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  1. The significance lies in where they went and what was there, and how such a place is untouched by our main characters and storyline. The fact that Aerea had arm length wyrms in her body, and Balerion took noteworthy damage seems pretty significant.
  2. Glad to have stumbled upon this thread. Aerea’s disappearance and return are so fascinating. A couple other sub topics to theorize about. How in the world could Balerion have gotten “a jagged rent down his left side almost nine feet long, a gaping red wound from which his blood still dripped, hot and smoking,” and the other “half healed scars that no man recalled ever having seen before” ????? Then there is Aerea’s “I never..” which she uttered before Ser Lucamore Strong took her to GM Benifer. If they were missing for a whole year, could Aerea and Balerion have somehow settled in Valyria? Then things went to shit towards the one year mark? Or maybe there are inhabitants there that took Aerea captive and tortured her. And Balerion was able to rescue her while taking heavy damage? It’s mind blowing and I love George for these few pages of mystery.
  3. You have to love a classic re-read, or re-listen to the audio book. Somehow I did not give much though to Mya Stone's claim to the Iron Throne in my first or second read through - only Gendry's. But how not? Sure, the male is the traditional next in line, but traditions are always broken. The Targaryens, Balon Greyjoy naming Asha, Dornish law, and even Stannis naming Shireen are examples of women heirs. What a great match she would make with Jon Snow. The irony of Lyanna & Rheagar's son marrying Robert's daughter Thoughts on her getting more involved in Winds, or dare I say DoS?
  4. I'm listening to the GoT audio book so don't have the exact quotes, but I'm wondering your thoughts on if Ser Hugh was killed by Ser Gregor simply because he enjoys killing or because Cersei or Jaime wanted it done. We get a Sansa chapter where she learns how The Hound receieved his burns. The Hound indicates Ser Hugh's death was essentially for fun. His brother noticed the opening around Hugh's neck and aimed there to kill. The next chapter we have Ned speaking with Ser Barristan and Ned speculates to himself that it could have been a strategically placed lance to keep Ser Hugh permanently quiet concerning what he knew of Jon Arryn's discoveries. I know people die in tournaments, but this seems more likely incentivised by the Lannisters or to quench Gregor's thirst for blood.
  5. You go ahead and take the word of a couple Hollywood producers with the biggest money making machine of recent memory in their possession; I'll remain skeptical. :cheers:
  6. I agree with Red completely. I think Jon's cliffhanger is the one I wouldn't have minded being ruined though. Blue might be right too. But I don't even think she knows it yet lol. I think she left Stannis in fear for her life after learning of his men deserting him. Maybe after the revival she'll put the pieces together - for now, you're just ahead of the curve.
  7. You're not alone here-it was such a powerful scene to be irrelevant. Plus the parentage. I'm honestly dissapointed with myself even to consider the fact that he's gone. I did see in Kit's interviews that he is saying Jon is definitely dead. Let Jon be dead-but let one of the other hero aliases be born :eek: If book 6 is 1200 pages and contains many loose ends it will probably mean 7 will match in length. I find it hard to believe they go 7 seasons. I think after 6 comes out it will be an eye opener to DnD that they should start casting additional characters like Aegon, Victarion, Euron, Howland, etc.
  8. Her alligiance is to one thing, R'hllor. She will be loyal to whoever she thinks will be best suited to fight the others. Her fleeing Stannis in the show makes her look like a traitor, but she remained at the wall in the book.
  9. Based on Jon's parentage buildup this season (LF, Stannis), the revelation of his sword's capabilities vs the others, Mel fleeing Stannis back to the Wall, and the overall fact that the show would truly be hopeless with him, I refuse to believe Jon will not be back. Run on sentence....? Yes
  10. Ladies here? Ale here? Freys here? Well Fuck, let's get it then.

  11. Freys will get theirs

  12. Last sentence of the series:

  13. I got 99 problems, and they all Freys

  14. ...Melisandre, I love you

  15. Hello everyone, my name is Chris. Everyone calls me dark thundercat though. I look forward to sharing some of my thoughts on asoiaf, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts as well. No one calls me dark thundercat by the way.. just Chris. USA
  16. What's up I'm Chris.. BIG FAN OF THE BOOKS & SHOWS. let's do this
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