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  1. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    US politics - sometimes political jokes get elected

    When horrible people get "the highest civilian honor" it then means nothing!
  2. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    TTTNE 476 - the ghost of series past

    Just popping in to wish everyone a happy holiday and delightful new year.
  3. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    Secret Santa XIII - Unlucky for some but not for us

    I like plans. I hate that work can become too busy for me sometimes to organize this, but I will be glad to back-up anyone next year. I really missed the shopping for people this year. I only have the grandkids now to buy for, everyone else just wants money to do their own thing and the husband gets nothing (because we are getting a new roof)
  4. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    US Politics - All He Wants for Christmas Was His Two Dead Sheep

    Priorities man, it's all about priorities. Which just proves how full of shit they all are. (I was trying to be nice, but man it just gets me that they can justify supporting him for any reason what so ever. no, no matter what, you do not make a deal with the devil)
  5. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    How did you pick your screen name?

    It was the combination of a little dyslexia (p,b,d issues) and a typo (and some frustrations) Back on the old board, there couldn't be any duplicate names from ANYWHERE in ez-board (not just our group) so I was trying to come up with various spellings of Lady and after many many tries, I can only assume I was aiming for the b (instead of the d ) and the name was accepted. At first I tried ignoring the Lany part and would even sign my post with Cassandra or Cassie or "C" but everyone still called me Lany, so I eventually accepted it. By the time we migrated here, I had become Lany and was happy with it, so I kept my typo of a name Actually, I am now glad that I made the mistake. I was still new to the internet back then. Now I couldn't even imagine being a "Lady" anything.
  6. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    US Politics - All He Wants for Christmas Was His Two Dead Sheep

    I think it comes down to what the Christians in question think of as the most important aspects of their faith. For many, it is not taking a life. That means they will support anyone who is a pro-life and can work to see that our courts become pro-life again. For all his moral (and legal) failings, Trump has and will continue to work make the courts lean pro-life. I have also worked under the mistaken view that being a good Christian meant trying to live by Jesus' teachings...to try and live like he did...healing the sick, feeding the poor, making sure your buddies get drunk at parties. eta: or, you know, what Tywin said
  7. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    How many times do you do it, per use?

    How many times do you flush per use? Because this is the most important thing we have as a nation to worry about. (Seriously, do we really need to "study" this?) https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/12/trump-frustrated-toilets-people-flushing-10-15-times.html If it takes 10-15 flushes for 1 use, I think you might have a problem and should get checked out by your doctor. Unless you are the “if yellow, let it mellow” type, there is still a huge amount of savings in water with the low flow systems. I admit I sometimes have to flush twice with a low-flow system, but I only do that once a day. Let’s see: I have a house hold of 3, we flush for every pee so 5-8 times a day times 3 people = 15-24 single flushes and may only have to flush twice 3-6 times a day. Regular toilets = 3.5 gallons; low flow = 1.6 gallons 33.6 – 57.6 gallons a day for a low flow and 73.5-126 gallons a day. I think we’d have to flush 8 times for every poop to use more water with the low flows.
  8. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    Name for decorator frosting

    Her pastry chef goals Needs a thirty-two piece set Wilton piping tips (but it was the knives that cost a fortune)
  9. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Native English speaker doesn't know what an executive highlighter is either, maybe a laser pointer? I can't wait to see the transitions
  10. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Sorry if y'all were waiting on me. I needed a couple of computer free days, but I have sent in my sentence now
  11. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    Pokémon Go: It’s a Shiny World Out There!

    Same here. I can't believe they did Eevee for 2 months. I will be happy to see what we get in November. I took several months off and came back just before the start of the Gen5s. I'm liking the challenges, but I have only managed 50 psychic/steel on my yellow account. My son had just evolved a Feebass, so it took forever to do another, so he's way behind. (I've been playing his account since he quit some time ago. I also sometimes still do my red account...mostly to switch gym colors so I can get my daily 50gp) I have my phone and a broken screen phone I hotspot to mine that I use, but I haven't been able to make 3 great throws in a row on the broken screen so I'm going to have to switch them around (sometimes the balls get stuck in the cracks of the screen, it's pretty funny, and annoying at the same time). I normally just alternate my son's and the red account on the broken phone. I need to battle a friend 7 times, so I really need to get the other accounts caught up.
  12. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    TTTNE 476 - the ghost of series past

    Happy Monday my lovelies Welcome back Black Bear Looks like people had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty boring. I do love me some pumpkin too. I made some amazing pumpkin muffins a couple of weeks ago, with a ginger crumb topping. I love ginger too I got a huge bag of candied ginger from a specialty candy store when we visited the outlets a few weeks ago. I also like putting the ginger crumb topping on pumpkin pies, as a nice little sing to them.
  13. I’m way behind in my reading of your articles (mostly cause I haven’t been around much) but I had to comment on this one: I had no idea this was common. When I used to work a job where I got to see hundreds of names a week, I thought Abraham Sanchez was incredibly odd, but a cool blending of diverse cultures.
  14. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    I also didn't like what he said about bringing body parts back and that we will/deserve to keep some of the oil. Those are the types of things that inspire more terrorists
  15. Lany Freelove Cassandra

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    I guess everyone is asleep this morning. I thought the thread would be buzzing with the Trump's "incredible" press briefing about the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. I hope people don't start giving him passes on his other actions because of this. I've been looking at sites about "rapid DNA test" to see how fast they are and every site has said about 2 hours, yet Trump said it took 15 minutes. I found that very interesting. Any scientific types know if there is a DNA field test that only takes 15 minutes?