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  1. Why does he keep putting his one hand on his head whenever he takes a drink of water? (sorry, I know that's a personal attack, but it's just so funny)
  2. We only have a week of early voting in Maryland, and just one polling place in our county for early voting. On election day we will have just 13 polling places instead of the usual 36. I expect there to be a lot of long lines.
  3. No, but in 2 years Harris will be president and she will end fracking
  4. are you kidding? that's the most humor he's shown in the past 5 years
  5. It depends on how you judge these things. He did ok when he talked to the camera, he was more composed, but he also lost his composure a few times. I doubt anyone not already decided got enough information to make a good decision
  6. Unless she's wearing a jacket that says "I don't care" then I think there are so many other things to criticize than her clothes (or looks) This applies to judging all women in politics
  7. What I love most about her speech is how little she is mentioning Trump and the scowl on his face. I think this is one of the few speeches that isn't 90% all about Trump
  8. I got all the money back, but have no idea if anyone was punished or not, and I guess that's ok :) I didn't even mention the fires near my mom's house (huge wild fires), how I nearly had a terrible "stomach" explosion while driving in the middle of no where, my mom's living conditions (especially the bathroom situation - which like caused the fore-mentioned problem - tiny trailer where you can't put TP in the toilet, so I couldn't "go" there and would make excuses to go into town every day) It was all one huge ball of excitement
  9. Two years ago, I went to worldcon in San Jose, and on the way, I went to Oregon to visit my mother. I rented a car there, and had to fill the tank before I returned it. Oregon is one of the states where you are not allowed to pump your own gas, so I gave my credit card to the attendant. I returned the car, missed my flight to California, got the car back and ended up driving there. (I believe it was the gas station attendant who stole my card info) Now, I try to be safe, so I didn't bring my debit card, just one credit card with a $5000 limit, of which I had only used $200 for the car. When I got to San Jose, I picked up Jay at the airport and we went to check into our hotel, but my credit card was declined. In the 6 or so hours it had taken me to drive to San Jose, all my money had been spent. I couldn't get a new card sent to me, because I wasn't home. Jay covered the hotel (and I paid him back after I got home). I had my husband wire me money for food (he didn't have access to my account, so could only send me a small amount) When it came time to go home, I got to the airport and my flight was cancelled due to weather in the mid-west (I live clear on the east coast). I had to call my boss and get an extra day off work. I went back to the hotel and hung out all day, and then Teri picked me up and let me stay the night on her couch since I couldn't afford a night in the hotel But the BWB are the absolute best, and I still had a good time, in spite of all the difficulties I had
  10. I've only had boys at home for the past 22 years. I'm sure I knew the difference when my daughter still lived here I should have said "San Jose" instead of worldcon. Or mentioned sleeping on your couch when my flights were cancelled
  11. The first thing I do when I log onto work tomorrow is to find out if there a way to not participate in this hairbrained plan. I don't want to have to owe even more taxes next year than I normally do. Where will I get that money from?
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