speciality” Lannister? how is brans magical ability any better than targaryens ruling because they’re the only ones who have dragons? id rather they have elected the shit in tormunds pants to rule.
  8. The characters who voted him in know almost nothing about him. He hasn’t had a solid, clearly useful conversation onscreen in years. We don’t even see them getting the basic explanation of what a three eyed raven is. Would Yara know what that means, edmure? Robin Arryn? It was just shoehorned into the ending badly. Davos would have been the best choice, just looking at known accomplishments, personality and background.
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