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  1. Hey all! Just thought I'd do a drive-by of the old neighborhood. Texas was brutal this summer and I've spent very little time outdoors, which makes me sad. My back yard has turned into a jungle in desperate need of help. Work is beyond boring, with little to do, but should pick up in a couple of months. In fact, it might go from 0-60 overnight. Still have issues finding a good doctor. *sigh* Alex moved down here with me in March, and he's been nothing but a bum ever since. I've had to be mean mom and tell him he has to get a job or move in with his father (not an option either of them want) The only thing I really like about Texas is spending time with my family. The grandkids usually come over twice a month, and seeing my daughter nearly every week. Only see the older son every couple of months because he's a long haul trucker, but I love when he's here.
  2. Just popping in to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Hugs and kisses to all! I am enjoying spending time with the grandsons and Alex is coming for the week between Christmas and New Years, It will be the first time in several years I have all 3 of my kids together. We had a few hours (not even a whole day) NYE 2019--just weeks before all travel every where ended. I'm pretty excited.
  3. I like plans. I hate that work can become too busy for me sometimes to organize this, but I will be glad to back-up anyone next year. I really missed the shopping for people this year. I only have the grandkids now to buy for, everyone else just wants money to do their own thing and the husband gets nothing (because we are getting a new roof)
  4. I’m way behind in my reading of your articles (mostly cause I haven’t been around much) but I had to comment on this one: I had no idea this was common. When I used to work a job where I got to see hundreds of names a week, I thought Abraham Sanchez was incredibly odd, but a cool blending of diverse cultures.
  5. Squeeeee! I am so happy he liked everything! Now I can relax.
  6. Great gifts! Secret Santa has the power to melt my frozen heart
  7. Favorite Scent (i.e. Fruity, Vanilla, Flowery, etc): I don’t like most, Favorite Hobby (i.e. Scrap booking, Photography, things you collect, etc): I’ve taken up painting. Trying out different mediums still. Favorite books or types (romance, true store, mystery or just one you would like): I like a wide variety. I have a Goodreads page that includes everything I read, even the crap stuff Favorite animal: cat or owl Favorite movies or types (romance, comedy or just a DVD/VHS you would like): again, I like a variety. Favorite Music Artist/Type or a CD you would like: Do you collect anything? GoT figures, but I think I have them all now Is there anything (not expensive) you want or need? Not really What is your favorite: a. Color? b. Type of candy? c. Type of munchie? d. Puzzle to do? Do you collect anything for Christmas? (i.e. certain types of ornaments, nativities, snowmen...etc.) . What type of hobbies do you have? If you were going to theme Christmas with just one word... what would it be? Big family Christmas with everyone down to 2nd cousins...or just immediate family in their jammies? Favorite Christmas movie and why? Religious or non-religious Christmas/Chaunaka/ If you could spend Christmas in any one of these places, which one would you choose and why: a. A beach on a tropical island just a few very close family or friends, be lazy and open presents and then have a non traditional dinner including Pina Coladas and BBQ shrimp, wearing swimsuits, Bermuda shorts and tank tops b. Tiny cabin in the woods, fire going, very rustic, warm and cozy with your close family and friends, wearing jeans and sweaters. c. Biltmore Estates, full regalia, all glitter and glitz, all your close family and friends, wearing black tie and velvet d. NYC Christmas, Park Avenue, last minute hustle and bustle, haute couture with a 4 course meal and champagne with 50 of your favorite people. Wearing, of course. the latest fashion favorites. Favorite Christmas music What is your Christmas morning like" a. chaotic b. slow and relaxed c. organized, but fast paced d. "Christmas is HOW SOON???!!!!" e. all of the above. Name something you want but will never buy for yourself, just because you cannot see yourself being that flamboyant. What sizes do you wear (optional answer if you would prefer to not have clothing) What colors are in your home: What style is your home decorated in? (i.e. ethnic, country, southwestern...etc Anything else your SS should know about you? Do you have any wish lists? Forget all that, let me make it simple: I’m very picky about scented things so better to skip those. I don’t like fish, beer, wine or coffee, in fact I rarely drink any alcohol and we have all the movies and CDs we want. Feel free to check out my Goodreads page for book ideas. (I think it has my maiden name and last name hyphenated “Miller-“ I've taken up painting...not very good at it, and still experimenting with various mediums. But what I really want is something regional (from your area!). Doesn’t matter much what it is (taking into account my dislikes above). Easy-peasy.
  8. Funny you say that, the medical/surgical assistant my doctor used the other day shares your name, and she was barely 22. I admit I was kind of surprised (would be the same reaction if she shared my name as it also falls in that group )
  9. It's gotta be Zabs, Bex or Theda!

    1. Mlle. Zabzie

      Mlle. Zabzie

      I'll help out - was not I....maybe next year.

  10. One of the things I have noticed in the records is the changing spelling of names. When I look at US Census reports that are hand written, all by the census taker, it is easy to see how this happens. My maternal great grandfather's last name is Reade, or Reed, or Read, or Reid, depending on what year's records you look at. Children's names change to nicknames or middle names (Frances Grace becomes Gracie 10 yrs later). Drove me nuts at first. But this also lead to following the wrong line for a couple of generations: Cousins who lived in the same county, both named William Fields, had boys the same year, both named Alexander, but one was Alexander Pope Fields, and one had no middle name listed. I had the wrong one for quite some time.
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