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  1. She was insinuating that, but she was lying to him so he wouldn't send in troops and rescue Margery. It was Cersei's plan to get Margery arrested. She didn't want her freed.
  2. She found out from her father, when he was beheaded for telling the whole court that, and the "denying" it at the execution.
  3. It could still happen, the fight hasn't happened yet
  4. Except Cersei wasn't Subtle. Margery figured it out immediately which is why she said the mother/sister comment at the end, It would piss Cersei off, and she knew Cersei wouldn't say anything because she was trying to butter up the judges daughter. Tywin got everything he asked of Cersei and when she started to ask for something he said shut up and GTFO. Even Oberyn figured it out and ignored what she was asking.
  5. From the way I read that scene, is that she had every intention of doing that, if needed, but after talking to him for a couple of minutes realized she wouldn't have to in order to get Tommen on her side.
  6. In the show Sam says they are going to the NIghtfort because there is a gate they can get through, and he knows this cause he read it in a book. It's where Gilly calls him a wizard.
  7. I agree with pretty much everything you say. Talissa being pregnant, and wanting to call the baby Ned was definitely in there to get an emotional response from the audience. As for your question, Nah I don't think you are wrong to think that. I do think Talisa would be top 5 on LS' kill list. My guess is LS would assume Talisa surviving meant she was part of the RW. Which let's be honest would probably be the only way Talisa would have survived it.
  8. I think it wasn't meant to overshadow Cat, but to add to it. Remember right before everything goes down, Robb tell Talisa that Cat is starting to like her, ie excepting her as her daughter in law. More evidence to that is the smile when Cat see Robb and Talissa kissing after Talisa say she wants to name the baby Ned. That's how I saw it anyway, but I can see where you are coming from. I just think the lil time they gave to Talisa in this episode versus Cat, especially at the end once the massacre started makes it hard to say Talisa overshadowed Cat.
  9. I think it's completely your prejudice against Talisa. Name me one soon to be father, who is not a psychopath, that would not go to his wife if he watched her get stabbed in the stomach killing both her and his unborn child. There is not a sane male on this planet that would do that, but all of a sudden Robb is supposed to be the one man in the world to do that? It's not over shadowing Cat, it's adding to the scene. After she passed and Robb saw what his mother got herself into he immediately got up to try and stop her to save her(at least thats my opinion of what Robb was doing when he called "mother").
  10. The Lannisters would not kill Sansa. With Robb dead, and Bran and Rikkon, presumingly dead, Sansa becomes the heir to Winterfell. Meaning at this moment, according to most of Westeros, Tyrion is now the Lord of Winterfell.
  11. Don't forget that along with the Frey's, Bolton and his army switched sides too. That got the numbers closer to 50/50. Also all the northern army were drunk, which is what they were trying to show in the scene with the 2 guys wrestling. With the fact that, one, the army is drunk, and, two, they have no idea anything like this is gonna happen, gives a huge advantage to the Frey/Bolton army. There are also other things that made it easier for the Frey/Bolton's that it looks like they are gonna explain next episode so i will refrain from saying anything now.
  12. I have to say I loved that episode. Yes there was things missing from the book version, but the overall essence of the red wedding was there. The false sense of everything is gonna work out, to all of a sudden, omg, WTF just happened? I had chills after watching the last 10 mins. It was just as hard to watch as it was to read.
  13. I believe in the Dany scene right before Jorah gets friendzoned, Jorah mentions that they were able to talk the slave army to join Dany instead of fighting them.
  14. Yes is was the obsidian, or "dragonglass" dagger that he found in season 2 while digging for poop. It was the same dagger he showed Gilly last episode
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